Top 10 Things To Do Before World Of Warcraft Legion

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World Of Warcraft Legion seems like a long way off and there’s already a lot of people that are bored with patch 6.2, In this video I talk about the Top 10 things you can do before the Legion expansion is released, If there’s anything else you’d recommend doing before Legion then leave a comment below.
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DoronsMovies For RP Guides:


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Song2: Razihel & Aero Chord – Titans:

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In this video I list the Top 10 things you can do before the release of World Of Warcraft Legion as people are already bored of 6.2 with the next expansion still being quite far off, I list things you can do for fun, things you can do to prepare and give you an insight as to what I’m gonna do myself.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for a future discussion or top 10 please comment or tweet me via the links above.

—Text Spoilers—

1: Level your alts for artifact weapons
2: Catch up on the lore
3: Find a raiding guild
4: Level your professions
5: Farm for some cool Transmogs
6: Give roleplaying a try
7: Do some WoW challenges
8: Make a twink
9: Clean up your characters
10: Try some other games and MMOs

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Top 10 Things To Do Before World Of Warcraft Legion

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32 Responses

  1. Riddler says:

    what the fuk u are doing man? playing other games as a backup plan?? :)))))))))))))))))))
    so you r life is highly dependent on games,right? GG mate! GG! you ll be a millionaire soon!

  2. Unknown Porkipine says:

    All i did was farming achivements!

  3. Dragon Flame says:

    i'm watching this after legion…. i want to know.

  4. Greenchili Studioz says:

    you just sell cloth items and some untanable items from your bank is sad

  5. Greenchili Studioz says:

    twinking and gliders and nitro boost are certainly dead in legion for bgs

  6. Matsen115 says:

    i think 6-10 just stopped being about important shit to do before Legion. there was much, like get the legendary ring

  7. Carl Grimshaw says:

    anyone wanna help out a hunter lvl 30 played years ago so bit of a noob and rusty cheers

  8. Zitan says:

    lol doombringer xD

  9. Omenthebard : says:

    Hi me and my wife are about to start playing WoW. How should we start the game. Just playing through the first game and expansions it comes with and getting the rest later or do we need to get the new one first?

  10. Morten Larsen says:

    You people are so ungrateful….. they are offering you content at a reasonable price and you still aren't satisfied… I my self like the PvE and RP side of wow. The only expansion that pissed me off is WoD not because of the content but because the levelling through it seems like a pain in the ass…. End game for WoD. Problem is "hardcore" players have no regard for people who aren't dedicating their life to the game. Why should all content be blocked off from casual players……

  11. ShiF Josh says:

    do you have it forever

  12. StrafeCFW says:

    spams lol

  13. Alcase says:


  14. Lhawga says:

    Holy shit I am excited to do some twink raiding is there any forums where I can find people?

  15. Patrick Ormerod says:

    role playing is gay

  16. Patrick La Fontaine says:

    what was that first person shooter game you showed a clip of at the beginning i dont recognize it.

  17. Turtwig YT says:

    Hey bro I'm new to WoW. Can u make like a what to do before legion for new players?

  18. Freddy says:

    Wow, the music in the background is NOT fitting and highly annoying.

  19. TheEpicPancake says:

    … Did he just say tickle your pickle? …??????

  20. ItsKazukyo says:

    10:01 sellout xD

  21. Emil Elander says:

    #1 Unsubscribe

  22. Joshua Johnathan says:

    It pains me they never updated textures of game engine in the last 10 fuckin years :/

  23. simonsickboy says:


  24. Banshee's hellhole says:

    Is that Planetside on 0:16 and 8:21? It aint dead yet?

  25. Nick Fawcet says:

    Hey lazy, what is your transmog for your mage? (Kunshiro)?? PLEASE tell me !!!!!

  26. David Springate says:

    Really great video – thanks for the ideas and suggestions 🙂

  27. Bonyolult Sanyika says:

    what was that dk gear?

  28. Jerakal says:

    Video would have been 10/10 without the needless, "Waaaah! old WoW was better," whine at the end.

    Still pretty good.

  29. Benkő Viktor says:

    Music at 1:42?:D

  30. Michael Andrew Pamintuan says:

    I just cant over the fact that you still need to click your target to attack.

  31. hakan akdag says:

    Anybody doing lvl39 pvp still?

  32. Dale says:

    Can somebody tell me the game he's playing at 8:18?

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