TOP 10 HATED Nintendo Switch Games!

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The Nintendo Switch might be my favorite handheld console EVER but that doesnt mean every game on it is perfect. Let’s dive into the dumpster and track down the turds that smell the worst on my picks of the TOP 10 Switch Games I HATE!

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This top 10 thursday dives into the worst Nintendo Switch games in a review style format while showing gameplay. This includes Super Mario Party, Morphies Law, The Bunker, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, Payday 2, Super Bomberman R, WWE 2k18, Ark Survival Evolved, Vaccine, and Rogue Trooper Redux.

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36 Responses

  1. DreamcastGuy says:

    Last week I counted down the Top 10 HATED Ps4 Games so if you want a bit more goofiness go check that out! 😛

  2. Lyra BonBon says:

    Number 15. Burger king foot letuce.

  3. blurider07 says:

    I'm so glad you put Super Mario Party on here. I believe they released it a bit too early imo, the announced it at E3 2018 and it was on shelves by Sept 2018. Maybe they'll actually add the rest of the game in time.

  4. Nathan Erbaugh says:

    7:29 ironic. They buy a console in 2019 that doesnt even have voice chat for multiplsyer games with friends! TRULY the most intellectually gifted community of all time! Lol

  5. Stabby Taco says:

    I was close to buying Bomberman, Vaccine, Bunker, Ark and for one reason or the other I neved got them, glad to hear I dodged a bullet, or four.

  6. Kyle Woodowens says:

    Troll and I should be tied for 1st. I didn't buy it but I seen stories about it

  7. Onion Head Guy Guy says:

    Has anybody tried to play sexy brutale on switch? It ran so bad for me that I couldnt even play it yet ive heard nobody talk about it.

  8. sakuraglenn says:

    Rogue Trooper is pretty decent. Not awesome but for a quirky Gears of War fix on Switch it's fine. So wrong about Super Bomberman R though. What he's saying is 18 months out of date. $60? That's so not the price now. Plus it's had TONS of FREE dlc. It's kinda majorly fun.

  9. Josh 64 says:

    Bayonetta 1+2. My most hated game on Switch.

  10. Casey McComas says:

    I regret buying Hollow Knight, everyone raves about that game and im not sure why, it did nothing to impress me. But far more superior metroidvania style games like Chasm get no press.

  11. Zach Kramer says:

    Dougmoney needs his own channel

  12. Ebenezer Spludge says:

    Mario Party for the switch is pretty bad. The shortest game mode is like 3 hours long. If you play with friends trying to get everyone to hit the triggers to get out of demo mode sucks. There should be a 30 second demo and then put me straight into the mini game. It's just not fun. Mario party 1,2 and 3 were the best.

  13. Leroy Clark says:

    Doug Money 2020!

  14. Don DL says:

    Super Bomber Man R is still $40 regular price at stores and $20 when on sale. Every time it goes on sale it always sells out both online and in store(Best Buy used as an example).

  15. FyrFlyr says:

    Fire Emblem warriors was hated by its own fan base.
    I'm not kidding.

  16. SyncYu says:

    I'm glad I bought none of these games

  17. j macher says:

    You say dumpster fire WAY too much

  18. pepsico 1337 says:

    Super Mario Party is great! I've been having a lot of fun with my family playing this game.

  19. 8bit NES Cutscene says:

    It's your fault for buying the Switch version of Pay Day 2. Kind of a dumb decision tbh.

  20. Ronald Flores says:

    I wish I have a Nintendo Switch

  21. Ryuiichi kune says:

    Switch Mario party with Pokemon let's go

  22. NanoPhoenix says:

    I think Super Mario Party is at least a step in the right direction for the series since it brought back the older style of traversing the boards instead of the car mechanic from 9 and 10, but I do agree that it could've used some more boards and mini-games. I hope NDcube takes more notes from Mario Parties 4-7 and DS in the future.

  23. raidramon0 says:

    A Switch game that you’re gonna hate is Vroom in the Night Sky. It’s Superman 64 for a new generation.

  24. Jason Hubbard says:

    He's playing a Sega Dreamcast Switch!

  25. Richard Samuelson says:

    Legend of Zelda: Halitosis of the Wild. For screwing up Legend of Zelda with unnecessary limited stamina, weapon and shield fragility, resource collecting and a repetitive-through optionality narrative. Some of these sins were first committed by Skyward Sword, a wholly mediocre and highly flawed product, but that does not excuse them being in a second game.

    Pokémon Let's Go!. For removing almost every single innovation the series has had in the past twenty years, just for the sake of appealing to nostalgic consumers and GO consumers – and it even fails at appealing to the second group, since these two games do not have Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokémon, which GO now has – neither of which were guaranteed to purchase this slop. By doing so, by removing 656 of the 807 Pokémon we had in Ultra Sun/Moon, removing Abilities and Held Items and breeding and EVs and everything else, they have made these games wholly casual experiences, not worth wasting money on for consumers like me who've stuck with the series for a decade or longer.
    The fact the Pro Controller (and Pro Controller substitutes, like 8bitdo's SNES30 and the Magic-NS dongle) isn't supported is another flaw, since we can only play with either the small and cramped Joy-Cons or the damn Poké Ball Plus thing.
    The female player character has no skirt or dress options, only shorts. Ugh.
    Wild Pokémon battles being replaced with a repetitive motion-control action is a major flaw; why did they think this would ever be a good idea?
    The permanent and forced Exp. All effect (every Pokémon in the party gains Exp, not just the one currently in battle) makes overlevelling a damn near certainty, making the game way too easy.
    Unlike the 2004 Game Boy Advance remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen, the Sevii Islands are not featured, meaning there's very little to do after beating the Champion, and there's not even any special battle facility – no Battle Tower or anything.

    There's also the thoroughly mediocre ARMS and 1,2,Switch things.

  26. xtemma says:

    It's funny. PS Vita and Switch has similar thread/topics in some forums. Both of them are great, but only one sold well.

  27. Chocobo of Light says:

    Only game I haven't liked so far is Smash Ultimate I prefer Melee

  28. Vampirerockstar says:

    "I hate these games, but yet I buy them"

  29. marukuanfuni says:

    ah man, i heard a lot of people say shaq fu ALR was good.

  30. Anthony Cobos says:

    U missed Oceanhorn..

  31. Stephen says:

    I agree with you, I would not purchase any of those games. Unless they were dirt cheap. I bought payday 2 on the Ps4 and I hated it there, so I know I would not like the switch version.

  32. mogwai_for_sale says:

    i don't think the nintendo switch community is intelligent. they enjoy paying $60 for 5+ year old ports after all. you can add new super mario bros. u deluxe to the list…

  33. Alby Nano says:

    Indie mediocrities should be here.

  34. ben31uk says:

    I would love to no what your favourite switch games are. Physical only if possible

  35. Brenda from collections says:

    TOP 10 ps2 flight sim games or top 10 licensed horror movie based video games

  36. KEN says:

    I'm glad that Troll and I and My Riding Stables didn't make it in your list. They need a second chance.

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