Top 10 Fast to Learn and Play Board Games

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One issue that I, and many other gamers, end up running into is WANTING to play that epic, 7-hour game of Diplomacy or Twilight Impirium, but always end up with two issues – people who do not know how to play the game and people who have, you know, a life with other stuff to accomplish.

Here, I go through my top 10 favorite board/card games that are fast to both learn and play; reducing turnaround times and keeping others generally happier. Enjoy!

Number 10 –
Number 9 –
Number 8 –
Number 7 –
Number 6 –
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19 Responses

  1. Bagas Vanza says:

    love your choices!

  2. Darin LaGarry says:

    I'm a big fan of Elder sign… have you tried the expansions?

  3. capecodder33 says:

    Thanks for this video !!! I just bought Lost Cities,and Forbidden Island from Amazon because of your suggestions 🙂 . I'm trying to get my friends/family into board/table top games . This should be a good intro . Thanks again 🙂 .

    Just subscribed !

  4. TrickShot King says:

    Great vid u deserve more subs

  5. Steven Simms says:

    I tend to need games what are quick to teach because the people I am around won't sit down and learn a complex game.

    So to help I've listed 10 great games below which are available and very easy to teach I have done all of them in 5 minutes or less

    The Grizzled
    Desperados of Dice Town
    Ticket to Ride Europe
    Love Letter
    Ultimate Werewolf
    221b Baker Street
    Bloodbowl Team Manager

  6. DarthMessias says:

    Smash Up!? "…the games tend to move quickly, especially with more players…"?

    Well, I have played this with many different people and the conclusion was the same from all of them: It goes too slow!

    A player turn takes on average between 1-2 minutes to complete, especially for new players which this list seems to aim at. With 6 people you'll have to wait between 6-12 minutes before it is your turn again! Not recommended.

  7. 26snoopy82 says:

    What are good gateway games to introduce your friends to tabletop games like Warhammer fantasy not Sigmar. And also do a video of how to make a board game night to your friends. How to get your friends interested in board games.

  8. MiiLeafy says:

    That moment when I saw that beautiful thing behind U..
    This gotta be a good list, hahaha!~

    Video Games + Board Games!~ ^_^

  9. Stève SIKATI says:

    beautiful WiiU 🙂

  10. jeeperscreepers7 says:

    great video bro!

  11. Mattweber32 says:

    thanks for including Race for the Galaxy, it's learning curve is often overstated. My wife and I picked it up pretty quickly thanks to a few playthrough vids on YouTube. it's so deep and so fun.
    nice list!

  12. Sushi Go says:

    Every household our group that is only a little interested in board games should own King of Tokyo… Fast playing, easy to explain, fantastic theme and just so much fun to play.

  13. markwaynejones says:

    Love munchkin but only 3 player minimum. Any recommendations for similar game for two people (dungeon crawler). Me and my girlfriend are fairly new at board games so nothing too difficult please

  14. Jurij Fedorov says:

    Great video.

  15. Tartaruss says:

    escape the curse of the temple is worth checking out cause it is fast to learn and play

  16. Daniel Zwierzynski says:

    it's Your's first board video material I just watched. It was a long time ago when I was played such games, badly video games take so much of our attention in these times. In my childhood I was played f.e. in "Who is it" or few other easy funny games but I rembered especially "Talisman" even played it only once. When I was younger I was buying some pc games magasine where was section for board and cards games. Thats the way even don't played in them "Warhammer 40 000" or "Magic the Gathering" stuck on me. Most on my live I was lived on the village and some small towns so there was no communinty to play these kind of games. Last year I was moved to a bigger city and there are even shops with boards and cards games like these. To be honest I always wanna try some of these. They looks so awesome – figures and cards are usually in so high quality. Once in last months I even saw "Dungeons and Dragons" board version on auction for ridiculous low price. Funny or not funny think when I was thinking buy it or not (not much space in my room) some1 came ad grab it. Well… long topic to talk Danny…. Most of all I always thinking boards and cards games are nice cause they're so much more social that pc/console even mmo games when few ppl meet in same space to not simply play but enjoy each other company. Maybe I should make some steps about that… After watching that video i knew You're even more cool mate Danny greetings from UK 🙂

  17. Tozmo M says:

    You're very right about smash up. It went down like a lead balloon in our household, mostly as my partner isn't as geeky as me and didn't want to think about nuanced strategy (the concept of zombie pirates being enough to put him off).

  18. Tozmo M says:

    Where do you get those T-Shirts? Oxidation would ruin the fun! 🙂

  19. chuckm1961 says:

    Same issue here. That's why I have 5 or 6 of your 10, and will take a look at Race for the Galaxy and Lost Cities!

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