Top 10 Board Games of 2016

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Rebecca and Hunter share their Top 10 Board Games published in 2016!

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16 Responses

  1. Matt Tinnell says:

    Where's Clank!?

  2. Dale Tomlinson says:

    Great video guys. Came here from Board Game Blander and your channel has loads of awesome lists for me to get through. Love your energy and passion and you genuinely make me laugh 🙂 Subbed

  3. Benji Tham says:

    i like these two lists because there are lots of "family-weight" games =))

  4. BoardGameGuru says:

    Love your t-shirts!

  5. ttt4life says:

    -My number 1 The Oracle of Delphi
    Throws pen
    -We are so excited we are throwing stuff.
    Dog Throws Toy


  6. Mikkel Örstedholm says:

    I want more of you guys!!! 🙂

  7. Er Ich says:

    Really nice list =) ordered the reprint of terraforming-mars and a feast for Odin is coming soon as a Christmas present from my girlfriend (we were on holiday so it did not matter, that I had nothing to open)

    My favorite of the year so far is great Western trail.
    Feld is a nice guy, he is part of my gaming group/ club 🙂

  8. Zaki says:

    My top 10 would be(As voted on The Dice Tower):
    1. Star Wars Rebellion(By a mile)
    2. Mansions of Madness(Second Edition)
    3. 51st State Master Set
    4. Mystic Vale
    5. Quadropolis
    6. Scythe
    7. Millennium Blades
    8. Cry Havoc
    9. Arkham Horror: The Card Game
    10. Star Wars Destiny

    I played Mechs vs Minios after I voted and that would have been like no. 4 or something.

    I have Oceanos, in my collection but not played yet. I'll probably get to play it, London Dread and Clank in january

  9. jwsjourney says:

    I think my top 5 are 1. Scythe, 2. The Others, 3.Star Trek Ascendency, 4. Mechs and Minions and 5. The Daedalus Sentence. The 3 games that I am looking forward to in 2017 are The god's war, Mythic Battles and Kingdom Death.

  10. Steven Bonham says:

    Update us when u have tried great western trail!

  11. Himerion says:

    Nobody shall ever pronounce the name Feld in vain in the presence of that dog ever again!!! hahaha

  12. wroot says:

    I've just made my list with the longer name (games played in 2016, but not necessary released in 2016) 🙂 but only Automobiles was from 2016. I'm not playing many hot games the year they were released. Terraforming Mars seems like the game i would be interested to try out the most.

  13. Dean Muramoto says:

    1. Roll Player
    2. Star Wars Destiny Dice
    3. Aeon's End
    4. Clank!
    5. Pursuit of Happiness
    6. Hit Z Road
    7. Salvation Road
    8. Harry Potter Battle for Hogwarts
    9. Star Trek Ascendancy
    10. Pandemic the Cure Experimental

    These games after I get to play them will probably make my top 10:
    Mechs vs Minions, The Oracles of Delphi, Great Western Trail, Phase, and Orcs Must Die!

  14. Dean Muramoto says:

    Hunter you need to get Rebecca the four new packs of Star Realms

  15. KabukiKid says:

    Star Wars: Rebellion! You fools! 😛

  16. wroot says:

    Imhotep is more an area control game, i think.

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