Top 10 BIG Upcoming FREE TO PLAY Games in 2018 (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Best Upcoming Free to Play Games in 2018. Which of these have you played? Comment your thoughts on the 10 BIG Free to Play Games Coming in 2018. These are the Top 10 Free to Play Games 2018.

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Games Mentioned-

#10 – Unreal Tournament

#9 – Soldiers: Arena

#8 – Total War Arena

#7 – Fortnite Save the World (PVE)

#6 – Ascent Infinite Realm

#5 – TERA Consoles

#4 – Lineage Project TL

#3 – Gwent The Witcher Card Game

#2 – Lost Ark Online

#1 – Dauntless

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46 Responses

  1. Shane Robitaille says:

    Dauntless looks amazing

  2. The Experience says:


  3. Papa Smith says:

    Alot of awesome titles. Free to play has really sold me. Tera is a huge game i play alot followed by Fortnite and Neverwinter. I think free to play should be the next evolving door to gaming in the next 5 years. I feel electronic downloading game titles with a return policy how Steam is done and the free to play and selling content at a reasonable price would in fact fix over pricing and not only that render developers having to stop price gouging the poor gamer that just wants to own the new game title. Its something kinda wonderful about free to play games. Specifically when they rival any other powerhouse in graphics and overall physics.

  4. tdienes12 says:

    however it didnt functional, although my mate noticed a running page 15 minutes ago: I liked it

  5. Carmen Jordan says:

    Some games I might get on ps4 pro some games I might get on gaming pc cool

  6. poopmannelson1 says:

    Omg lineage looks amazing

  7. ProWild Gamer says: Watch this Guys Top 10 Upcoming Free-to-play Help me get more views 🙂

  8. zsdfgvzsdfszdf dfvzsdfszdfsdf says:

    Well this looks not ever do the job, but as you see I noticed a good method 15 minutes ago: Hurry before its patched!


    I’m so exited for lineage TL

  10. slav mix says:

    Where is warface

  11. caleb gao says:

    lmao I chose quake champion

  12. Soryucchi says:

    What about the Ps4 Adaptation of the anime series Strugma?

  13. Legion Of Gaming says:

    Infinite Realm looks nice

  14. Christoph Bauer says:

    Realm Royals missing

  15. Laila Daeidih says:

    Fortnite save the world has been out since 2011

  16. FoxyRaven-TV says:

    Fortnite STW will not be F2P this year. They just confirmed that they pushed it to 2019 as a free to play model.

  17. Fidomaniac says:

    Esto nunca sucedió

  18. Kaizer Soze says:

    whats the game in 0:14 ?

  19. You tube Up dates says:

    Send download link

  20. Kirai says:

    Warframe is the true F2P game

  21. TheSnowmanKing says:

    I can't see total war arena being in the console and if it was cross platform than good luck against the elite

  22. Jonas Rott says:

    Save the world was out before battle royal and it's still out of you would just fork out 40 bucks bum nuts

  23. Sakif Aryan says:

    Unreal tournament and lineant project

  24. CruzeR JaXx says:

    When did NCsoft announced lineage project tl on consoles? Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS is all I heard …

  25. Game Playerr says:

    nice game

  26. YoungSWAGEZAY 2008 says:

    Fuck epic there not trustworthy

  27. Beli says:

    Ascent infinite realms ps4 gratis ojalá llegue algún día ☺

  28. efwefwef frwfef says:

    how boring… welp back to PoE

  29. Jesus Strong says:

    Maybe not related with the video but wish arpg is coming to ps4 this year? No hope for for poe or grim dawn unfortunately.

  30. Tony Kunnari says:

    I first thought Lost Ark would take the cake, but Lineage Project TL looks like it's going to take it. Either way the Dauntless is amongst the TOP3 in my list with the aforementioned titles.

  31. Kimberley Monroe says:

    Move To Google And Type: FreeCodesXXX It is undoubtedly the purely working xbox live gold deals working from this month. Dont waste your free time on some other specific codes

  32. Will Warren says:

    You realize fortnite s.t.w. was out months [just a couple] BEFORE BATTLE ROYALE was CONSIDERED. Stw has been out, great way to make Vbucks if you're not microtransaction savy. Just very offensive you don't have valid information you're giving out to the world

  33. devil_kid 666 says:

    R any of these games out right now on the PS4 and is fortnite Save the World free yet

  34. Legacy Madness says:

    Fortnite save the world is the base dipshit

  35. Jaylin Smith says:

    What game is the thumbnail

  36. Xkmxk Kdkkksk says:

    What game is that in the thumbnail?

  37. brandon otto says:

    Total war is very choppy.
    I do not like it at all.

  38. HechenNator says:

    You forgotten Omen of Sorrow.

  39. F B I says:

    Unreal Tournament, infinite realm, dauntless, and fortnite stw I'm definitely getting

  40. Dylan Clement says:

    Defiance 2050

  41. White Crown Prince says:

    Furtnite save the world has been out for 2 years…. BattleR was somthing random they just did to get more ppl playing furtnite stw.

  42. DJ Daniels says:

    Just letting everyone know. Fortnite Save the World came first.

  43. Nor7hernWa7ch says:

    Lost ark online is like kings avatar with all those combos

  44. Raymond Alexander says:

    Move To The google search And then Type: FreeCodesXXX This is definitely the only working xbox live gold working these days. Don't waste your available free time in other codes

  45. ᅠ ᅠ says:

    I'm too poor to play free to play….

  46. Dylan Peffley says:

    Fortnite save the world is the first thing that came out learn cause battle Royale came out after the pve part

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