#thotaudit David Addresses Allegations Against Accuser

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From Episode #39 that got glitched but will be coming back up in full soon thanks to someone downloading it.

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45 Responses

  1. Sai Vang says:

    She tried too hard to defend her self….just say "Sorry" and apologize……nuff said.
    But looking on the bright side David Wu more Clout to you buddy.

  2. Connie Cockus says:

    geez this channel has become a sausage fest for fat boys jerking off to tomi lauren with regret and the Doritos cheese dust from under their fingernails. little dick andy (as we called him in highschool for obvious reasons) has really found his niche

  3. LockingMyPant says:

    this is a good whole some moment that give me faith in humanity

  4. 本刀に村正 says:

    can we just narrow the definition of rape?

    before, it was forcible unconsented intercourse that can be proven by DNA sperm swabs on the female body. you know. ACTUAL PHYSICAL RAPE that can be proven by DNA/sperm testing

    now, you can make up baseless allegations about someone and call them a rapist.

    it's so fucking stupid

  5. 本刀に村正 says:

    its another false flag

    just like those false anita sarkeesian attacks

  6. Kenos Kamvas says:

    "I look like the asshole here"
    There you go, the egoism of these women. Even after trying to frame somebody by making them look like a pedo, it is HER image that she's worried about. The woman cries out in pain right after she strikes you with fake shit.

  7. Grand Ape says:

    This is your first good stream in a while.

  8. Grand Ape says:

    Loosk like it was fake after all.

  9. Kearsten LeBeau says:

    Thank you for having me on, guys. I meant to say this yesterday but I'm glad someone gave me a platform to give my side of the story.

  10. Hefty Alan says:

    Anyone who does not pay their tax only has themselves to blame. What would you say if you don't pay for tax and the IRS catch up with you 3 years later and then they can charge you 3 year's interest. Seriously it is not worth it in the end. Just pay your tax and remember all revenue is taxable. It is just common sense.

  11. Matthew Dollar says:


  12. Cody Cigar says:

    I keep checking in on Nick Monroe's twitter. Still no follow up. He's really becoming the very type of journalist he says he hates. Putting out dishonest bullshit without any correction.

  13. Keith Chapman says:

    So she spreads unverified info and then crys victim cause she gets her shit pushed in for trying to ruin someone's life like fuck this cunt, she's trash and deserves to have her life destroyed for spreading false claims of pedophilia rape and death, guys get fucked hard over false claims like these. Fuck her, everyone needa to destroy her stupid ass and run her offline

  14. Autonomous Alice says:

    Do you think girls that bounce their boobs for money are going to be able to effectively blackmail somebody? Nah

  15. Mr Lazer says:

    So wait her name is David?

  16. chris faircloth says:

    No Britney isn't a thot she's a fellow conservative making a living she's protected

  17. chris faircloth says:

    Spoken like a true soldier David your the hero we deserve and need

  18. Silent Groyper says:

    shere my pust

  19. Silent Groyper says:

    David Wu sounds like a Japanese with an average command of English.

  20. divi filius Augustus says:

    "Because they are retarded, they are woman."
    ~ David Wu

  21. Machina Inc says:

    The DMs were fake ?? No waaaay.
    Of course they were fake. I said straight away they’d do that.

  22. Longinus says:

    Men are so much more fair minded that women.

  23. zyonhunter says:

    after watching the killstream i can tell, David is a little bitch with low self-esteem. if you making Britney look good, you doing something very wrong. i got no love for THOTS but the BETAS paying them are even worse.

  24. S B says:


  25. Fonzie Fonzarelli says:

    Clearly not David, Asian with a Romanian/Russian accent.

  26. Bob Jones says:

    *God appears

  27. Other Barry says:

    Sorry but apology or not Wu should Sue.
    This false accusation shit for sex crimes needs to stop and the only way it will is if people who do it are publicly keel hauled.

  28. Travis Grimes says:

    Cant wait for Andy to go in on Sargon/Vee tomorrow for that gay ass 2nd Life furry shit. 2 weird mother fuckers

  29. Zap Rowsdower says:

    Andy is Rich Vos levels of stupid.

  30. Russell DoFrane says:

    I love Andy's shit eaten grin when he's calling Venti.

  31. girlnextdoor0703 says:

    Facebook? Facebook. He said Facebook. He shitposts on…Facebook. Your general apathy is more understandable now.

  32. Garmr says:

    Isn't Brittany ventei a troll?

  33. Joseph Autumn says:

    This guy has a lisp or something… lol

  34. Shitpost Cop says:

    Da feds are gonna get him

  35. Crypto Grease says:

    look into this twitter handel.20k views on the fake post

  36. Nameless Assyrian says:

    >Can I swear?
    >I've watched Andy for a long time now.

  37. silentfart says:

    please talk about the sex workers being harassed and sent death threats

  38. Dankius says:

    ok this is epic

  39. gonzostwin1 says:

    What the h*** is going on here Andie?

  40. Mauricio Calasich says:

    david UwU

  41. Rene Valdez says:

    Incels are just as worse as thots.

  42. Stephen Spurling says:

    This should be episode #40. You mis-numbered some earlier episodes.

  43. Stephen Spurling says:

    "Got glitched"?

  44. Phobos Media says:

    We are experiencing levels of autism, virginity and thottery that shouldn't even be possible

  45. Kix Musaid says:

    I’m good friends with David he’s doing gods work

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