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12 Responses

  1. The Gunslinger Followed says:

    still living in that same old room Kel. what a sack of shit you are.

  2. Bald Date says:

    This world is f… up for good

  3. Christopher Campos says:

    Don't forget about all the hoes collecting unemployment or welfare claiming zero income. Add fraud to the list.

  4. jerryspipe says:

    That is a good thought! They should have to pay their taxes!

  5. H.E. Pennypacker says:

    Great issue.
    The needy guys out there supporting these lazy hos are pathetic.
    Awesome that they are being called out for tax evasion.

  6. James Asher says:

    That’s a good video kel

  7. National Patriot Council says:

    That hoe owes taxes

  8. Daniel Hawkins says:

    If I offered $50. to see your Hairy ass, would you do it? (lol)

  9. BlueJayRobin says:

    Sluts for sale or rent
    Slice o' cunt 50 cents.

  10. MGTOW HD says:

    Dude if you make money in this country, you need to pay taxes. I don’t give a shit what anyone does with their body. I pay lot of taxes and pisses me off that others don’t. Report all who don’t pay taxes, that’s men and women!

  11. Verne Robirds says:

    I heard about this sometime earlier this week. My thoughts on the thots.

    Thots are another version of the classic cut rate whore. Taking a advantage of stupid men and stupid men is exactly what they call them. I’m basing that on some strippers and prostitutes that I have met. When they weren’t at work. They do not like their clientele. Actually their opinion towards men in general is negative. But you can be certain that any man they are freely having sex with has never paid them a penny.

    Men in general might find whores, sluts, thots very interesting and entertaining. But we really don’t like them. they’ve turned women into something nasty. While that might be fun, it’s really not what we want. Deep down we hate it

    Men who give thots, money on the promise of maybe seeing a little titty or whatever. They are extremely weak men and nobody respects a weak man.

    Snitches get stitches, don’t narc. I don’t give a damn if it’s not fair that a girl flashing her tits is not paying taxes. Have you ever sold anything for cash and not reported that cash to the IRS? Because that’s exactly the same thing.

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