This Is Pool – Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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This Is Pool comes to Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch in 2019!

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11 Responses

  1. roronoa zoro says:

    nacadas innecesarias

  2. Nintendo Thumb says:


  3. StargazeWholly says:

    This is Pool, don't catch me whippin' up. Don't catch me slippin' up.

  4. ラーセンイアン says:

    This is snooker

  5. InkWitch says:

    This Is Pool
    Don't catch you slipping now

  6. Bryan Parry says:


  7. Dolphin Tail says:

    You could just play real pool for free at a bar

  8. Chapperz 994 says:


  9. Leo Funari says:

    And wait for the crossover title
    This is the poolice

  10. David Nunez says:

    Is this pool?

  11. GHD7K GHD says:

    why are the graphics better then they should be

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