This game cost one penny on Nintendo Switch

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Unless you live in a different country I don’t know how much it would cost.

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37 Responses

  1. Master Octoling of Pokemon says:

    You get it for free because there was one token

  2. Eduardo Martins says:

    Why not for free?

  3. TogoDash ツ says:

    I buyed this game for $0.01…. and nintendo give me 1 point…. FREE GAME!

  4. Hayden Floyd says:

    I was buying wandersong when I found out about bouncy bob. I bought wandersong and had a penny left over, so I bought bouncy bob.

  5. Linkthehero5555 Plays says:

    I thing it's 1¢ because sales can't lower a price to free, and it technically is free anyway cause you get a gold point for buying it

  6. TrazBurger says:

    I saw the title and I knew it was bouncy bob

  7. Big oof says:

    The multiplayer is legitimately a lot of fun as a party game type thing

  8. S T Ξ Λ L T H says:

    Great game to loose the penny you have after buying a game with a gift card

  9. Gokkan Ito says:

    If every switch user bought the game…. That's still a shit ton of money

  10. fireDiamond says:

    game: sUpEr sMaSh bRoS uLtImAtE

  11. The Video Effect Games says:

    XD I remember seeing that game

  12. Robert Miller says:

    You literally get your money back in rewards points when you buy this game

  13. Mustafa Tamer says:

    Dude you need to work on your commentary wasn’t that funny or interesting.

  14. Vinnie Cheng says:

    super mario zelda land

    for 0 Pennies!

  15. Da'Sean Kelley says:

    I knew i wasnt the only one like "fuck it I'll buy it"

  16. Oodle Doodle says:

    Yep, my dad and I started laughing! He didn’t know why until he looked at the price, he started laughing too.

  17. 取得 says:

    I bought bouncy bob too I only used gold points to buy it

  18. lucascami1 says:

    Bob do something

  19. Beres studio says:

    Hey it's basically free because you get 1 gold point

  20. TheTrueHappy says:

    14.99 isn't 14 dollars! Stop spreading these lies!

  21. Vital IV says:

    Oh yeah i found out about this couple weeks ago on nintendo switch..when buying Ultimate smash bros

  22. CrashHopper says:

    Is it still on sale?

  23. DanielDerpFoxYT says:

    Yea I got it it’s kinda fun.

  24. Dr Skye says:

    I cant afford it

  25. A wet Loli says:

    I also got it for a penny

  26. Psyyanide says:

    1 cent games > Free games

  27. RedVGFox says:

    Not worth even 0,01$.

  28. Liam Gamer says:

    They make it for the homeless

  29. Coopadoop Films says:

    The description says ur playing super smash. YOU LIED

  30. ky says:

    Noooo, I payed $0.14. I got ripped off!

  31. Jùnîør says:

    It's Best selling cause it's Cheap :3

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