THIS Fixes Your Nintendo Switch!

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The best solution for adding Bluetooth to your Nintendo Switch!–3
Apple Airpods –
Paww aptX Headphones –

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37 Responses

  1. JL Bebit says:

    I thought Gulikit Route+ came out before Genki?

  2. Jesse Pinkman says:

    I'm surprised I haven't seen someone modify there switch and put bluetooth INSIDE it yet.

  3. FelixANTI says:

    Wait! What?! NS doesn't have a possibility to out sound via bluetooth itsellf? Is it 2019 or what?

  4. ShadowSquee Gaming says:

    this is the first video of your i watched and i have to say this video has some of the cleanest video i have seen on Youtube instant subscribe!

  5. Shadow Guardian says:

    so is this thing actually out and able to be delivered cause i checked the website and i cant fully tell

  6. Tommy Richard says:

    why was there a dancing Pikachu at 1:44?

  7. Justin Butler says:

    Bluetooth compatibility is a good thing but what about people like me who use wireless headphones that connect with a dongle? What about us?

  8. David de Juan Navarro says:

    fuck the switch honestly, it has more addons than the gameboy at this point.

  9. Alpha Arietis says:

    i only noticed from this video that the switch doesn't support audio over bluetooth from the get go, even though the vita supported it way long before. just like there's no actual web browser, why nintendo. why.

  10. Henry Harts says:

    3:46 I never knew you liked cup head

  11. LouFraser777 says:

    I ordered a GuliKit Route+ Pro and I wish I ordered this now.

  12. Brandon Cortes says:

    What game are you playing brother

  13. Tech Dot Net says:

    awesome solution and idea 🙂

  14. Clint Aleaxder says:

    Have you ever have the problem when you’re not touching the joy con but your Character is moving

  15. Luck says:


  16. neil sullada says:

    fuck that

  17. Shuckle says:

    I really hope this comes in other color schemes, because that Neon scheme just bugs my OCD. I have gray JoyCons and Odyssey ones as well. I'd be fine with simply black buttons either, heck.

  18. Colton Mayne says:

    Unless the thing says Official Nintendo, it isn't going into my Switch's USB-C port…

  19. Michael Thiel says:

    What's the game he's playing?

  20. The Phantom Cat says:

    1:45 a wild Pikachu appeared on his desk!!


    Wer ist auch alles Deutsch?

  22. Guy-Robert Kernisant says:

    There are also some bluetooth audio transmitters that would the job. I use one from Samsung which is unfortunately discontinued but there are some on Amazon

  23. DukeDaNuke says:

    1:48 wtf
    On the desk

  24. Albert .J says:

    That will brick your switch when charging the switch while using Bluetooth

  25. worseone says:

    Hipster eh??

  26. Angelo Heringa says:

    what's under the beanie?

  27. Oddreign Odd says:

    Bluetooth audio to the switch means only one thing. More battery drain.

  28. Ahmed Mohammed Khalaf says:

    Only preoreder on kickstarter??

  29. KDS1000 says:

    What game was this, that you were playing?

  30. Imperium Regalis says:

    Thanks for doing the review! I don't now if you had read my comment or not from your other video at but even if not, THANKS!

  31. Mellow says:

    I need a headphone jack in the pro controller like the ps4 controllers

  32. Mike Wautraets says:

    Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax!

  33. Brandon Cortes says:

    What game is he playing

  34. The Anime Squad says:

    Kevin, check Astro's new PS4/PC controller. It has a new feature no other controller has

  35. joshua morales says:

    I just bought one and it doesn’t have fucking Bluetooth support? Ugh…wtf Nintendo? This is like the first iPad.

  36. Edaz says:

    It doesn’t fix your life I’ve tested

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