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21 Responses

  1. Kyle Ben says:

    I had a friend like that on PS3 and he was of for a year and then he got on PS3 again then he was doing the same stuff again at that time I got a ps4 then I told him my account name and he is still a trash talker…

  2. Layth Jawhari says:

    The playstation

  3. Ghost- Jesus says:

    I think ik who ur talking about lol punk 298 I was in fortnite and I saw that username I was scared becouse he asked me how old was I

  4. Colin Vorderbruegge says:

    He has 666 dislikes

  5. Gamerbear 23 says:

    Fuck Xbox

  6. Memes Legend says:

    Why not the ps4 killer

  7. LoRdZ _yT says:

    I found this dudes user name its (lilpunk123)

  8. TOM ZOMB says:

    That is the craziest fucking story I've ever heard from a console player. DAMN the craziest thing I've ever joined online was a party and these two people was friends lived close well they got in a argument and decided they wanted to kill each other and no not 1vs1 I mean meat each other and actually fight so this dude walks up in his house and all you hear is one of them getyi g they're head bashed in after a min the headset just completely stoped working.

  9. peyton shell says:

    That guy is on ps4

  10. DJ Dalek says:

    People who say that Need to be locked in a mental asylum in a padroom and be fed grain soup for the rest of his life in one of those jackets

  11. Fellow Traffic Cone says:


  12. Best meme is Doge says:

    I’m silverfawn73416

  13. CKEL says:

    Man, you suck at CS:GO

  14. newchapo says:

    im a little off the subject cuz i come from 2019 , im hella excited to look for him

  15. mirijevac says:

    i saw on one site in 2008 guy asks what gamer tag should he set and guy recomends 7612LilPunkk.

  16. DopiestThyme 336 says:

    The golden age of Xbox live basically

  17. Kermit the frog says:


  18. R3V1VE TearDr0p says:

    I'm s squeaker on playstation

  19. Cohen Leigh-Berridge says:

    i am being called bent a a boy on instagram

  20. Suction cup Man says:

    Im 16 and I still sound like a squeaker :'(

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