The Wrathgate Remastered (World of Warcraft Cinematic)

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Remaster of the year !!!! World of Warcraft , The Wrathgate .
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41 Responses

  1. bluefootwalking says:

    Quotable moments from World of Warcraft…

    Arthas, Lich-King

  2. {DDLC} Model says:

    Can you do fall of the lich king ending remastered?

  3. Лорд Меберик says:


  4. Pretty Handsome says:

    That Forsalen bitch ordered this

    She knew.

  5. tut28Angel says:

    This part was epic. But pissed me off since I rped.

  6. Nicholas Lockwood says:

    Putress is just so badass in this cinematic it hurts

  7. Andrea Riona Reyzu says:

    Wonderful job. I quit WoW after WotLK over and have no regret.

  8. Logan Laslo says:

    The facial rig is off though for Bolvar.

  9. The Shaman says:

    How did you manage to do this? 10/10

  10. pacificbeauty says:

    excellent work,brings back great memories

  11. Gankageddon says:

    Long live Sylvanas!

  12. Pj Kalish says:

    nixxiom brought me hear

  13. uruguayo321 says:


  14. Vandalorian says:

    Great job. Man, when Putress shows up, it gets me so hyped for Sylvanas and the forsaken. People forget, they think she's the proverbial mustache-twirling villain now, but the truth is, since the undead race opening cinematic from vanilla, she and the forsaken have been a rogue faction within the horde, only loosely loyal. I love this stuff.

  15. Peter Nettleship says:

    Loved leveling through Northrend, knowing it won't be long till I get to experience one of my favourite quest lines and watch this glorious cinematic. Was not expecting what happens next in the Undercity, first time I played it.

  16. Kidswreckmovies says:

    I miss good wow 🙁

  17. warlock923 says:

    That is very impressive, bravo

  18. Carl Johnson says:

    "Did you think we have forgotten? Did you think we have forgiven? Behold now the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken!… Sylvanas.. DEATH TO THE SCOURGE AND DEATH TO THE LIVING!!!" Best line in Warcraft History

  19. 곰팡이버섯 says:


  20. Divayth Fyr says:


    Undead 4 ever

  21. Albin Ohlsson says:

    Fantastic! Keep it up! Would love to see the Hellfire Citadel Trailer from tbc Remasterd.

  22. Yzzami says:


  23. Anarchy Edgelord says:

    World of Warcraft: Reforged when

  24. İlker Yüceler says:

    "Death to the scourge and death to the living"

  25. Бионорика Game says:

    I love u!!! ty for best videos!!!

  26. Andrew Mào says:

    It has more likes than the original

  27. vlad voinea says:

    This gave me lotr vibes. Top quality.

  28. Daniel Monsalve says:

    this was glorious, men blizzard should give you a work

  29. Ken Morgenstern says:

    Also this is absolutely outstanding, keep up the epic work!

  30. Ken Morgenstern says:

    So if Sylvannas did order the attack, she may have counted on it killing Arthas and being heralded as a hero despite the costs. But odds are even if she ordered it, she didn't count on Putress siding with Varimathras and launching the Blight on everyone deliberately instead of mostly at Arthas. Also, did they ever explain how the dragons knew to come there?

  31. Exhalted One says:

    Just like the horde to rush headlong into a fight without any planning :3

  32. JohnHan says:

    When I knew nothing about WOW, I thought Putress was Sylvanas

  33. JohnHan says:

    Stormwind theme never fails to give me goosebumps

  34. George Rc says:


  35. Luis Lopez says:

    Very well done

  36. Bisbender says:

    Прослезился. Было же время…

  37. TheRisingTideofPoetry SaroshMohnaZaidi says:

    This is absolutely breathtaking! You managed to rejuvenate a masterpiece – Bravo!

  38. TwistedMicrowave says:

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but this event is not available on retail, or is it?

  39. Nicholas Lehde says:

    This brings me back. Interesting I got the notification.

  40. mikeyp8044 says:

    1:00 mark. when you show up 30 mins late to a houseparty. and kick open the door due to having a 24 pack in each hand. (hopefully you have a friend who says "i was wondering when you'd show up)

  41. Lin Kuei says:

    just epic

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