The Wounded Kings – Gates of Oblivion

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From their third album “In the Chapel of the Black Hand” (I HATE, 2011)

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22 Responses

  1. LLegaLLizeITxC2 says:

    How could it take me so long to find out about this great genre??

  2. Marcelo Ribeiro says:


  3. Doomer 666 says:

    Fucking great!!!!!!

  4. grateface says:

    Can never get over the solo coming in after 10 min. Incredible..

  5. Richard Cam says:

    blog !

  6. Lord Innsmouth says:

    Oblivion of The Elder Scrolls ?

  7. s1ck fakk says:

    it truly sounds like the title says

  8. Jts says:

    I never thought I'd like this kind of music but the goosebumps keep me coming back…

  9. PiErRe6363 says:

    Need advice for a good fuzz pedal

  10. Woundheir says:

    How have I never heard of this amazing band?

  11. Kai Skoli says:

    Heavy as led!.. sludge and a sprankle of Blacksabbath .?.

  12. deceitdeceitdeceit says:

    i am in fucking love with this.

  13. Robin Blackmore says:

    Does this song somehow connected to oblivion the game? because i saw you also get a song .
    called "In the chapel of the black hand" and thats too good to be a coincidence.
    .Anyway that's fucking great! the vocals are so powerful and depressing

  14. Peter Silvarum says:

    Fuckin' great!

  15. IndubitablyMe1988 says:


  16. berserkur19 says:

    Awesome stuff

  17. I HATE says:

    @ArndTWS In a couple of months. It's our next planned release.

  18. I HATE says:

    @dmaloyyo The website most certainly tells you how to purchase the album. At the very top after you click on Shop it tells you how to order and if you click on CD N-Z you will see how much the albums costs.

  19. I HATE says:

    @joelakastud123 He moved on to pursue other interests.

  20. gothicmetalfreak says:

    Love it!

  21. I HATE says:

    @doomstermaniac We have not deleted any of your messages, and it's okay if you don't like the new album but that's a minority opinion.

  22. onzemilleverges says:

    Their best stuff yet – superb vocals

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