The Verge Gaming PC Build!! The Worst Gaming PC Build EVER!! **REACTION**

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The Verge Gaming PC Build!! The Worst Gaming PC Build EVER!! “REACTION”
See our reaction to what can only be described as the worst PC gaming build ever filmed. How did they get it so wrong???

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Alvarez Restrepo says:

    Primer comentario! Gracias por tus vídeos!!

  2. Sam Tan says:

    erection video?? did I hear correctly hahahahahahah

  3. Sean Placzkowski says:

    both arma 3 and league of legends don't even need a graphics card to run at max

  4. Lisa maitland says:

    He installed the memory wrong… His PC is not Dual channel anymore… Now newer pc's will Post with some incorrect setups.

  5. Israel Valle says:

    Man i love your reaction!!!! Keep the good job man!!!

  6. steev jobs says:

    I love it. Its like how many mistakes can u spot. I got; spreader, allen key, tweezers, hopeful screwdriver, antistatic band, (maybe he shoulda put on a condom as that might have helped as much) brace, mobo standoffs, rad screws not going through fans, (he must have been there a good hour screwing 2 inch screws just to hold the rad) no rad fans, psu wrong way, cpu socket cover, cpu attachment device?(and then didn't use it) no standoff on m.2, single channel ram, 3 screws holding the water block, he lucked out on gpu position, i personally think he should have used more thermal paste and just drizzled it over the mobo, rad fans magically appear, spreader allen key and tweezers (lol) not used at all. I missed basically everything coming out of his mouth because i was rofling so hard.

  7. Kíre Howard says:

    I'm glad the PC community on Youtube has kept this video alive. I literally argued with the guy on twitter about the stupid mistakes he made and me corny excuses about production time being short. He actually claimed to have had made plenty of computer in the past and ironically is a computer science student lol. This video definitely reflected poorly on black people.

  8. knessi ng says:

    But the Producer of that Video (Phil Esposito) said you and other youtubers are just Youtubers and not Journalists (like them), implying you don't know any better than them or know more than them.

  9. Hansy says:

    They can't possibly have researched anything before making that video. It's as if they only made assumptions.
    I can't help but feeling bad for the guy in the video though.
    Regarding racist comments, there probably was a few of them, sadly.

  10. RJ Umlas says:

    Stupid The Verge. Glad it was deleted. Love watching reaction videos to that craptastic how to.

  11. Dee Jax71 says:

    Whoever's operating the camera. Keep breathing my friend you really made my day

  12. Dub_Scratch says:

    Stop harassing the Verge

  13. Milan Avramovic says:

    15:40 XD

    Oh… and if I had 2.000 POUNDS (not euros, bug good old GBP's), I'd use 500 to build a PROPAH gaming compuuuuter… I'd use remaining 1.500 GBP to buy a decent used car.

  14. Tubeless says:

    He looks like Sebastian all right.

  15. KeepItKayfabe says:

    It's also called an allen key in the U.S. That guy is just an idiot lmao

  16. vdochev says:

    That SSD screwed right on the board without the post must be having a real stretch there 🙁

  17. bob ty says:

    First thing i do with any pc build is install the psu first, makes my life alot easier running cables.

  18. bob ty says:

    6:30 i love how pauses for a second. he looks at the ram, continues watching, second guesses himself, then looks realllllly close X D

  19. bob ty says:

    i went all out on my $400 pc, fx 9590, 16gb ram, gtx 970…kicks any games ass at 60fps 1080p…people need to redefine what a gaming pc really is, because it does not mean you have to spend $1000+

  20. Death Cold says:

    I thought it was a satire video for April fools day but I realized we are in September lol 🙂

    Honestly I can pass the 16x/8x gpu slot mistake because you cannot gain any noticeable differences in games (maybe 1-2 fps on average) but the whole content of this video is full of errors which are enough to say that this was a big joke specially for a big name in this industry like the verge.

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