The Ultimate Threat Facing The USA

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We live in a very dangerous time my friends, if only you would listen, you might understand.


The alt-right isn’t dead: It was just taken over by Fox News

Milo Yiannopoulos forced to leave New York bar as crowd chants ‘get out Nazi scum’:

YouTube’s most popular user amplified anti-Semitic rhetoric. Again.

Patreon bans alt-right content creators from earning money on its platform

Memes are taking the alt-right’s message of hate mainstream

Alt-right Message Written On Free Speech Wall

The OK sign is becoming an alt-right symbol:

How the alt-right uses milk to promote white supremacy:

Holding science accountable for upholding white supremacy:

Women’s March leader says white Jews ‘uphold white supremacy’:

University of Illinois professor publishes written theory explaining why mathematics coursework ‘perpetuates white privilege’:


NYU Prof.: People Are Calling For ‘Civility’ to Protect ‘White Supremacy’:

Why Young Men of Color Are Joining White-Supremacist Groups:

Stan Lee dead at 95: The Spider-Man co-creator leaves behind a complicated but lasting legacy:

Forever 21 is facing backlash after it used a white model to sell a “Wakanda Forever” sweater:

Twitter’s Caste Problem:

How Pocahontas — the myth and the slur — props up white supremacy:

All those Bigfoot erotica jokes are helping normalize white supremacy:

Are you a well-meaning white parent who perpetuates racism?:

Your Bank Is a White Supremacist:

Self-described Nazis and white supremacists are running as Republicans across the country. The GOP is terrified. :

Gamergate’s vicious right-wing swell means there can be no neutral stance:

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20 Responses

  1. larry cantstopme says:

    You might be fucking retarded LMFAO

  2. rainynight02 says:

    Wait… What does the pineapple mean?!

  3. Deacon says:

    no shiet SHIETlock!!!!

  4. fiero11 says:

    Service guarantees Citizenship!

  5. Kevin Temple says:

    Liberals don't have kids silly. They abort them or turn them into trans/gay/queen/commie robots.

  6. Necron 2112 says:

    Weebo… Have you heard what the Queens are doing to our soil?

  7. bicanoo_magic says:

    Sorry boring…..

  8. acdeditch99 says:

    I T ‘ S T U R N I N G A L L
    T H E K I D S Y A T Z E E

  9. Richard Heavilin says:

    Weebo, Where do I find "side quest"? What edition of D&D? Advance D&D 2nd edition is what my group plays. I hated it when they dumbed it down in the later versions,yes I understand that there are far more things to learn and remember but it makes for far more detailed gameplay, I love it.

  10. CynicalBroadcast says:

    It's called Ethnoi. Hopefully this can all get resolved with out any undue trepidation.

  11. Justin Reamer says:

    Funniest thing in the world. I witnessed it firsthand and have the pictures to prove it. Let me know if you want it.

  12. Otaku Bullfrog says:

    One of my favorites was the NBC piece that claimed Gamergate somehow created the alt-right. Apparently video gamers, who spend a lot of their free time pretending to shoot Nazis, were really Nazis all along. The message was so important that NBC had to steal gaming footage from a YouTube channel without permission to create it.

  13. Drum3a says:

    It is ok to be white.

  14. Quicksilver says:

    I think to get more subscribers, you need to get your girls out more like Lee Ann Macadoo and Millie Weaver do. I know I'd personally appreciate it!

  15. Midnight In Exile says:

    It really is so wonderful that even the "special" can have their own socio political commentary show these days.

  16. Praetorian says:

    Your goal of the year should be to make white babies while you still can.

  17. kevlarandchrome says:

    You use a Mac!?! Heathen. Unsubscribed!

  18. AltWhite says:

    Attention weebo tits plz don't be a stranger this year

  19. Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble says:

    i'm still trying to understand why you got all that pineapple

  20. Crash Underride says:

    Milk before cereal is just uncivilized.

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