The Tombs and Puzzles of Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Creative director Noah Hughes talks about the team’s approach to puzzles for Rise of the Tomb Raider and how theyre’ ramping up tombs for Lara Croft’s second adventure.

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25 Responses

  1. Paulo Junior says:

    Do these guys forget that the average player that does not want to deal with puzzles can always use walkthroughs? And I thought that the instinct's reason of existence was that you could make harder puzzles without making it frustrating for the ones that don't want to deal with that. So the instinct is purposeless?

    Besides. Why so afraid to challenge the player's mind?

  2. Shouran says:

    ingleses de la mierda

  3. Justin Jacobs says:

    all i heard was "blah blah blah…we dont want people to fail"….basically means the puzzles will be simple and not very challenging for us old school tomb raider folks…..sadly. sitting there, wondering and scratching your head was one of the bext things tomb raider had originally that made the games so much fun.

    let me give you game developers a tip, the more you attempt to dodge frustration and pushing intelligence, the lower you keep our populations intelligence, and in modern day, the younger generation spends a lot of time in games, how about help to improve our society and force challenge. challenge comes with frustration, but makes completing it that much more enjoyable because you feel you pushed yourself to a level you dont usually and came out successful.

    to game informer, you asked the right question, you pushed answers on why the games have seemed so simple. i didnt like the answers and the dodging about the challenge the tombs have compared to old games, but you guys did a good job in attempting to get it out of him.

  4. The Nameless Monster says:

    Well, having tombs and puzzles in Tomb Raider , big woop!

  5. Brandon Moore says:

    I really don't like that they're dumbing down the difficulty of the puzzles (a hallmark of the original Core Design Tomb Raider games) in order to be more commercial.  The old games in the series were unabashedly difficult and made the player use their brain in order to make progress.  It seems like the 2013 reboot was designed to hold the player's hand every step of the way and get them through the game as quickly as possible, and based on what Hughes said in this video, it doesn't seem like ROTTR will be much different.

  6. jaknife99 says:

    So basically they have to dumb down the game for stupid people to buy.


  7. Reece McCallum says:

    Please don't fuck up one of the best franchises in the gaming world, please.

  8. georgia says:

    I miss tomb raider 3 and underworld the most to be honest.

  9. pr spn says:

    I think they have destroyed the feeling of the real Tomb Raider…..

  10. Malana Kingh says:

    Well yeah because it's called Tomb Raider you should also have Tombs that are not optional 😛 It kinda uses the name loosely. And it would make sense to use logical puzzles in Tombs. It's the perfect time to use that and call it realistic, so it would be great to fit a lot of that in the game. Go back to the days when it was all passion. Do what you want to make. Do what makes you happy. Money obsession is what's making these games so different than they used to be. Make the puzzles hard. Go ahead. Don't soften a game up just because you're scared. So many successful games are fucking challenging. Why do you want to make it easier for other people? The less challenging the less satisfying when done, therefore you have less satisfied customers. I don't get it. 

  11. 2jacko5 says:

    I'm glad that Lara now understands the concept of wearing a jacket when visiting cold locales, huge step forward CD xD

  12. Trap † Reggaeton says:

    Ps2 24/7 bitches >:)

  13. Phokl Uchiha says:

    It's not showing game play

  14. bs2455 says:

    Definitely want more puzzles

  15. Daniel England says:

    Is it really necessary to use that much pretentious language? I understand that you'd like to be as descriptive as possible, but your sentences are jam-packed with vocabulary word after vocabulary word…. Not that it completely hinders my comprehension by any means, but it's just quite annoying to be honest.

  16. valar says:

    All they would have had to do in the last game is provide the option of switching off the 'help mode' or whatever that was on the puzzles to make them hard enough for everyone.

  17. Helder Franco says:

    Tomb Raider has been changed too many times. why keep changing what was already perfect? Eitherway, they should respect the fans and make it loyal to the franchise in a way. Something from the old Lara we all know. Thats what I dont get. These guys who are responsible for the game look like idiots and seem not to care about what Lara was. This is just a game made to hit sales.

  18. Omen says:

    dying to play this already!

  19. KATintheBLACK says:

    I'm getting the feeling reboots are only for current gamers. If you've played the classic Tomb Raider games, this is shit. But new gamers love this shit

  20. Revolt says:

    So its coming to other systems after all the exclusivity deal? 

  21. Lujain Daraghmeh says:

    Can someone answer me please
    I played tomb raider (2013) so many times because i love it
    But i don't remember finding the place showed in 1:22 can someone tell me where is that ?
    Thank u XO

  22. Semper Find says:

    Is it just me, or did this guy talk a lot and didn't actually say anything?

  23. Doki AC says:

    Ok, this all sounds really great but please devs don't be afraid to put more difficult puzzles 🙂 And btw, I'm very exited for this game I seriously can't wait XD Thank you for making a sequel for this amazing franchize <3

  24. Cptn_Avery says:

    I got a PS4, but gonna rent an XboxOne one week from a friend when this game launches and if its worth buying i gonna get it on PS4 when it finaly would come out. 

  25. patchh15 says:

    This guy is very intriguing. He's deeply immersed in what he's a big part of and comes across a bit creepy (in a.. good way?) but i can tell he's amazing at his job. This game is going to kill it.

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