The Story of Fallout New Vegas Part 21: Wild Card: You & What Army? – Fallout New Vegas Lore

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22 Responses

  1. Hydra57 says:

    Instead of cutting the light show from the game for the reason you described, they could probably have just had a pop-up message stating something along the lines of Yes-Man downloading something and having this last into the night.

  2. Bacxaber says:

    Hey Oxhorn, do you have any info on Dynamic Action Team and why the series was dropped? It's taken me years, but I just noticed you were one of the main actors.

  3. idkwhat toputhere says:

    after you defuse the bomb, approach the guy who lets you on the roof with the "pretty please" speech check. Warn him that you defused the bomb, he advises the rangers with kimball to get him out of there, and he doesn't get killed. Easy way to skip the other mentioned steps and ignore that damn 2 minute speech

  4. Turner Blackwell says:

    fall out 2 and new California please!!!!

  5. Shauna cummins says:

    When are u going to upload the next part of la noire I can’t wait to see it !!!

  6. tom link says:

    Oxhorn, I know there isn't any way you will possibly see this, but I want to say, as someone who loves in the Mojave wasteland who lives in real life Las Vegas, I can't stop going around town thinking what it would look like in fallout, and thanks to you, every time I look at the stratosphere, I imagine the lucky 38. Good job.

  7. The Curator says:

    The Enclave Remnants have a part to play in this, which I was always eager to trigger. Speaking of, what’s with the Enclave anyway? I never found out much about them cause I haven’t played Fallout 2. Video suggestion Ox! The story of the Enclave!

    Nice work, keep it up

  8. Occasionalnerd says:

    Honestly, props to Ox for reading that note and nailing how Yes Man would actually say those lines.

  9. Logantheyoutuber says:

    I love the intro for this series

  10. DeathGodRiku says:

    I started a playthrough where I destroyed the bunker and sided with yes man.

  11. Hermann Fegelein says:

    Yes ma’am

  12. GummyChewer hi says:

    You could call him: Bless Man

    Not funny, okay.

  13. MultiTelan says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, no link to the mod? No title? Nothing? I wanna add that to my New Vegas playthroughs!

  14. Sleeper San says:

    You're an amazing narrator.

  15. Danfull says:

    MOAR! I'm really enjoying this series.

  16. M W says:

    Ox this is the best intro yet my dude!

  17. Carter Wright says:

    Is there some secret setting that you have to have your game run at 60 fps when you're in the wasteland? My game tanks to sub 30 whenever I go outside, but when I am inside however, I get 60+ frames reliably. Please help!

  18. 吉良卓美 says:

    i have a comment on the cut content about new vegas lighting up at night, i dont think they couldnt overcome that, they can always set the quest as time locked like in oblivion. i.e you have to come back at a certain time to do the quest, its probably the underwhelwing light effect

  19. silentpaw says:

    We so need a Yes-Man shirt. But what should it say?

  20. Pepperoni Milkshake says:

    "Sure could use a drink"

  21. Just Nora says:

    U know what is the sadnest i felt right now ? I never playing new vegas and internet full with SPOILER…..

  22. SavvySavage says:

    Probably the best channel to get fallout information. Love the way you read terminals/notes, so suspenseful.

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