The SCIENCE! Behind mini nukes in Fallout 4

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36 Responses

  1. Rodrigo Leon says:

    I have a lot of problems with this video 1 your calculations for nuclear fission are hugely overestimated to calculate the energy released you don't convert the mass of the atom to energy you actually take the mass difference between the parent nucleus and the daughter nuclei which are random but have a general trend 2 you looked up the values for a pure sphere of an element which isn't practical for a nuclear warhead so you can take the 10 kg for Pu-239 and likely reduce it to ballpark 5-6 kg to be critical. Now I'm lazy so I won't run the numbers on an actual explosion based on that much Pu-239 but out of shear estimation I can tell you with that kind of plutonium you'd level a city…
    Now if we assume even a small amount of that plutonium fissioned you would still get an explosion in the kilotons of TNT since the little boy only successfully fissed around .9ish kg of U-235 (note the little boy had an explosive force of 16 kilotons of TNT) and Pu-239 is more energetic than U-235
    So yes is it possible to get a mini Nuke but not the way you described…

  2. Spike Hunter says:

    You only read Sun Zu 6 times?thats cute

  3. Isaac Millett says:

    in the gorski cabin basement you can find a dissasembled mini-nuke and the detanation cap is made of Beryllium which is a an element on the periodic table

  4. Elijah Jackson says:

    what you're not considering is that material that actually goes under fission is way smaller than your estimation, for example little boy had only roughly 1% of the uranium split

  5. Jesus Rios says:

    You’re probably on a government watch list now

  6. Chris Freeman says:

    Now to study! Dollar nukes, here I come.

  7. Butt Head says:

    Whats stronger then 1 potato bomb? 2 duct taped together.

  8. Luxury Doge`s says:

    A bullet may have your name on it but a gernade simply says. TO Hwom ever it may concern.

  9. Because Science says:

    Nah — KH

  10. Martin Ivers says:

    Microfusion exists in the fallout universe. That means, a low weight on-demand source of neutrons does exist, that could trigger fission even in subcritical amounts od fissile materials.

  11. Wizard of nazz says:

    The Davy Crocket could wipe out half my city while it takes a small bite of New York

  12. DrdikksaccmanPHD says:


  13. Travis Roberts says:

    This channel is waaaay better than game theory

  14. Shadow The Pro says:

    Si basically fision is the microscopic equivalent of high school relationships

  15. Khorne Berzerker says:

    Pre-war world wasn't screwed due to inflation, the problem was scarcity.

  16. Chris D'Asaro says:

    Mininukes equal ass cancer.

  17. Jonathan Sandahl says:

    A hand grenade makes a mushroom cloud. Yes. 1/3 lb. Comp. B.

  18. That One Shy Guy says:

    Cancer of the butt.

    Wut wut.

  19. Roy says:

    Just shut the FUCK up already! Please! You do way too much cocaine bro

  20. Laggy Acer says:

    When i heard californium i thought it was made up xD

  21. Mess OfStuff says:

    7:42 there are actually multiple sites that explain how to build both Neuclear reactors and bombs. It's just that you can't find the with a traditional search engine and they are very boring.

  22. forged narattors says:

    it all was good until radiation comes..

  23. Code951 says:

    39K people are now on the governments watch list.

  24. Farleralarm Farley says:

    "Spunk" Hahaha I'm sure you will do Shoddycast justice. Looking forward to future content, best of luck!

  25. Zach W says:

    What floors me is that this mini-nuke is two hand grenades worth of power. Seems kind of silly to harness the power of the atom and unleash radioactive doom just to do the work of two grenades. I feel like you could get more bang for your buck if you just filled that projectile with C4, or whatever explosive special sauce the military is using these days. I suppose it makes sense if you are trying to showcase the society's obsession with nuclear power – that old "every problem looks like a nail" thing.

  26. Aaron says:

    So it would give you cancer….in your ass….

  27. timimin says:

    Someone make a mini nuke modification mod where if your close enough it just kills you almost instantly

  28. Snehalata Jagati says:

    Fission is not atom falling apart. It’s splitting

  29. Joch says:

    "I'm not talking about sissy Fallout rads" Uhmm… A thousand rads in Fallout is lethal as well.

  30. Dayan Inikhaton says:

    The Slotin incident with the Demon core is a fantastic scene from the 1989 film Fatman & Little Boy.

  31. Tactical Tentical says:

    What if you made lead armor like 30 ton lead armor

  32. Jarodlegoswagmaster Owens says:

    Mini nuke = the force of 2 frags. Ductape 2 frags together. You now have somethig equally as powerful as a mini nuke

  33. Kenneth Cain says:

    Thank you for that.

  34. Trent Cox says:

    FBI:were whatching you

  35. Adyn Holden says:

    Is this Austin’s personal channel

  36. jack patton says:

    to all 12 year old kids wanting to make backyard WMDs. all you really need around the californium is a neutron reflector shell and a heated pressurised environment which reduces the critical mass value. its not as easy as slamming some stuff in a football but certainly better than getting your hands on several kilos of weapons grade isotope.
    TLDR, throw heat, a special casing and crushing forces at it and eventually it goes boom.

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