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theMCGuiRE review takes a look at The Oregon Trail card game by Pressman and is a Target exclusive! This one is actually based directly off the original computer game and is just as hard!!! It brings the game back to the table time and time again because we want to beat it. Its really fun and brings back the memories of trying to make it to Oregon in the original computer game. the game has a pixel like artwork to it to stick with the original theme and a very cool whiteboard component I was impressed to see inside.

Ge the game exclusively at Target:

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21 Responses

  1. Gregory Boyajian says:

    Is this available at Wal Mart?

  2. Sonya Keays says:

    I bought this game because of your review thank you

  3. Valerie Linares says:

    Kinda makes me laugh how morbid it is – makes me laugh even more when they let kids in school play this morbid computer game.

  4. Taylor Van Sickle says:

    I'm no genius here, but I'm pretty sure "Only at Target" means you can only get it at Target…

  5. GreenAppelPie says:

    Blah blah blah blah, could just say I came across this at target FFS

  6. Nawang B says:

    Wrong at 9:45 where you talk about aligning "cards where it makes sense." If the trail doesn't line up, you have to draw another card from the pile and your turn is up.

  7. Mary Froeba says:

    I'd like to know if y'all did much playing of the game before the review? It looked great to me too but then questions came up the pamplet style instructions didn't cover. We went to the website and patiently suffered through the fluff and middle aged guy calling the die "cool" – eek – then only had a few questions answered.

    I don't believe the game was user tested outside of the creating group much at all. Too many holes in the instructions and too many cards that don't give clear instructions… i.e. what is the damn deal with the oxens?!

  8. rene lemos says:

    It's willamette (Will Am It) dammit!

  9. Nixie Knox says:

    Is that slight smirk intentional or is it just the way your face naturally is? Inquiring minds want to know!

  10. The Vertical Homestead says:

    If you look at the booklet, your trail cards have to match. They cannot be staggered to match.. The cards and trails have to math up.

  11. Stephen Suss says:

    Have you even played it? It's not difficult with 4+ people, be misrepresents a couple things here and it feels like the game was not test played by anyone or the rule book cross checked with the game play.

  12. Rebecca Ellison says:


  13. Jank TV says:

    Oh god…This game is terrible. Player elimination is fine if done right. This game is not done right. A player got the snake on the first calamity card and died immediately. He sat there for over 45min not doing anything while the rest of us kept playing (slash slowly dying off). Great for nostalgia only. Just a really bad game.

  14. Austin Snow says:

    My dad got this game and we attempted to play but the cards got so confusing that we couldn't even finish because I was saying what it says on it and he was saying what he thought it was played and he got mad and quit

  15. musicnoteblock says:

    Please start watching the first part so you don't repeat yourself so much.

    i'm glad you reviewed it and showed it off though.

  16. Jeff O says:

    Looks like a great game. As an Oregonian just wanted to let you know you miss pronounced Willamette valley. It's Will-am-it.

  17. Dan Prov says:

    saw this online going to target tomorrow

  18. Keri Sandford says:

    holy shit. 5min of fluff. get to the point.

  19. LeeMichael Charboneau says:

    I loved the vid; watched it after the wife and I bought it and played twice. It is very difficult. We played with 2 players and I think it would be easier with more. Made it to stack #9 on our first game and were immediately wiped of supply cards. We've already created an adaptation where we spin the trail cards if we need to when the pile gets low mainly because the rules didn't say we couldn't. Second, there's only 2 fort / town cards in a whole deck. We periodically recycle. Really think the game should have more of those, but I like it. I think I like it because you want to win, and it's damn near impossible to do so.

  20. Jamie Jamison says:

    The inability for your phone to focus had nothing to do with the light. #inferiorphone

  21. CPFace says:

    I found the game the same way you did, and I enjoy it, but I'm a bit stuck on what seems to be a rules ambiguity.

    Some of the river cards say roll even to cross, roll a 1 and you die, but it doesn't say what happens if you roll 3 or 5. Do you just re-roll until you get even or 1? I would assume that if a player dies on this card, the rest of the party just continues.

    But then other river cards say roll even to cross, roll odd and lose 1 supply card. Do you just roll once, take the penalty if necessary, and move on? Or do you have to re-roll until you're successful?

    I interpret the first card as die on a 1, continue on 2-6 and the second as lose 1 supply on odd and continue. I'm curious how you interpreted this, mostly because the game has just come out and I can't seem to find anyone else talking about it yet.

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