The ONLY Way Bethesda Can Save Itself (Fallout 76)

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Bethesda has messed up a lot recently (fallout 76). So, how can Bethesda redeem itself? The ONLY Way Bethesda can save itself is in today’s video, where we’re gonna dive in and take a look at what they HAVE to do to fix their reputation. (Es6, elder scrolls 6, fallout 76, Starfield).

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23 Responses

  1. BLAST says:

    ►►► Hey geezas, feel free to join the channel Discord:

  2. Josef Mengele says:

    I got a way fallout 3 remaster

  3. Star Dew says:

    I agree with this video 100%

  4. Ivyfoo says:

    If Bethesda implemented your ideas in Fallout 76, I might actually want to play it.

  5. Tacticalwookiee says:

    A great idea, horribly executed on an extremely buggy engine… so much potential pissed down the drain.

  6. Luke Bales says:

    The amount of YouTubers just trying to reap off of this pr failure is astounding

  7. Ayumi says:

    some things are UNFORGIVEABLE

  8. Torne Saien says:

    If the engine is the problem how every modder do better graphics and fix everything in the same engine? Its just bethesda that dont want to fix it

  9. Garrett Ord says:

    Bathesda is at a crossroad with Fallout 76: Do they want to make Online games or not? They already outsourced Elder Scrolls Online to another company because they knew they couldn't handle making an MMO. If they want to go the online route, they must fix Fallout 76. If they decide to stick to what they know and stay offline, they should drop Fallout 76 development with a formal apology to the community and put their resources back into other offline projects.

  10. Felipe Perez says:

    I realy hope they change for the better.

  11. Terrorera says:

    Anyone a huge fallout new Vegas fan? I sure am

  12. EvoNeiko says:


  13. Charles Farmer says:

    Well They they didn’t make it but they have ownership for, rage 2 on the horizon, that could either make or break the company as well but of course the most important for Bethesda, DOOM ETERNAL, MAKE OR DIE, that’s either reward or consequence #DOOMETERNAL
    But yes those IDEAS of improvements are definitely needed for fallout 76

  14. TiaVSgaming says:

    I’m a little surprised you haven’t mentioned their game ESO, it seems every “maintenance” period they do the major bugs like chats disappearing, dungeon queue resetting problems, and just basic bugs within the interface don’t get dealt with. Instead minor bugs ones that are rare and hard to detect get fixed. It’s been like this for years, they don’t fix it unless it affects their sales.

  15. Matthew Guzman says:

    They can reexamine themselves, stop being greedy, don't piss off players, and best of all make a good Elder Scrolls Game. Oh and I forgot to add to make a new engine.

  16. Andrew Boush says:

    Thank you for a very intelligent and constructive discussion! I wonder if Bethesda has squandered their earnings and actually has very little money. Maybe they can't afford to put together an actual triple-A product anymore, and are just slapping some lipstick on the nearest pig and sending it to market with hopes of surviving another day. That would actually explain a lot.

  17. Mephistopheles says:

    They should give us all a $1000

  18. Richie Brayton aka B-Rich says:

    There's a lot of way Bethesda can bring itself back up on top. It's not EA, Activision or Bungie. Everyone criticizes Bethesda for tryin something new that they SAID would be different, unsure of whether it'll be successful or a failure. Okay it wasn't a success. But when I see people criticize Fallout for trying something new, but then turn around and play games like CoD or Destiny who are the biggest scammers in the gaming industry rn & who use & recycle the same bs every year so you spend $100 on deluxe for a game that's been recycled 10 times. I support Bethesda & even tho, no, 76 wasn't their best work I understand they tried something new to see if WE would like it. Not so we'd waste money on or like I said above. Bethesda is a great game company. I will always support them & every game they release.

  19. MrAnonymousJack #Jacky says:

    that faction idea… players fighting against other players for territory and roleplaying as if they are fighting for their faction
    that actually sounds a lot of fun

  20. Call Me Professor says:

    Bethesda isn’t worried about those who are being angry little children. There are plenty of real fans like us who haven’t shed one single tear while all of you continue to bitch and moan.

  21. Shane Spiess says:

    If Obsidian had made Fallout 76 we wouldn't see the kind of bugs and problems we see right now.

  22. Steel-N-Brass says:

    Bethesda is still making money off of so many other games and micro transactions that this isn’t going to affect them in the slightest.

  23. InfiniteGaming says:


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