The Killer 2003 Gaming PC

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While other channels are off building multi-teraflop gaming PCs, we’re going with something a little more 2003.

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Rush Hour
Transit Angst (from SimCity 4)

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38 Responses

  1. willbenry says:

    What Russian csgo players use

  2. Surplice says:

    If I remember correctly, Jedi Academy had problems with ATi cards at the time

  3. carlmico anunciacion says:

    It’s hard to think that I was using this as my gaming rig back in 2012

  4. Pierce Callahan says:

    In 2030 your i7 gaming pc will look worse. Technology changes at an exponential rate. In 2003 you had either 1 or 2 cores. Now your variety ranges from 4 to 32 cores on a quick pc. My point is by 2030 we will be using quantum computers. My i7 8700k was purchased the week the i9 came out. So disappointed, but that's just technology

  5. Zelda Ww says:

    my retro dreambuild is…thermaltake Xaser 3 lanfire, a topower 420w power supply with mirror like metal, an athlon XP 2600, a radeon 9800pro, An asus a7n8x-e deluxe. and a kickass cooler from that era like a thermaltake volcano 9 coolmod…and blue lights everywhere, we used cathode tubes but now we use leds.
    Mouse…white microsoft intellimouse (i can´t find any) but my pc is almost complete.

  6. TheBoochachos says:

    But can it run minesweeper?

  7. Jerman Jarmen says:

    pc parts every day

  8. TwiTch says:

    Sweet retro build, but the 9800 pro ran hotter than the XT. The XT had a way better cooling system and was only slightly higher clocked.
    This system is very close to one of my retro builds.

  9. Little mallow says:

    What about GTA 5 ?

  10. Jojo Ward says:

    My dad has a friend with an old 2003 pc good enough to play bo1 and he got it for free and gave it to me

  11. todd scholefield says:

    I love the sim city 4 music hahaha

  12. FireShorts says:

    would be nice to try the same experiment with a fully updated copy of XP SP3 and the most up to date XP drivers for the hardware that could be obtained. I'm sure it would have bumped the performance up a fair bit. I remember that the 9800 series was touted as the GPU of choice for Half-Life 2 when it released so it would probably handle it pretty well, even though it came out a year later than this time period of choice.

  13. Rodrigo S.M. says:

    My 2003: P4 2,8 @ 3,4 – 4×512 ddr 400mhz, ati 9800pro @ xt, raid 0 samsung 160gb – audigy 2zs too 😉
    Now is running with 240 ssd working server

  14. AJJ says:

    This is like taking a horse that fell in a race and should be put out of its misery and replacing its legs with bionic cyborg legs.

  15. Brackus2 says:

    back in the day, I bought a geforce4Ti 4200, always wanted a 9700 or 9800 aiw tho… thanks for the throwback!

  16. TheFall3n says:

    My first PC was a gateway 98 lmao..but at the time I couldn't afford to upgrade it and eventually became a dud

  17. okflyaway99 says:

    One minute in and the 2 CPUs has the word of a Southeast Asian ethnic.

  18. themightiness says:

    Intel is great now but in 2003 none of their CPUs were close to being best of the best. Athlon 64 was pretty much king as soon as it came out in 2003.

  19. бескућник са мимовима says:

    but can it run crysis

  20. Rodney Neering says:

    Sim city music

  21. Quick Expert Reviews says:

    Noice! I've just imagined playing Command & Conquer: Generals again.

  22. Chester Wong says:

    Love the Sim City soundtrack

  23. Michael Clark says:

    In 2002 I had my first home built PC made from parts I saved up to buy at a computer swap meet. It was an AMD Duron 700 on a cheap Jetway motherboard with 256MB ram. It had a Nvidia TNT 2, a 20GB HDD and an 8X Ricoh CD writer which was very expensive at the time. Later on I upgraded it to a AMD Athlon XP 1800 with a Geforce MX420. I also had for a long time a 17" Second hand Dell Monitor which ran at 1024×768 at 85hz but could run at 1152×864 but only at 60hz which is terrible on your eyes.

  24. M Salman Al farisi says:

    My uncle have kinda this PC, not gaming PC. But old PC.
    The only game that can run was Winning Eleven International

  25. Burst Nibbler says:

    Got a 7600GT overclocked volt modded in my old 2003 rig. AGP baby!

  26. Varun Gandhi says:

    2:59 Games benchmarks start here

  27. wickedfuctup says:

    Still have my P4 3.2ghz rig running a 6600gt with XP. Use it for movie ripping, playing MAME and pinball ROMS.

  28. Emerald Blaziken says:

    Just get some MSi and put it there

  29. Cheaker says:

    I'm still using my 2007 build for Windows XP based on Q8300 and nVidia 9800 GT, and honestly I'm having more fun with this machine than with my main monster gaming rig.

  30. Jackson Spirits says:

    Still better thn my current pc

  31. Luer96 says:

    But can it run Crysis?

  32. Nathan Denault says:

    Yeah, but can it run Final Fantasy XV?

  33. EeveeFall says:

    technology grows at an expenential rate, i think its called moores law. i mean they had just discovered quantum computing which still confuses me lol. pretty sure we'll end up using molecular storage like dna for the future…. i cant wait till robots can walk among us. i would hope within my lifetime

  34. Gill Bates says:

    is that sim city 4 music in the background?

  35. KegPatcha says:

    This is a kick ass machine


    love legacy gaming!

  37. Hai Le Quang says:

    Back then I’m still using a Pentium 3 500Mhz PC. Love the old days

  38. R.a. Wheeler says:

    Micron used to be involved with Gateway at the time before Acer. The E-Series is essentially the same pc but with a different faceplate. In fact you could use the Gateway branded XP disks right on that PC and it will activate the same as it would the Gateway PC as long as it was from the same vintage. That's one of the reasons I favorited Gateway back in the day. The other was the fact you could find a patched bios pretty easily. You could then overclock or underclock your awesome gaming computer. These days I prefer Dell business class computers. Dell branded Windows disks will virtually work on any Dell as long as you stay with professional. It seems The home edition keys can be of some trouble, but why would you buy a professional computer and install Windows Home anyway? But you can buy like say an Optiplex with 8gb of ram and a 4th gen i5. Throw in a mid range video card and your golden for most games, you can even use the Dell recovery tools online to recover the Windows installer. If your on a budget, this isn't a bad choice. Of course if money is no concern… Anyway, nice video.

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