The Great Escapist! — Indie-Fensible (#GamerGate)

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Big things are happening over at The Escapist, and #GamerGate is rejoicing! But let’s take a sober, critical look at The Escapist. Zoe Quinn’s written a piece on ethics in games journalism (yes, I know) that deserves a once-over. She’s got some complaints about both The Escapist and TechRaptor, and let’s see if we can’t address them!




Wild ARMs – Critical Hit
ろん -「おちゃめ機能」FUKKIRETA
Banjo Tooie – Hailfire Peaks Lava Side
Super Mario 3D World – Beep Block Skyway
Sonic Adventure 2 – City Escape
Mega Man X – Storm Eagle


#Gamergate is a hashtag movement that started in august 2014, when Eron Gjoni wrote TheZoePost, a blog detailing how his now-ex girlfriend, Zoe quinn, cheated on him. What made #GamerGate more than simple internet drama, was the revelation that Zoe slept with her boss to get her job, slept with members of the press, as well as an individual that ran an awards show that her game won at. Since then, #GamerGate has exploded online, with more conflicts of interest, abuses of power, censorship, suppression of dissent, and unethical conduct being unearthed on a daily basis.

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21 Responses

  1. WilliamGarland says:

    Secret Industry Conspiracy, must be Jews.

  2. Damien Poe Rocks says:

    What are your thoughts on Ian Miles right now?

  3. Kaizar Cantu says:

    "No pretense of being unbiased […] I have an agenda. Sorry!".
    That's the problem of a lot of writers working for periodical publications today. They are activists with access to the papers, which isn't wrong in and on itself; after all, mainstream media will avoid certain topics or angles, and if such topics hold relevance, somebody has to talk about them. But when you start ignoring facts because they contradict your purposes or neglect stories that have no link to your interests, whether political, artistic or whatever, you are efectively failing to do your job.
    These writers come off as smug assholes because they don't know about or do not understand a single thing about ethics in journalism. For them, it is nothing more than a nuance, and as such, they have zero respect for it. The Cause always comes first. Everything else is either a tool or an accessory.

  4. Drew Thompson says:

    Oh shit that stinger.

  5. IMMentat says:

    I am against going after a persons job unless safety is at risk or corrective measures have had no effect.

    People deserve the chance to make good on previous behaviours.

  6. Variloh says:

    Liana K is as much an SJW as any i have ever seen. Not only that she is a proven compulsive liar, this is a step back when it comes to ethics more then anything else.

  7. Mychael Darklighter says:

    Tetris' music is not "Soviet". It's a traditional Russian folk song that NoA imposed on the Western version of the game.
    Fuck, does it still piss anyone else off how little these "journalists" and "critics" care about even the scantest research?

  8. Mychael Darklighter says:

    Fair play on the Thompson thing. I think it is inconsistent.
    Sure, he sounds reasonable, but that doesn't change the fact that his entire schtick back in the day had a mode of operation identical to Sarkeesian's; "I don't believe in censorship but I just think it's important that Congress and the mainstream press and all our ships at sea know that these games happen to be [school shooter training mechanisms/perpetuators of genuinely harmful attitudes toward women]."
    They're both saying that videogames have a Pavlovian-level real-world effect that they demonstrably do not have, and I resent each of them for pursuing their respective lines of unreason so vigorously, and 'society' (or whatever you want to call the modern Zeitgeist) for accepting their bullshit so eagerly.
    Don't go in for this "enemy of my enemy" bollocks. If anyone is sincerely for freedom of speech and personal choice, both of these people are your enemies.

  9. Bob Stevenson says:

    Not everyone is a Yahtzee fanboy. 

  10. jv9ufxcy says:

    Hello Kyanna nipple

  11. sonicmeerkat says:

    I can't trust myself to make any sort of judgement of alex, I like him too much, is it wrong to ask someone else to do it? Is that unethical or just spineless?

  12. ArchaeanDragon says:

    Definitely disagree about the whitewashing of Smackywhack (Jack Thompson for those unfamiliar with Woody Hearn's nickname for him and why he uses it, which I wantonly violate with this explanation). He is FAR worse than anything any of the SJW idiots have said or done; he attempted to abuse the legal system (you know, the one which uses GUNS to enforce its edicts) with the openly-stated goal of destroying various game development studios to suit his agenda. If that doesn't amount to attempts at censorship, by the very definition of the word, I don't know what does.

    This whitewashing done with this "interview" for The Sarkeesian Effect is nothing but pure, Grade A horseshit, straight from the stall floor. Duplicitous doesn't even begin to describe this cretin, and it never ceases to amaze me how short people's memories are, and how willing they are to forgive/forget the past.

    Doesn't leave me with a lot of confidence that #GamerGate will succeed in lasting change or remain vigilant. In a decade, during the next cycle of stupidity, I am sure some yahoos will dig up the LWs and they will be whitewashed of their past as well.

    Or maybe we will remember and not embrace one duplicitous evil to combat another.

  13. NorBdelta says:

    Good video friend, your work is appreciated.

  14. LordArtorath says:

    1) don't see why avoiding politics and talking about games is an ethical issue
    2) people like Jim Sterling were not fired, no one wanted him to go
    3) "less oversight than usual" the least specific accusation of all time
    4) "Claims of harassment" means exactly that, claims, you would be better off checking twitter for whether people
    claimed harassment. (Rogue had the same thing)
    5) Don't see the point of disclaiming a relationship in a group interview where everyone is asked the same questions.

    Holiday buyer's guide is actually shady.

    Overall most of these are innocuous, frankly. Regardless Escapist was willing to adopt and follow an ethics policy,
    that's not "because we like one group more politically," that's because one group is actually committed to change.

  15. Kale Serpent says:

    LMAO, love that ending… and sadly, I think it's quite true. I've never heard of it, til Yahtzee joined up.

  16. Brian Drexler says:

    Thank you for addressing Zoe's blog post, I read it a month or so ago and at the time lamented that she would make a good GG'er if she could get past her bias. Regarding her game and her accusation of a coordinated down-voting; you have to understand the world through her eyes. She is a raging narcsist and believes she won that IGA award fair and square. Therefore it only makes sense that there must be a harassment campaign against green-lighting a game practically no-one had heard of, because it is award winning and everyone loves it. IGA told her it was totes awesome, and it is impossible that her friends in the IGF only account for ~100 votes, votes that are out of touch with the common person trawling green-light looking for potential games to upvote

  17. yamatoneko1 says:

    around 1:55 BGM is "吹_っ_切_れ_た" parody, many videos made in 2010 on this Angel Beats theme. i.e. http://www. sm10986556

  18. Mr. Bat-Man says:

    Trust but Verify right! Another great video. Thanks!

  19. Rutledge Daugette says:

    Rutledge from TechRaptor here – Great video and that DEFINITELY includes the stuff about us!

    I'll never live down replying to that, but it’s worth mentioning that I'd never heard that phrase before I replied to it. My background is in IT and Programming (Gaming), and I just wish I'd done that from my personal account, because I really dislike having that statement attributed to my staff. 

    On the Ethics Policy, we're in the process of completely revamping them. They should be ready next week. What we published was essentially our "internal" ethics policies that we hadn't put into words beforehand. Our staff had been fairly small up to that point, so I went over everything verbally.

    Up until GG started, we were definitely an enthusiast site with a staff of fully volunteer writers. We were total amateurs and were still working on improving the quality of our content. Since then, we've made big changes to our guidelines and procedures, and there's a very fluid system for how content flows through editors. 

    We’re always working to improve, and criticism like this is what helps us move forward. Thank you!

  20. Laughingpug says:

    tetris was made by russians no shit there is russian music in it

  21. FraN_ says:

    Beep Block Skyway ^~^

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