The Ghoul Hunt – Tracking Unknowns | Fallout 76

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A group of ghoul hunters went missing in the Mire north of Valley Galleria. as we track them down we start to uncover an awful story where the line between ghoul and human is blurred for the first time, and some of the hunters become the query that they were hunting.

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31 Responses

  1. The depressed Manatee says:

    Let it die Bethesda, let it die

  2. Teen Corgi says:

    Were do you find flat woods monster at

  3. Atomic Jimboid says:

    Loved this mission.

  4. john Wick says:

    Interesting video, helpful for people that want to know more 76 lore.

  5. Edge Blackstar says:

    he kill all the ghouls. he did his job well.

  6. Jazel Santos says:

    You must be an asshole since your wanted lmao

  7. vargen1414 says:

    one of the missing people's last name was VanBuren which is a reference to the cancelled Fallout Van Buren

  8. LowbrowDeluxe says:

    Everyone who shows this quest points out that both Randy's legs are fine. lol. It's true, but at this point it's just funny to me.

  9. ASHTON KERWIN says:

    nice man

  10. Radio Baked says:

    Randy lost his "third" leg. I'd probably die, too.

  11. lonecourierjoeyV2 says:

    i think its safe to assume the cats were likely eaten


  12. DBT Athena says:

    Sorry but I gonna unsub you since you play a shut game shit lore evrything is shit in FO76

  13. Kasey Turchin says:

    Shots Firing People Dieing Dies

  14. jakhar says:

    thats odd randy still has two legs in your game he only had one and a half in my game, one more bug to add to the list.

  15. Jacob Stevens Jr says:

    Anyone notice that Wigeon has a 110 cap bounty like if you noticed

    (Edit) He has the bounty at the beginning of the video

  16. TheSuperstitiousGoat says:

    I found a house cat just a little east of harpers ferry at one point, pretty sure it was just marked as “house cat” but if you want to take a look feel free my man 🙂

  17. Elmo Crunch says:

    My legs blown off

  18. DaShampooTester says:

    My legs also seem to have come off

  19. Soimul Albastru says:

    Found those 2 cats in the cabin on the woods next to H Ferry. I was on my way to Sam B cave and right after I crossed the river.

  20. massive idiot says:

    N O N H O S T I L E

  21. 022 says:

    You need more subscribers. Your content is amazing and I wish Fallout 76 didn’t get such a bad rap and I think that stops you from getting the views you deserve

  22. SanctusCrypta says:

    I think they've done a great job portraying the post-nuclear-strike world.. We walk in on an empty land, seeing evidence of other people's existence, as if they were here just a while ago, yet the world is empty. And then we get a glimpse at what happened before Valut76's 'grand reopening'.. we begin to understand why there's nobody there anymore, bit by bit. You get to see that there was life, get to read/listen about so many different stories, which leads us to believe, that there was hope for the better future, yet with every step further you find evidence, that each attempt to build that future was destroyed by extreme circumstances, just like in this video. Every location brings more pain to your heart, when you realize, that these people could have had a chance, but in the end it was never meant to be. I love that feeling of dread, loneliness and hopelessness. This is exactly what makes this game great for me.

  23. DoctorMeatball says:

    Wow, that voiceover work on Nettie's holotape is some of the worst I've ever heard. Those people doing kids' voices, yikes.

  24. Trusty Vault 13 Canteen says:

    I dont understand how goul npc's aren't in the game and wish this was adressed

  25. UnKnOwNSwifty says:

    I like spoons

  26. 4 Times as Interesting says:

    I know this is a shameless plug, but if any of you guys want some good property locations just look up West Virginia Realtors on the r/fo76 reddit

  27. Peter Wojo says:

    Really? Bethesda couldn't even let us have fucking non-feral ghouls for npcs?

  28. Dakota Stepe says:

    Egg cement

  29. Spicy Fizz says:

    Did somebody say Dunkey!!!

  30. GhostAssaultNoob says:


  31. Widgeon TV says:

    “Non Hostile”

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