The Game Awards 2018 Predictions for Nintendo Switch!

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The Game Awards 2018 are happening this week and Nintendo is sure to have a presence with something Switch related. Is Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC being shown? Could we get an announcement for the rumored Skyward Sword or Assassin’s Creed Switch? What do YOU think will be shown at The Game Awards 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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43 Responses

  1. Elvijs Krūmiņš says:

    If it's more Smash footage I'll be properly pissed. The game COMES OUT NOW. What more do you need to buy this thing? By that point I would assume they haven't got sh*t, so they're chopping up smash for placeholder material. At this point, I'd be more excited for 7 year-old last gen 3rd party port.

  2. Anthony Ciccone says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 on switch

  3. Popular Pugs says:

    What if kingdom hearts III is announced for switch this year? Not that I like the game but I think it is sorta likely

  4. Error 404 says:

    What if they released smash right as the stream ended. Sure it comes out an hour and a half later anyways, but It’d be nice

  5. Xavier Caron says:

    If metroid prime 4 geta revealed my biggest hope is that we see Ridley leading the space pirates. We never see him interact with his minions. What type of captain/leader is he?

  6. Gelma says:

    Sans 3rd Party DLC please though?

  7. Alexzanderson JRG says:

    Bayonetta 3 wouldn't suprise/shock me cause 1 we already knew about it and that it was in development, and 2 dont really give a crap about the bayonetta franchise. Metriod prime 4 would be cool, but still wouldn't suprise me as we already knew about it, and the same could be said for Luigis mansion 3. The only things that would suprise me from nintendo. Is if they ported/announced games like the spyro trilogy, GTAV, and KH3. Reveal a n64 classic, Zelda Skyword sword remake, or announce the first dlc character for smash ultimate.

  8. Makoto Charisma says:

    Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel…?

  9. Sebventure says:

    F-zero !!!! 😀 ;-( ;-( ;-(

  10. b_e_a_s_t_ 02 says:

    Mario party dlc?

  11. Kostner Guyton says:

    @switchforce I'd personally love a Dead Space collection on switch. The power difference between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox 1X ,Which most new AAA games or being developed for, and the switch is quite sizable.

  12. w0g0bby says:


  13. Monthly Gamer says:

    Class act of setting yourself up for disappointment. There’s nothing wrong with predicting…when its done in the spirit of fun. You guys start EXPECTING with no basis.

  14. Gregory Albert says:

    probably Mario kart iOS to be honest will rear its head lol

    EVOLVE was the best

  15. James says:

    Unfortanately my switch was stolen the other day ,so I will have to vicariously live through yalls reveiws .

  16. Esau Buenrostro says:

    Nier: automata port

  17. Dext says:

    N64 classic

  18. Nick Ricci says:

    Odyssey isle Delfina dlc

  19. Tropuni AD says:

    i want super mario maker, smash dlc character, anything paper mario, anything pokemon,

  20. Xavier Candray says:

    I hate any ports even wii u ones i want new games from nintendo not old ones that were made in past gernations

  21. Ultima Gamer says:

    I feel like the reason alot the third parties right now aren't coming to switch is because the dev cycles were started before the switch, but that is changing.

  22. TheWhistler says:

    Agreed with ports but you can't deny, Dark Souls on the Switch was a necessity.

  23. TheWhistler says:

    Breath of the wild dlc pack 3

    Please and thank you

  24. Spasian never misses huh says:


  25. Jonatan Perez says:

    Wind waker, twilight princess and skyward sword hd for switch?

  26. Ian 64 says:

    Here are my Smash DLC Predictions:

    1. Erdrick, revealed at game awards, because Geno is already a spirit and Erdrick would be the next Square character after Geno to pick.

    2. Banjo-Kazooie, because Rare spirits were found in the game’s files. Not Minecraft spirits. Not Microsoft in general spirits. RARE. And not a big Rare game like Conker or Perfect Dark or a Banjo character either, these were spirits from Blast Corps and Jet Force Gemini, which are somewhat obscure games. Either this pack is going to have a ton of spirits from pretty much every Microsoft game you can think of, or this pack is going to be mostly Rare-oriented. Meaning Banjo. Take your pic. And Wither/Enderdragon can still be a boss. Who else would they choose anyways, Steve is simply an avatar for a sandbox game. Banjo has all the Nintendo history, he’s the one with ovetwhelming popularity and demand, he’s the one Sakurai wants, the one Phil Spencer has pushed, and the one that should’ve been in Smash since Melee.

    3. Porky, because this guy is the literal main villain of the Mother series. He’s in every game except Mother 1, he’s Ness and Lucas’ main villain, he’s got moveset potential, even his mech is perfect size for Smash (Bowser size), and he’s a good enough villain that he would work. And after a huge role in SSE and trophies in Wii U/3DS he’s suddenly gone? Very suspicious if you ask me.

    That’s it, but I will say that Sylux is very unlikely and I doubt Poochy is happening. 100%.

  27. SirSpideySenses says:

    Two words

    animal crossing

  28. Drawnimo says:

    Why did you put Sora in the thumbnail? 😛

  29. Ricky Dargence says:

    I hope the DLC DOES NOT include any FE character. The only one I kinda wanted was Black Knight as an Ike echo, but he got shafted to AT hell and we got boring Chrom isntead, an echo of a semi-clone (Previously echo).

  30. Synchro Extremist says:

    Mario party dlc?

  31. Seth Cano says:

    Ooh a Yoshi Festival in america!? Spill all the details….. i wanna attend an exclusive private yoshi festival lmao

  32. The Austin says:

    Come on Sora you Can do it you please Lord let Happen please and thank you.

  33. Death Heart says:

    Metroid Prime 4.

    I hope.

  34. ruby how says:

    They should make waluigi available for $500,000 dollars to make everyone mad

  35. Misho The Gaming Musician says:

    KH 1.5 + 2.5 for switch leading into Sora reveal for SSBU DLC

  36. Destiny-Smasher says:

    People always expect WAY too much in terms of new reveals at the Game Awards. Don't get me wrong. We DO always get one or two noteworthy things revealed, but I feel like Geoff envies his old position in the industry and thirsts to be a place of BIG MEGATONS, when really, this whole thing SHOULD be a celebration and recognition of the games of the past 12 months. He seems to lose sight of this and wants to turn this into some place for "big reveals" and, like…I respect his moxie, he certainly DOES get some reveals, but…I think people just get hungry for info this time of years and we look toward the GA's too much, especially this year, with PSX off the table.

    Anyway! I would LOVE some big Nintendo news, of course, but I'm not holding my breath.

  37. Sebastian Rembis says:

    Tbh, I don't expect Smash Ultimate DLC to be announced at the VGAs.

  38. ConductorColin says:

    I just want the old Kingdom Hearts games on Switch!

  39. YBSensei says:

    Am I the only person that wants conkers bad fur day or new conkers title on the switch?

  40. ミク Deviluke says:

    death stranding,Rocksteady Superman,Square-Enix Avengers,Alien: Blackout ,Obsidian’s new RPG,Borderlands 3,Metroid Prime 4,Ridge Racer 8,Mortal Kombat 11,bayonetta 3
    NOTE will not see Smash 5 so dont get to hype

  41. Kapp'n Kinopio says:

    One of the biggest Nintendo 3rd Party Supporters Ubisoft…Im going out on a limb here, but an Assassins Creed Collection (hopefully Ezio) with an announcement of Altair as a DLC character in Smash

  42. LordToty says:

    LOL PEOPLE THINK THERE IS GONNA BE SMASH DLC at the awards Sakurai clearly said they will start dlc when they finish the main game and the night the awards are smash will still not even bee released yet

  43. Minato Namikaze says:

    I think skull kid will be dlc. He still hasn't been shown

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