The Factions of Fallout 76

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Today we take a look at all of the new and returning factions that we’ve seen so far in Fallout 76. We look at how these factions appear and what exactly they’re doing in Fallout 76’s West Virginia.


Fallout 76 Scorched:
Fallout 76 Human NPCs Interview:
Fallout 76 Responders:
Fallout 76 Free States:
Fallout 76 Children of Atom:
Fallout 76 Raiders Faction:
Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel:
Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Gameplay:
Fallout 76 Scorched Theory:
Fallout 76 Crashed Space Station:
Fallout 76 Enclave

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23 Responses

  1. JuiceHead says:

    This got tweeted just after I finished the video:
    Talk about a cool armor

  2. CelesNihility says:

    Order of Mysteries!

  3. Brent D says:

    Zealot armor is in fact a legandary effect as I have zealot leather armor.

  4. Ian Deluglio says:

    I don’t understand how Bethesda thought this game would be a good idea

  5. Luiz Duarte says:

    I'm up a New Faction – Beerhood of Steel – Join now!

  6. The mango Robot says:

    So is there a story mode or no still

  7. Potato Dungeon says:


  8. ThatAussieGamer117 says:

    Title is misleading, should read: "The non-existent factions of F76 that got game-ended before we even left the vault"

  9. ArmyOwens says:

    i will have to said with the courier…… NCR? ok i will said with enclave.

  10. mega gamer88 says:

    There better be enclave

  11. Andres Lopez says:

    I liked seeing the ghouls in combat armor

  12. maxime colby says:

    i hope once you rank up you get cool new power armors or super strong weapons from the faction you chose. from the beta i found a secret agent bunker so i think its a new faction also they recruited female assasins and you had to wear a mask to enter the bunker edit: for the location it was a riverside manor

  13. Stellar Labs says:

    I find the free states interesting, sounds… familiar

  14. Flaco Vila says:

    Ima make the US army faction and just gather army armor

  15. Manuel Zuluaga says:

    Rose the raider leader is an actual robot, her design is similar to a mr handy

  16. Dominic Elwell says:

    ive been to the space station. theres no brotherhood corpses or notes there

  17. Adrian says:

    Why cant bethesda just drop the brotherhood every fallout game fallout 3 brotherhood new vegas brotherhood fallout 4 brotherhood 76 guess what brotherhood

  18. UBT Jay says:

    This nibba sound like vegan gains

  19. Jesse Billman says:

    My and my group have joined the army, firebreathers, and are outside whitesprings with access codes. It seems we join factions by completing automated "test" they leave behind.

  20. Nerd Slayer says:

    Fallout 76 does have npc's
    While playing the beta I came across a super mutant trader named graham

    This makes it twice as stupid when they don't put npc's where it matters

  21. Purgatori Sakkara says:

    What's the point of factions if they're not joinable?

  22. N3oNvP4nda says:

    Rebuild America! The Enclave!

  23. pikey otobed says:

    Man, I was hoping Fallout 76 was gunna have some relations to Fallout:Nv. I mean since Fallout 4 has obvious connections to Fallout 3, I thought it make sense for Fallout 76 to have some sort of connections to Fallout:NV

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