The EVIL HISTORY of Vault-Tec EXPLAINED – Fallout Lore

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There’s almost 50 vaults known in the Fallout Universe, each with their own story, and they were all created by the mysterious company known as Vault-Tec. Vault-Tec, while fronting as an organization with the preservation of humanity as its heart, had more sinister, ulterior motives. Learn now the history of Vault-Tec, the Vaults, and the worst of the worst vault experiements done by these despicable people.

I’ve been working on this video for over a month, and it was meant to be done a week or two ago, but production delays prevented its release until literally today. I uploaded it as soon as I got the final render done. While Fallout Lore will not be a regular installment on this channel, I do plan on giving y’all a taste of the kind of lore episodes I plan to make, and the general style they will have, if we ever reach our goal for launching a separate lore channel. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and showing you what I can do.

There’s very little Fallout 76 lore in this video because I wrote it before the BETA was even available, and the lore in Fallout 76 is locked behind a lot of level-requirements and quests that I haven’t had time to get to, so there’s not much here. This is meant for folk who haven’t played much 76, and have mostly played Fallout 4, or for folk who just, like, want to hear the Storyteller talk some lore at you.

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45 Responses

  1. # Team Canada says:


  2. john baranet says:

    can you do the science behind the force it would take to make a an enemy explode with a melee weapon ( the bloody mess perk is activated)

  3. SlendisFi Universe says:

    Is bethesta vault-tec?

  4. That Darned Imperialist says:

    This seems like a starter pack.

  5. lazythirdbee vlog says:

    i miss storyteller and i got so happy hear his voice

  6. Sam says:

    Story teller talks like William shatner now

  7. Shanbo26 says:

    They figured Las Vegas was worth 77 nukes? Ok….

  8. Libertarian Amateur Chemist says:

    Awesome video guys! Love the lore

  9. Sean B. says:

    Who designed Vault Tec's experiments? Dr. Mengele?

  10. Kiaran Carlile says:

    Hey shoddy could you do a video on wether the railway rifle is feasible

  11. Ghostinthahouse says:

    Vault 108 can also be described in one word. Well, one name.

  12. AngelRaivan 8579 says:


  13. Joseph Pugh says:

    Awesome to hear from you in the wasteland again!

  14. Freeasabird says:

    Uhg, don't put 76 into the lore dude, that shits not cannon.

  15. Sexy Vorta says:

    "Thousands of super geniuses that roam the wastes" …but you'll only ever find 23 of them per 40 square kilometres.

    "The experiment of vault 76 was to test the limits of customer tolerance for a terrible and buggy game, and to see how much money Bethesda could milk, but this too went terribly wrong…"

  16. Timothy Towle says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…

    The Storyteller is back.

  17. D'Arcy Cross says:

    Welcome back

  18. Cupa Montoya says:

    Tbh Bethesda should hire you guys for their games. I can totally see the Storyteller getting a radio shack and broadcasting to the entire wasteland after getting a following of people consistently supplying information to him.

  19. Big Retard says:

    So what your saying is that it was all ran by Todd Howard?

  20. Lewis Burdett says:

    Storyteller fallout 76 when?

  21. Krazium_Cx says:

    Well, it looks like you didnt ruin the series ……Good job, But another settlement needs your help . I'll mark it on your pipboy!

  22. TimorousSiren14 says:


  23. Siege824's Arcade Room says:

    So Vault-tec betrayed the peoples trust like Bethesda did whe. They releas falloit 76

  24. Govind Tuli says:

    A gamer scientific analyst.Nice….

  25. That one Guy says:

    You mean to tell me that Vault tec…..was BAD?


  26. Sage M says:

    am guessing after 2 month you got enough patreons to release the lore video to youtube

  27. Zevin X says:

    The most terrifying and sadistic vault of them all. Vault 76, a vault so horrible and evil, it killed a great franchise.

  28. South Paw says:

    What I like about fallout is that when I first started playing in 2010 the game was a great mystery. I sort of wished I never saw these videos so everything could remain hidden.

  29. Summer 95 says:

    He's BACC

  30. Thegreatkingslayer says:

    Down with traitors up with the stars.

  31. Mathew McCauley says:

    Just replace the words "vault tec" with "bethesda"

  32. Javin Song says:

    I burst into tears when I heard the storyteller's voice

  33. 983D Bleu says:

    Vault 0

  34. Robert Rios says:

    Vault 108 could also be summed up in one word.

  35. Haiden Elliott says:

    Will you guys be doing fallout 76 lore

  36. Go's With the Wind says:

    hey you are back!

  37. MadDemon64 says:

    Hey, you forgot about Gary!

  38. browncoatz says:

    I don't find it a coincidence that all of the experiments we're related to life outside of the 'wasteland' for humans. I think the vaults we're an attempt to prepare how to survive after the bombs dropped. Otherwise, how could they build vaults worth billions just to satisfy scientific curiosity

  39. Controlled Insanity says:

    Keep making these videos as often as you can because they are some of my favorites

  40. Ethan Boyer says:


  41. Ministerio de Chile says:

    That's kind of part of the lore, it's a pretty big part actually.

  42. Pat. Tracey says:

    STORYTELLER! Thanks for bringing back the STORYTELLER!

  43. f1b0nacc1 sequence says:

    Great to see the Storyteller is back….give me LORE!!!!!!!

  44. TastyWinner says:

    It's so good to hear that voice ;-;

  45. Sunset Rider says:

    I wish there was a companion mod with the storyteller who recorded thousands of lines of dialog.

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