The Etiquette of Vanilla World of Warcraft

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14 Responses

  1. kevin flahie says:

    Biggest etiquette rule not mentioned…not leaving dungeon groups at all costs. Takes far too long to find a replacement. Commit to a couple hours for each dungeon just in case of wipes/respawns.

  2. RVINDVNCE says:

    some people are just toxic, no matter what they never thank you and leave group at any moment
    chest looting is one of odd things that make people crazy

  3. BloODOmeN2 says:

    my herb now yoink TriHard 7 vanish TriHard Clap

  4. Arrow Shooter says:

    Classic is gonna be rough for a lot of modern WoW players. You're gonna see tanks rush into mobs and get destroyed because that's how classic was. I can't wait. Great video.

  5. Alexander J. Jericho says:

    Great vid ā™„ manners and civility. If I may suggest etiquette for part 2, please. Ninja invites are inconsiderate in my book. If you see a rogue and you have a lockbox that needs opened, don't initiate trade without asking first. Lok'tar ogar

  6. Sirpesari says:

    Lots of retail players venturing into classic will have huge issues with these rules because they are used to not having manners and everything being automated. I predict that the shit listing will become immense and soon enough a sort of ruling class of people will form to the server consisting of people with proper manners and attitudes. These people then will form into guilds and that becomes the easy way to sort out if it's safe to invite someone to a let's say UBRS run.

  7. Andrew Stevenson says:

    Do advanced loot etiquette for endgame – especially BOEs that are blue and purple.

    Righteous orbs
    Pristine black diamonds
    Travelers backpacks
    Dark runes
    Darkmoon cards

    Things like this

  8. Evan says:

    Keep in mind that hybrid itemization isn't great in vanilla and that shaman was within his rights to roll need on that chest even though it is cloth and not leather. Enhancement shamans are always mana starved and a +2 stam +1 int cloth chest upgrade over a white leather piece is fair game. I think the better point to make in this example is that he already won an item. It's courtesy to take turns on needing until everyone has gotten something when the items can be used by everyone.

  9. Melanie Boots says:

    Don't forget to macro /ty on buffing players šŸ˜‰

  10. PlainTarget says:

    Man when will you go back to your OG roots? Still waiting for more reactions.

  11. Sawyer Black says:

    Before you get ahead of yourself, please put the WoW Classic videos in a playlist.

  12. sinleyblues says:

    Nice stuff!

  13. Sworned says:

    This is the only place Iā€™m safe from Adam.

  14. Kazzier Gaming says:

    Totally forgot about rolling for chests. Great video once again. It might be worth making some mention in a future video that some classes can actually tank that can't in retail. For example, Shaman can tank instances up to end game as long as they are built correctly. Or a hunter's pet can tank as long as there is enough CC in the group to ensure the pet can focus on one mob (Granted not the most optimal, but it exists and is still present on private servers). Fury warriors tanking etc. Things like that will probably blow retail players minds when/if they encounter it.

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