The Endgame for Fallout 76

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This shows what the endgame for Fallout 76 is like and its pretty EZ

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39 Responses

  1. Charlie Duguay says:

    Video ends* ITS REWIND TIME!

  2. Red Maka3213 says:

    This whole video was so satisfying

  3. Gamer-Vision Studios says:

    I love that thumbnail


  4. Chepe Cheapy says:


  5. amela junuzagic says:

    i have fallout 76 and it so good

  6. Ben The last airbender says:


  7. wtfboomlol1 says:

    I enjoy your profile picture

  8. Dez says:

    Miss Pots, if your hearing this…

  9. iLoveTzuyoda says:

    This is why Bethesda should have just made a normal singleplayer game…

  10. GumpRed Nexovy says:

    3:30 song name pls

  11. Boğaç Akgün says:

    whats the song in 00.28 ?

  12. Bingu Plus says:

    anyway the game still be full shit

  13. Dane Brass says:

    1:30 music?

  14. Batoncik says:

    3:30 music?

  15. Hyperborean Primarch says:

    What a ridicule mess this game was…Hm k bye.

  16. sethot reid says:

    yep. pretty accurate.

  17. Rex H says:

    The background music at the beginning, Mr Blue Sky should have been the main one, but the other one was still good.

  18. Not Tracer says:

    Is this 2016?

  19. Mrpayton says:

    Probably a simple answer..

    But how were you flying xD

  20. Dark_Knight247 says:

    Thanks for using my favorite song

  21. DIgitz says:

    blue face in the thumbnail

  22. lizardsarecute hello says:

    the scorch beast killer

  23. TGToy1000 says:

    What song is that

  24. LaidtoRest says:

    Please tell me the backround song

  25. Clueless Gamer says:

    So bad that it's actually fun if you wanna waste time for a few minutes

  26. Victim Noob says:

    man this not bo:3 2:25

  27. Steve Senar says:

    0:36 +0069 XP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. Nicholas Jackson says:

    What was the song in the outro?

  29. Marisol Sanchez says:

    Love the song

  30. Seanplays 16 says:

    When you say fallout 76 sucks, but you watch this video

  31. Red Mask Gaming says:

    You deserve more subscribers than you have! Plus I love that a fellow Xbox player is actually succeeding on YouTube

  32. Mr Wavy Inflatable Man says:

    0:29 ok just throw in those zombie references ok

  33. Springy 916 says:

    Cant believe you had the dedication to even make it to lvl 100 in this game

  34. Sentra says:

    The videos good , the games graphics are rlly bad

  35. chamouflage [live&plus] says:

    Who are you find the riffle at 2000 damage ?

  36. Lennie Norris says:

    I just have to ask. How much time did you spend on this game? Like Christ man after I saw the inside of my own head I was out.

  37. Ducky 101 says:

    Skyrim dragon

  38. Mermaid Jay says:

    thank you for enjoying the game. It truly is a journey.

  39. IvaN KhaN says:

    jajajaja plz where is the name of ala akbar song?, make me laugh a lot xDD

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