The Ellie Catfish: Or, When Starting A Dialogue Just Isn’t Good Enough (Indie-Fensible #GamerGate)

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49 Responses

  1. Captain Diomedes says:

    Seconderu channeleru? NANI?

  2. James Russell says:

    Whenever I see attractive female gamers, I get kind of depressed because I feel they are unreachable. But then I realize they really aren't.

  3. Enosh Starcrod says:

    "Social Experiment" My ass. Good job advocating for more horse shit "ellie"

  4. Illuminati089 says:

    The quartering is a coward and a pussy hypocrite. Good video tho.

  5. 427Arbok says:

    Well, I mean, as a social experiment, it was a rather informative proof-of-concept about games journalism—that they will white-knight the shit out of any wahmen in gaming, even a pretend wahmen. Now, that’s hardly a novel discovery, and I don’t have a clue if that was anything remotely along the lines of what this guy was looking to prove, but it’s still a great demonstration of the ideological bias, especially given that this has happened before.

  6. Bambou1991 says:

    Yeah, but, the top female players are ASIAN and we can't rally behind the ASIANS now can we.

  7. wooo weee says:

    Well no on the "because its not physical" because performance still matters, men still have faster reflexes, and are just more likely to be able to sustain extended periods of high exertion, even where reflexes don't matter, like chess the performance gap is obvious and real. These are tests of performance where the pretending ends, not everyone is equal, especially at the far ends of the bell curve, and the costs benefits of esports are simply mind bogglingly bad. Of the top only a few make a living, you have better odds of success in professional football or basketball where each city has a team. So its high investment extremely low reward, so beyond the physical limitations, there is no reason why a young woman would rationally trade their youth, health and beauty to "win" such a contest. Makes the concerns of socjus all the more absurd, I remember when people used to dissuade kids from false dreams of playing mainstream sports for a living, and now people are being pushed into even more dubious dreams as perverse "social justice".

  8. decwow says:

    You haven't really shown that this particular, supposed, social experiment was intended to show sexism by the guys….

    Unless there's something in there that I've missed on all the coverage of this situation, I have to say that you have really overreacted to what this guy did.

    I don't see a damn thing wrong with anything he did. He can pretend to be whoever the f*** he wants until it comes time to accept tournament rewards in which he has to declare his real identity for tax purposes.

    I don't see what he did as being the problem. I see what he did as exposing the problem. Sjws can't handle their chosen "pets" being questioned and this time they stuck their neck right out there for everyone to see.

    I don't care if he started donation pages. Being totally honest that would be completely necessary to keep up the fiction for the purpose of experimentation. Not doing the same thing that everyone else does (or at least almost everyone else) would break with suspension of disbelief in the story.

    * The real problem is the exact same problem that it is in every single one of these entertainment communities. It's not the community members themselves, and it's not the individual problems that arise from misbehavior. These communities are quite capable of handling that internally. The problem is when third party influencers come in and appoint themselves as unwanted and undesired bureaucrats, and conduct themselves as the moral arbiters above of and, when possible, controlling the community. *

  9. MrBrachiatingApe says:

    It would have been actual sexism (the benevolent kind) if people hadn't been suspicious. "Oh, she's a girl. They don't lie and are never malicious! I'm sure everything's on the up-and-up!"

    SJWs seem to consistently get things precisely 180 degrees away from the truth.

  10. canopeaz says:

    Bring back the Commodore 64. No SJWs.

  11. David says:

    George Bush only faked 9/11 with holograms because he wanted to draw attention to the plight of the middle east and it's oil.

  12. En' Peacee Shekelstein says:


  13. Pamela Curtis says:

    Female here. I've been gaming since the original Zelda, and I have the same questions about this "Ellie."

    P.S. If you boys want me to White Valkyrie for you, let me know. They can't scream sexist at me.

  14. Doge Whistle says:

    The Mary Sue is such trash. I did this exact thing back in my college days with Halo 2. I'd hop online and give the headset to my little sister. She'd trash talk while I kicked their ass and everyone would get absolutely livid bc they thought thet were being beaten by a little girl

  15. Ember Rodriguez says:

    Learnt a lot from this. Learnt more than my more social justice leaning friends led me to initially believe with only malicious intent behind it. But more importantly I learnt that if I actually go through with my hormone replacement therapy I could make a killing in esports lol. If people in masters can get a C9 sponsorship I think me in GM would be all set lol. Twitch thot status here I come!!!

  16. Wood Chisel says:

    white knights are just as worthless and disgusting as feminists!

  17. shen says:

    you are wrong on why women aren't top competitors, on many fronts.
    1) IQ distribution among males stretches on the extremities, meaning there are more hyper intelligent men and more very slow men
    2) Men are more interested in goals, men are also more likely to tunnelvision into one activity and sacrifice everything for that one goal – this is essential for competing when you are talking about the absolute top, it's all going to be people who dedicate their everything on that activity.
    3) even sports like chess are dominated by men at the top. you could argue the sport is even more female-welcoming because it's not about violence or visually "gory" competition
    4) men are statistically better at spacial recognition – a trace of the hunting days – and every real-time videogame happens to focus a lot on spacing, especially at high levels, spacial awareness on multiple levels (you vs an enemy during that moment's small fight, your team vs the team, the current match objectives, powerups, game progress overall, and so on)

    There is a reason most top female players in various genres happen to be trans, when trans is an extremely low percentage of the population (scarlet for starcraft, kayopolice and rickyortiz for streetfighter). that'd be an incredible coincidence, on top of the fact that you can guarantee that a trans female gamer certainly receives more harassment than a female gamer, extinguishing the assertion that there are no female pros because of the environment or the population number. Also, HS is a joke competitive game and is mostly popular because of the RNG being good streamer reaction fodder. Another coincidence to pile up that a CIS female that has to be a top player of a game, had to be a player of THAT game.

    a hyper focused, hyper determined person will do the thing they want to accomplish no matter the conditions, if they have what it takes to make it to the top of anything. Females who are told they shouldn't be merciless competitors and therefore do not pursue the activity would not have accomplished it in the first place. That's not a competitor's mindset. Most of the older pro players faced hellish situations in order to keep playing despite everyone telling them they were ruining their lives, especially when gaming had a big stigma to it. So the social norms argument is also irrelevant, because all the older pro players faced it by default, even as male.

    tl;dr the lower female population is the least relevant factor.

  18. Muck006 says:

    9:20 Sorry, but every time a guy fakes being a girl it shows how BIASED and how SEXIST the media and the whole organisations really are … how anti-male-sexist. It is a demonstration how feminism and Anita Sarkeesian are wrong in their claims that "the gaming world hates girls" … the opposite is true!

  19. timtrainage says:

    Nothing hurts women more than male feminists…

  20. Yeev says:

    Heh, I need to pay more attention to defran.

  21. JDoc says:

    So …Punisher showcasing all the "male privilege"/trolling "gamer" news…is somehow equal to destroying someones life for attention by accusing him of rape ?
    Did you write and record this while on drugs or what man ?Is this your inner Canadian overriding your logic ?

  22. Wolfgang von Bach says:

    Ha-ha, I missed that intro music! Great video.

  23. Steeltrap says:

    So does anyone go back to the people who wrote the cuck articles and ask for comment? Better still, someone ought to get a counter-article published where they pick apart the original, as you did so effectively, demonstrating why scepticism isn't sexism.
    Of course I expect I'm dreaming; as if any of the usual crowd would allow an article showing how idiotic they are to be published within miles of them. If someone proved me incorrect on that score, I'd be delighted.

  24. Sargon of Akkad says:

    That intro brings back memories.

  25. AliRadicali says:

    I am so sick and tired of the social justice get-out-of-jail-free-card that is "Just starting a conversation."

  26. Duane Green says:

    The far left hate meritocracy because they're too mediocre and fucking lazy to make the cut in anything. They want affirmative action and socialist preferential treatment to bypass people with actual skill and talent because it's something they will never have.

  27. JimmyStiffFingers says:

    I'm already Tracer.

  28. DavidFish says:

    tfw you subbed to kubbi 6 years ago and it's the intro music of so many channels now.

  29. Boomtwack says:

    Esports are gay

  30. FullMetalWhiteboy says:

    Yo my boy SFO! What was that music in the intro! It was pretty funky.

  31. Joshua Fogg says:

    420th like. Well then. I don't know what to do with this.

  32. Jackeat says:

    Male and female bodies generally handle sustained high blood pressure differently. Even without a sport being physical…adrenaline, high sustained levels of concentration, and just general levels of stress on the body is absolutely still present. This is one of the factors behind so few female chess grandmasters, their hearts pump like they are sprinting. Sometimes, for hours.

    Which is obviously not to say that it’s impossible for there to be female chess grandmasters or pro e-sports players, because there will always be outliers. It’s just another barrier. I have nothing but the absolute utmost respect for women who are capable, persistant, and talenting enough to make it to that level anyway. It is all the more impressive.

  33. Nicolas DeWolfe says:

    9:10– This behavior doesn't devalue anything. It's just like you can't devalue my work by doubting it.
    They do make people more and more suspicious about the who and what, very important characteristics on the public stage. And that's about it. There's no harm being done by this, it's just a stunt to game the exposure though psychology.

  34. Matthew Hopkins says:

    Those filthy indooendohs

  35. Eric Peters says:

    4:00 LOL! "limited life energy"

  36. Masso says:

    So… as someone who follows the fighting game community, I love seeing really skilled players come out of nowhere. There was a guy in street fighter top 8 at Evo last year under the name "ACoolGuy93," it had me and my friend cracking up. My dream is to see a top 8 at Evo that doesn't feature any streamers or pro players, just a bunch of no names. Unfortunately, that just doesn't happen. I don't care if you're a man, a woman, a squirrel, you're going to gain some level of recognition when you're on that high of a level.

  37. WaliWorldX says:

    6:48 Pepe Sylvia! PEPE SYLVIA!

  38. Zealote says:

    When people don't know the good old "pretend to be a girl to get free shit online" trick, you know they have no idea what online games are. Shit this is as old as the first online game ever.

  39. e p says:

    Man, I've missed that intro.

  40. Laughing At You says:

    The mask comes off

  41. jaggededge11 says:

    Dev teleports behind you

    Nothing personal kid.

  42. Decrona says:

    This is one of the few times "social experiment" label actually might apply. He's not being one of those cunts harassing people in the street, he was showing the very real hypocrisy between male and female gamers. Yeah it was shitty he faked it, and I'll agree it could have been done in a different way, but if nobody is talking about the issue someone has the be the asshole to bring it up first like politics from a drunk thanksgiving uncle lol

  43. Differently Abled Muslim Jewish Lesbian of Colour says:

    SJW media next week: "How competitive rating systems are all SEXIST(and racist probably)

  44. Ramondorez says:

    SFO wasn't fooled this time… this time…

  45. andylaauk says:

    Titty streamers/cosplay fake nerds that Twitch is full of, is the reason why actual female gamers have a hard time. All "ellie" did is prove that so many people are willing to overlook everything when it comes to wahmen, because they are wahmen.

  46. Jökull Tinni Ingvarsson says:

    In my opinion. Blizzard is ruining the community element by cracking down so much on "toxic behavior". Overwatch is and always has been a very toxic game to a certain extent and this is honestly one of the defining elements of the game

  47. GEDA says:

    come play overwatch guys

  48. n0ne0ther says:

    It wasn't a conjob guys… It was a social experiment.

  49. Mark W says:

    Your playing against IBM's Watson.

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