The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Todd Howard Interview (PC, PSS3, Xbox 360)

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Game director Todd Howard breaks down what you have to look forward to in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

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24 Responses

  1. saxojon says:

    Nice. Could've cut the music, though.

  2. Dietpill says:

    I miss seeing interviews with Todd Howard. I wanna see a 2014 Todd Howard interview!

  3. Upbeat Axle says:

    Want music.

  4. BaertierchenLP says:

    Great interview, but the music is a littlebit loud

  5. .MAKAVELI. says:

    lol at the title "pss3" instead of "ps3" 😛

  6. Eros Philiac says:

    that's what the interviewer's russian brother do instead of interviewing legends of game – /watch?v=gLZ4WJiDldU

    just kidding!!! this video was in the list of recommendation and he looks very alike.

  7. nschroeder212 says:

    Todd is a straight up G. He is a great developer… Keep it coming todd

  8. ImKoolWithThis says:

    How is he a liar?

  9. Leslie Zanden says:

    Todd is very talented liar, he should become a politician

  10. Myah Mason마야 says:

    i want Valenwood

  11. cookieface80 says:


  12. MerelWithChocolat says:

    I just would like to see the home of the new dominaters of men, but I would be good with Elseweyr too just because khajit are so ghawddamn CUTE!

  13. MerelWithChocolat says:

    YES summerset isles please

  14. Pumpkin Head says:

    Fuck hammerfell i wanna go to BLACK MARSH

  15. topple says:


  16. pampermanneke says:

    I want this game…

  17. Jesusisthe sonofGod says:

    i love todd howard

  18. sasusishkabob says:

    This game s the shit

  19. Callum Abbott says:

    I always have this vision of Black Marsh being like Pandora from Avatar. Lots of wild beasts running around and glowing forests n stuff.

  20. PsychedelicRabbit says:

    When did Pastor Dave from 70s show start designing games???

  21. Rando Numba 9 says:

    Hopefully Elder Scrolls VI will take place in hammerfell

  22. NSAlixFEDass NSA says:

    chop that bandits head off in an awesome kill move. It's a crock of shit!!! I still have dead enemies that are in an upright position can't search..they are just there. Last night I had a dragon that was just froze in the air..I could hear it and the battle music was playing but it was just froze in the air. I recorded it on my phone. Whatever the game has gone to shit. I'm still trying to play one character through the game and fucked up shit still happens..Terd Howard walks away with my money.

  23. NSAlixFEDass NSA says:

    It's really too bad when a company brags, promotes, boasts victory in oh such an awesome game we have made. And then you buy it, fuck around with it for 5 months…patch after patch 5 characters later and there is STILL fucked up shit in the game. How in the holy hell did Skyrim make GoTY???? All I can guess is the groups that test these games and write reviews don't look for quality in a game anymore but….EYE CANDY!!! 6 patches later I STILL can't complete some quests. Oh but, I can

  24. RobNttBob says:

    He reminds me of a happier version of Professor Snape.

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