The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – My house: Benirus Manor

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This is my home in Oblivion. Benirus Manor, my favorite house in all of Cyrodiil. It looks nice, has plenty of room and is situated in the pleasant town of Anvil on the gold coast. It also has a cool story to it.
0:45 ~ Library
1:33 ~ Dining Room
1:57 ~ Main Armory
2:45 ~ Bedroom
3:09 ~ Alchemy Chamber
3:56 ~ Ebony Display
4:40 ~ Wine Collection
4:59 ~ Glass Display
5:10 ~ Elven Display
5:45 ~ Necromancer’s Lair
All the items I meticulously set up over time and I’m pretty happy with how it looks. The weapons and shelves were put on the walls using paint brushes. It’s a pretty cool trick since you can display whatever items you want on your walls.
System: XBOX 360
Mods: None
Name: Impa
Race: Dark Elf
Play Time: 257 hours (So many quests still to do, places I haven’t explored yet. I haven’t even touched the main quest and I just started the Shivering Isles, this game is huge.)
Level 44
Day 303
Active Quests: 22
Quests Completed: 100
Oblivion Gates Shut: 12
Places Found: 184

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36 Responses

  1. LAW Enforcer Wat says:

    Is that the haunted one?

  2. LikaPyramid says:

    I also had an Oblivion house of my own, the big one in skingrad. i decorated the place and everything went fine until the place got to full and the ingame time went to far glitches and bugs destroyed it, luckily i also recorded and uploaded it so now ive got a crappy video online wich is nice…


    How did u fix up ur house in oblivion

  4. Lone Wolf says:

    Actually its only 16.4 sq/miles

  5. Andrew25367 says:

    thanks for replying though I just tried it on ps3 and its totally patched on that version 🙂

  6. gearlock trinity says:

    it will never disappear

  7. Andrew25367 says:

    using the paintbrushes and stuff as shelves and leaving stuff out, is all that really permanent or does it like fall over or disappear after a time?

  8. gearlock trinity says:

    haha thanks

  9. gearlock trinity says:

    I had the same problem, eventually it disappears but it takes a long time.

  10. Jim says:

    there's ectoplasm on the floor in my bedroom how do i remove that shit?

  11. gearlock trinity says:

    a long time, I was eventually getting obsessive… glad those days are over haha

  12. Ryaegos says:

    VEEEERY nice! I can't imagine how long it took you…

  13. gearlock trinity says:


  14. gearlock trinity says:

    Oops my bad, I'll just edit that info.

  15. Amalour says:

    Actually it isn't the cheapest, the shack in the Imperial City is the cheapest, it costs 2,000 and all the upgrades cost about 2,500G

  16. wesley adkins says:

    how do i get stuuf for the manor?

  17. milo parker says:

    ow the fuck did u get all that cool! stuf

  18. Fam Bug says:

    you're on youtube, wtf did you expect? xD

  19. Midnight Wizard says:

    A torch in the house, seriously?

  20. gearlock trinity says:


  21. AngryPenguinHoers says:

    Cool frickin house!!!

  22. gearlock trinity says:

    check out my video response below, I have a tutorial on how to do it.

  23. Shibelicious says:

    lol in the basement there is a sealed portal how do you open it?

  24. LuvTheSnapper says:

    that is fantastic

  25. Lisa Barrett says:

    great house must took forever i want my house to look like that in oblivion

  26. ProSamo says:

    do u have a wine hangover?

  27. LodovicoAriosto1 says:

    @gearlockT nice

  28. gearlock trinity says:

    @LodovicoAriosto1 this is on xbox so no editor is possible, I collected and set up everything myself.

  29. LodovicoAriosto1 says:

    is this a true collection from the game or just a product of some editor?

  30. TheJackalPhantom says:

    @ilovezimmy17 left stick hold it though else it wont work xD

  31. gearlock trinity says:

    @ilovezimmy17 I think you hold down the left bumper, LB button

  32. TatianaNightshade says:

    is that xbox? if so plz tell me how to pick things up and move them around 🙁

  33. gearlock trinity says:

    @DKHuzaria You need to make a platform of brushes to stand on. Just release a bunch all level in the air and stand on them for reaching high up.

  34. gearlock trinity says:

    @DKHuzaria You need to make a platform of brushes to stand on, that's how you get them up there.

  35. gearlock trinity says:

    @Milesprower1 Thanks for the comment, I have a tutorial as the video response check it out.

  36. gearlock trinity says:

    @XxDanaShepxX You need to complete the quest: Where Spirits Have Lease. Once completed the house is fully furnished

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