The Cast Dial Puzzle

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Released in 2017 the Cast Dial by Hanayama is one of the newer Hanayama Puzzles. Overall 4 parts need to be disassembled and reassembled. However, it’s difficult to really understand how to do it.

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30 Responses

  1. Mike Gonzo says:

    i’m confused by what you mean when you say “push them apart” pull or push apart?

  2. Glloom says:

    I solved it and then came to this vid to see what you did to solve it. There’s actually a deceiving move after the first initial move that lets you separate it where you turn the knob that isn’t locked by 180° which will push it even further, but it doesn’t do anything after that. So I eventually came across the move you made where instead you move it 120°. Then I turned the other knob since it wasn’t locked anymore, and from there out I basically had the same solution. Great video and definitely WAAAY harder than it looks.

  3. Brian Allen says:

    I bought one of these, a very nice puzzle, but in order to get mine to function properly I had to liberally lubricate it. So be warned.

  4. Bahu bali says:

    Hi Welcome to another episode of Misttttar Puzzzlhh

  5. johnixdragon says:

    Realy realy difficult, i got mine in walmart just few days ago and i still cannot solve it, even if i watched your video.

  6. Jackson Smith says:

    Literally got this puzzle this week. So I waited till I solved it to watch you video great video of a very fun puzzle

  7. Jason Juneau says:

    I'd like to see you trying to figure out the solution. As in, doing the puzzle in front of the camera for the first time trying to solve it. It's better than watching you just showing the solution.

  8. urielsin chapes says:

    Mr. Puzzle vs The Excalibur Puzzle
    Like if you want it!

  9. Keegan Vannier says:

    The spinning parts on mine were very hard to turn sometimes. Had to use pliers in most cases.

  10. fizixx says:

    'Sir face' — Love that, I'm gonna use that 🙂

  11. josef butler says:

    Mr.puzzle i have been a fan since 2017 and you have helped me through alot of puzzles but i have found a puzzle that i can not solve it is a stirling fox travel wooden puzzle it is called mad cow. If you could help me i would really appreciate it thank you

  12. hztn says:

    Is anyone more reminding this to TR3B aircraft?

  13. dragade101 says:

    A very perverse part of me wants to make a bike lock with a locking mechanism like this.

  14. Toxic 10 says:

    Could we meet MRS. PUZZLE

  15. noffy ty says:

    Im from Finland :DD

  16. lcKa says:

    Mr.Puzzle you should try excalibur puzzle 🙂

  17. yourefat andlazy says:

    are you Asian?

  18. zone_adventure erlangga dan tisya says:

    Bagaimana cara saya membelinya ?

  19. Evan Darrow says:

    Idk why, but I get goosebumps when I watch these

  20. KryptosatanTemnozor says:

    I had this one, but it was broken somehow 🙁 It was not easy to turn dials inside at all and case didn't move in any configuration (I figured out how it probably works). In one point I gave up and looked on solution videos but it wasn't any good, it didn't moved any way even in "correct" configuration. Only Hanayama piece which disappointed me 🙁

  21. Elli P says:

    What an elegant bit of design. Beautiful!

  22. Onni Huuhtanen says:


  23. fizixx says:

    Maybe it's just me, but this was confusing. Not your usual simplicity and flair. It was nice to get the original background music. Have a good weekend Mr. Puzzle.

  24. Coca Loma says:

    4;45 coin?

  25. Game of Life says:


  26. PohjaanPalanut says:


  27. Zoltán Béres says:

    That looks at least a 4/5

  28. civilcalc says:

    If one 'half' is thicker than the other, is it really a half?
    I will reveal the answer after the spoiler break.
    (The solution will follow, and may spoil this particular question)
    Answer : No.

  29. Pienimusta says:

    Suomi mainittu

  30. Prophet T says:

    Unsubscribed for no reason. Bye.

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