The BORG (STAR TREK Cybernetic Organisms Explained)

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The Borg were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings from the Delta Quadrant, featured in the Star Trek television series, and feature film Star Trek: First Contact, Starring Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden and and Levar Burton.

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40 Responses

  1. X X says:

    The queen isn't really an 'individual'.

  2. Lucifer SON OF GOD says:

    Real question what was the original people of the Borg.

  3. SHAUN CAMPBELL9 says:

    Nano Particles, are making The Borg, of human's on this earth. Chentrails, are also Nano particles, sprayed on humans from Commercial air planes. Human are being transmuted, into half man, half computers, I.e the Borg.

  4. Devan Hale says:

    whats sad is humans will most likely become the borg in the future.

  5. John Gray says:

    too bad the borg has not found this sh-t hole earth

  6. SiNCry0 says:

    The Borg are utterly terrifying.

  7. John K says:

    I don’t know about everyone else but as for me if the borg ever showed up on or near earth I would actually join the borg collective.

    Only because the human body is actually biologically weak and fragile so I would join the borg just so I could be stronger, smarter, biologically and technologically perfect than the average human and yes I do in my opinion consider the borg (Gods) who only seek perfection.

    I would give up my own humanity to become perfect biologically and technologically perfect but then again this is my own opinion so I don’t expect anyone to agree or have the same opinion as me.

  8. Loren Baez says:

    Democrats are the borg. Resistance is futile

  9. MidwayTie2738 Livestream Archive says:

    So basically the vex but downgraded?

  10. Centralist Australia says:

    I think this is what humanity should become, as long as i am the leader of course.

  11. Sean McGuire says:

    Resistance is futile

  12. Derick Villatoro says:

    I heard "would you like anal cheese and cream"

  13. Dragomir Chavdarov says:

    Space communism and their ship look like brutalist architecture, ugly, boring, crap.

  14. ANDREW KNIGHT says:

    GUINAN explained the BORG
    on the ST TNG ep Q WHO

  15. Dov Shore says:

    Why did you leave out Michael Dorn when listing the stars if the movie?

  16. JOSE ROSADO says:


  17. Golden Cooler says:

    Borgs. Hmph.. Weaklings.

  18. Pedro Coimbra says:

    Composed from diverse species, no individuality… Smells like multiculturalism and socialism to me…

  19. zerocool gonna hack u says:

    Im that one dude from HOW HIGH…. BORGS BORGS???? THE BORGS ARE COMMING RUUUUUNN… A young doc hodgekins from bones hahahaha

  20. Pugilist Enthusiast says:

    Do a video on Species 8472.

  21. Michael Jensen says:

    If you're able to board the Borg ship, they seem to prefer fighting hand to hand as they want to assimilate rather than kill. They're able to adapt to any energy weapon, but remain vulnerable to physical attacks.

    Therefore, what the Federation should do in fighting the Borg, is build ships specifically to fight the Borg that are fitted with massive railguns. They would have some of the regular energy weapons as well, but would be meant to be used only when necessary to allow an escape or finishing opportunity, using them as little as possible because of the Borg's adaptability.

    Hand-held railguns would be the most ideal weapon against the Borg for Federation crew against the Borg drones. However, if the quick speed of the rounds had them able to be adapted to, then all crew on these ships would also be highly trained in Martial Arts, and their primary weapons would instead be things such as throwing knives, swords and tomahawks, since it seems certain that the Borg never adapt to take the slower strikes as from a sword.

    The primary flaw in the Federation's strategy in fighting the Borg appears to be the belief that higher technology is somehow the answer to beating them, rather than reverting to older technology.

  22. Joeseph Moore says:

    The borgs are retarded. They need to
    -install some Norton
    -up grade
    -get some outside help so their systems can be improved (I'm willing to help in exchange for not being Borg-ed)
    -build a Dyson Sphere

  23. A box of water says:

    So basically Borg drones are technically individuals, but are quickly driven to insanity when they’re connected to the hive mind? Damn, that makes them even more sinister. That would explain why they don’t show any interest in anything except for what the collective wills… They have simply given up and resigned themselves to an eternity of hopelessness.

    That seems like a complete and total failure on a technological level in the hive system… I would have thought that in the quest for perfection they would have at some point implemented some sort of system to keep the hive mind in some sort of order. Unless the original Borg race had a disdain for individuality…

    Fuck. My mind.

  24. doge master X says:

    they need to be in the star trek reboot don't know if beyond villain is bad or good but the video game had awesome aliens but the borg are my favorite

  25. Alexis2andsoOn says:

    "Explained". You didn't even explain half of them…

  26. Eric Morang says:

    In there r collective state, the Borg are utterly without mercy. Driven by one will alone…the will to conquer. They are beyond redemption, beyond reason.

  27. Eric Thom says:

    I really would like to know how the Borg started. Dud they start out just replacing individual parts and it expanded from there?

  28. DJ Paul Freeman says:

    Some people think the Borg evolved from the Apple marketing department.


    Machine version of the flood

  30. literally Melvin says:

    Are the Borg a colective consiusness?

  31. Marc-Andre Otis says:

    Star Trek people are so advanced, but they can't think outside of the box.

    They can't shoot more than two torpedo in a row,
    They can't stick a big drill head to a drone,
    They can't use it to drill the cube and explode inside it,
    They can't use grenades, sticky grenade or explosive bullets,
    They can't use bullets, kinetic slugs or railgun.

    They suxx.

  32. Some Guy says:

    Who would win The BORG or The Cybermen.

  33. BlueNightmareGamer says:

    reminds me of the Combine from Half Life

  34. PAINTV says:

    hi 🙂

  35. Dragoon444 says:

    Gates McFadden, you mean Dr. MILF!

  36. L0ST S0UL says:

    Let's face it they're just robot zombies – HISHE Voldermort

  37. Noah M. says:

    You are incompatible for use. You will be deleted.

    Wait wrong assimilating cybernetic species

  38. Chris DeRosa says:

    Damn, thought it said cybernetic orgasms.

  39. Cian McCabe says:

    It's a good thing the Borg can't adapt to blunt force trauma, seemingly.

  40. The Doctor says:

    Can you do a video on the Cybermen from Doctor Who

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