The BIGGEST Mini Gaming PC – Bolt X

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Is Digital Storm’s Bolt X the king of “mini” gaming PCs?

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28 Responses

  1. ARANDOMGAMER 0203 says:

    The struggle is real indeed

  2. ducenukem says:


  3. QuantumPlayz says:

    The struggle IS real 😉

  4. Ed Winters says:

    Why not just invert the screw stand-offs, and attach the motherboard from the back-side, so it can be pulled out and worked on without moving any of the cooling hardware.

  5. Rat Trap says:

    Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

  6. Travis Goodspeed says:

    Their Bolt X is a great marketing tool with the hardline water cooling. But all their hard line is straight tubing with no bends which is MUCH easier to do yourself than it looks and you'd save a ton of money that way too.

  7. Tonto says:

    Here in September 2018 I’m purchasing mine with an i7 8086k at 5ghz with 32gb 3000mhz ram and a 2080ti, all hardline watercooled

  8. Gaafdovjun Gaming says:

    They need to add priority to vanquish 7

  9. Logan Scott says:

    Linus the struggle is real we believe

  10. PC Tech says:

    Interesting, they're using Barrow fittings! ^^

  11. PaJeezy says:

    $10usd per gb is fucking ridiculous.

  12. Felipe Hogrefe Bento says:

    The struggle is real

  13. Kyle Simon says:

    WTF is up with these companies not selling the case?

    I wanna just buy the thing, sell off all the parts, and then swap my own in. I feel like thye just want to force me to go through the interim process of selling all their shit off.

  14. Oof Gang says:

    I just got an add with Linus in it while watching a Linus video

  15. FangLeone GamingChanel says:

    I saw a ad from linus about intel b4 this vid

  16. War_ God420 says:

    Omg that pop up text took me for ever to read it on my phone lol “the struggle is real

  17. Forrest O'Connor says:

    I would not consider something that big "small form factor"

  18. Stephen Stout says:

    I really like the review, I might have to look at buying one of these in 2 years (that is when I am planning on life-cycling out my current rig).

  19. MMGtheSERBIANqyqypoa says:

    ameri ubijaju Srbe u fort hudu Rusijo spasi nas

  20. RazielTheLost says:

    I Cant trust what you say because you shill so hard its almost nonstop. Leave the sales pitch to the commercials because it takes any sense of unbiased you think you have away.

  21. Andrew Nowlan says:

    What's up with all of the 1 and 2 star reviews on their facebook. Gonna have to pass on this company

  22. Defalt says:

    Sounds like he's spitting on his Th's, S' occasionally, and X's

  23. NATURAL SPIRIT says:

    Is it true you make $12,000,000 million per year

  24. three messed up kids failing life says:

    red? I guess I'm colorblind

  25. _TheSilverSoul_ says:

    The Struggle is Real!

  26. Brayan Méndez says:

    The struggle is real :v

  27. CyrenArkade says:


  28. FipFob says:

    Lol this video was made on my birthday

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