The BEST $500 Gaming PC Build

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Parts List (Amazon & Newegg Links)

AMD Build
► Ryzen 3 2200G:
► ASRock B450M-HDV:
► T-Force Vulcan RAM:
► Team L5 Lite 120GB SSD:
► WD Blue 1TB:
► PowerColor RX 570 4GB:
► EVGA 450 BT 80+ Bronze:
► DeepCool DShield-V2:

Intel Build:
► Pentium Gold G5500:
► Intel i3-8100:
► ASRock H310M-HDV:
► T-Force Vulcan RAM:
► Team L5 Lite 120GB SSD:
► WD Blue 1TB:
► PowerColor RX 570 4GB:
► EVGA 450 BT 80+ Bronze:
► DeepCool DShield-V2:

► Those RGB Lights Behind Me:
► My T-Shirt:

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Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!
Thanks to Rikus Strauss for editing the video!

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45 Responses

  1. Ninja GameZ says:

    Can this game on any EA Games like Battlefield? Or even call of duty?
    Also can I change the GPU to a Asus Gtx 1050 Ti Phoenix 4GB?

  2. Mitch McCann says:

    Usually find problems but it's basically just what I would suggest, if you want to spend more a gpu though i would say rx580 but ya the 570 is a great deal over the 1050ti

  3. Reiden Lightman says:

    It’s been two years since I started building computers as a hobby. Back then you could make something like this for $500. It’s so nice that you can finally build something like this for only $500 again. Somewhere in the middle, everything got wild and somehow even basic builds for gaming climbed up to $750+.

    With that being said, save up your money, build a $600 machine. A lot of these are scraping bottom of the barrel.

  4. Travis Simms says:

    Is now a good time to build a PC? I’m just getting back into gaming after a 10 year career building break. So another 4 months wait doesn’t matter to me.

  5. MrLeviNielsen says:

    How well would either of these builds do with a GTX-1070?

  6. Jasen says:

    Best close to price video I have seen yet probably my next build for kids it should play fornite just fine

  7. Joshiboy145 says:

    I need some serious help: i have just built my pc all debug lights off everything recognised in bios but my monitor is tinted green where it is barely able to see, my system is a Ryzen 1600x
    Msi b350 gaming pro carbon
    600 watt PSU
    8 GB ram
    500gb hard drive
    No idea what the graphics card is as brought it from a computer shop without a box and i couldn't find any pictures of it.
    I'm using a VGA cable to connect my card and monitor
    Appreciate any help

  8. ILLRIDAH says:

    I taught my niece and nephew how to build this Christmas and I got mostly the same components as you aside from the RAM, cases(2 micro atxs), and the gpus. Instead I found 2 1050ti's that were small form. I mean hey, they are 10 and 15 years old so all they really play is fortnight. I don't know much about amd gpus, so how does a 1050ti stack up against the one used in the video?

  9. daniel wang says:

    whwats a good motherboard that can support a rx 2600 overclocking

  10. Klatchan says:

    Great suggestions, that's a pretty decent AMD box. As far as the case goes, if you can afford to stretch an additional $15, I'd HIGHLY recommend getting the Rosewill Challenger-S case. Comes with 3 fans (2 in front, one in the back,) and plenty of room for cable management. Just put a budget build together with it, and I was hugely impressed:

  11. Gucciato 1400 says:

    Can you run smash bros melee?

  12. Typical Aussie says:

    Thank you so much

  13. Phil Gibson says:

    I built almost this exact rig for my nephews for Christmas. Pulled it off for $400.

  14. Orbiting Burrito says:

    1. Ryzen 3 2200g
    2. Gigabyte B450m DS3H micro ate am4 motherboard
    3. Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb (1×8 GB) DDR4 3000 memory
    4. WD green 240 gb 2.5” ssd
    5. Gigabyte Radeon rx 570 4gb
    6. DIYPC – DIY-F2-P Micro tax case
    7. Evga BT 450w 80+ bronze
    Total: $488.31

  15. Eat, Sleep, Hustle says:

    Should I get a R5 1600x for 150€ ?

  16. Ryan A says:

    Im planning to build a pc from used parts, do you have any tips to get the seller to lower their price and tips on buying used parts?

  17. LordElites says:

    Ok what if you buy a used gtx 1060 6gb for like 150 and you still have the same amd set up so would it be better then this amd build or not?

  18. rupert hurley says:

    Can you do it with a gtx 1050 ti instead

  19. Pollo 57985 says:

    Get a used rx 580 8gb on ebay instead???? About $150

  20. PUBG BOI says:

    I have a 350 dollar gaming computer my specs are ryzen 1300x Rx 480 and 8gb ram plays pubg at high settings at 72 average

  21. Ian Johnston says:

    I love you too

  22. AyeMod2k says:

    Finally a actual good build

  23. Hyperxil says:

    Would going for an Apu such as the ryzen 5 2400g be better instead of using that CPU and GPU?

  24. Hyperxil says:

    Why is there no gaming performance test in the video? Could someone tell me how well this would perform with some average games, ty

  25. Fortnite 4LiFe says:

    Can you stream with ryzen 2200g?

  26. Matīss Brants says:

    wd gamecube 1tb 7200rpm

  27. roax206 says:

    I wouldn't bother with the 450W PSU. the efficiency rating of 80+ bronze at 100% power is the same as 80+ white at 50% and the rating is the max load it will sustain before it melts so save your wallet and the computer and get a more standard 650W white. Saying that, your PSU is probably one of the most long lived parts in the PC so you probably want to actually put in the money and get something decent like a 80+ gold 650W or 750W.

  28. Apps Buddies says:

    Please build under 1500$ sir!

  29. Don Victor Buenaventura says:

    The case is $35!!! The Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L is available at this time, and it has good airflow

  30. Dr. Fresh_2k says:

    @3:42 But it's a gaming Rig… It's supposed to be, "HEY, LOOK AT ME, IN YOU SYSTEM!"

  31. Avg Lebowski says:

    Wow no benchmark videos, even if they’re emulated for the intel side

  32. a. MD says:

    I need graphics card for DDR2 ram,,help

  33. সুপার ম্যান says:

    what hapoens if i dont use shared graphics from cpu? does it goes to cpu proccessing with a external graphics?

  34. isaac x says:

    Why you never list Wootware prices, other than when you are sponsored. Us SA guys are shorted

  35. Bl6ack Gaming says:

    Intel or Amd ? Someone answer for me in the easiest way to understand possible

  36. D.I.Y stuffs says:

    Thermaltake vers h17 can be a good option fir the case in thus budget it is also matx

  37. mbcQ says:

    think you your fans frome yemen

  38. O SIT VLOGS says:

    A ryzen 3 1200 is a better CPU (no iGPU) than a 2200g and cheaper too also you can find a cheaper mobo as well. And use the money for a better GC (buy used graphics card they have way better value overall)

  39. O SIT VLOGS says:

    Just buy a used GPU rather than a new one. You can even fit in a gtx 1070 armor edition 200$ used anywhere

  40. GODlikeCapitanU says:

    with that money in my country i would better buy a sh pc, 4770k 16gb ddr3 1600-2400mhz rx 580 8gb/1060 6gb or spend another 75$ and get it with gtx 1070….

  41. JuicePuncher says:

    I build my pc with 400$. It uses a Pentium G5400 and a GTX 1050 ti. I think it is a great budget build. I just bought the CPU last year while it was '' fresh ''.

  42. TimTim065 says:

    isnt powercolor bad ?

  43. Demean Nemean says:

    only has one fan….. which isn't "FAN"tastic. (☭ ͜ʖ ☭) punsssss (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)

  44. Commando Master says:

    I would save more money and get a better PC. $1000 is the min budget u need if u want to build anything decent nowadays.

  45. Rhayr Harry says:

    Great channel. Hopefully it will reach 1/2 million and you can go to ces in 2020.

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