The Aztek Puzzle

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This jigsaw puzzle is very difficult, but ultimately a lot of fun! It has a neat trick that allows you to solve it, which is very nice! A very fun toy!

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I got mine from Puzzlemaster:

I’m a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB:

Intro song: Tekvision – Mycoplasma
Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ

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21 Responses

  1. Kyrpto AJ says:

    Ooooorrrrrrrrr….. You can take a picture of it before u take the pieces out and copy of the photo :|.

  2. C & C Miller says:

    Thank you for not being like mister puzzle you should be mister awesome

  3. Dillon Roig says:

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  4. Joseph Paterson says:


  5. Choua Vue says:

    but my sister think it cool

  6. Choua Vue says:


  7. askthepizzaguy says:

    I feel like folks saying "this is cheating" also think that the only way to solve any ordinary puzzle is to do it with the picture side down. If the puzzle designer didn't want there to be such a solution, then they could have used completely flat colors and a plastic base. Would have been just as cheap. Or they could have made it so the solution actually involves pieces which are placed in the puzzle against the grain of the wood. It would look strange, but also be a harder solve.

  8. Marco Longo says:

    The solution was both disappointing and satisfying

  9. Na B says:

    it kinda looks like the o in roblox

  10. ANIKHTOS says:

    there is 2 axis symmetry in the puzzle so how hard can it be? there must be some pieces at least 2 times or 4 times, and as you said the last one has the 4 way symmetry the whole puzzle has.

  11. Xef3n Ebott says:

    It looks symmetrical

  12. ThresholdSeven says:

    There are puzzles like this without the wood grain

  13. Jasper Janssen says:

    Using wood grain seems like cheating to me. Time to make these out of acrylic!

  14. Ivan Noev says:

    This is cheating.

  15. Jebrone Love Kitten says:

    I don't think the wood grain was intentional. And a flaw in the puzzle design

  16. WOMBO COMBO says:

    I feel like you have broke the matrix

  17. Gijs de Wolf says:

    I feel like this is cheating..

  18. Bec Noir says:

    An actual puzzle for once XD

  19. Saban Ahmic says:

    love your videos FLEB! anytime I'm in a chill mood and wanna watch a guy solve some puzzles i come to either you or Mr Puzzle. puts me in a calm mood and relaxes me! I'm not super into puzzling, i do own a few and have played around with friends puzzles, but i really love the art behind making these and the thought and skill needed to create such elaborate and challenging puzzles. keep up the good work! love the content.

  20. VICTORdoomm says:

    I like when he said 4 way symmetry, but I noticed ….. You can turn over each piece so the last piece would have 8 ways it could go♾

  21. Kier M. Macdonald-Ricoy says:

    A "K" !
    IT'S A C

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