The APA host a poker game: Raw 25, Jan. 22, 2018

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Find out who joined JBL & Ron Simmons for a high-stakes poker game during Raw’s 25th Anniversary.
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33 Responses

  1. Xavier Newkirk says:

    Is that mvp who lost his braids

  2. jeric De Vera says:

    2019. Nice to see Ron Simmons and John Cena hosting a poker game.

  3. Ync Li Quen says:

    I Juhh realize tht was mvp

  4. Big mama says:

    this is the most terrible the 2018

  5. Karthik Vadlakonda says:


  6. christopher krause says:

    classic debiase

  7. Hedgehog 47 says:


  8. Mikays ! says:

    jeff and rhyno are the most noticeable actors that are bad here LOL

  9. Al Network says:

    I just realized MVP was there.

  10. Connor WInberg says:

    Poor Heath

  11. LooneyToon22 says:

    Ted DiBiase at the end, I love that part. "Everybody's got a price for the million dollar man!"

  12. Joshua Newman says:

    Damn damn damn and damn

  13. CJ Dubbs says:

    MVP needs to come back

  14. SayfRG2874 says:


  15. Michael Jefferson says:

    Xavier Wood is a nasty indiviual

  16. Eduardo Flores says:

    Rhyno at 0:48

  17. ThrllZcK says:

    3:24 Xavier Lol

  18. MCAssasin280 says:

    Damn in deed

  19. Mateo0696 M says:

    How to loss an entrance like mvp…

  20. Mikays ! says:

    what is rhyno talking about lol

  21. Mikays ! says:

    1:16 jeff didnt know how to act lol

  22. Triple A Triple a says:

    Million dollar man still got that laugh…..hell yeah

  23. Layne Rosko says:

    I liked that million dollar man returned

  24. Syahid Shah says:

    We’re here just for the attitude era wrestlers only…

  25. Shawon Marshman says:

    What kind of poker are they playing

  26. Haif Safouane says:

    This promo is gold!!!!

  27. ABHISHEK conqueror says:

    The old days are back

  28. MegamanPokemon Fan says:

    I Miss
    Enemies – Shinedown

  29. MegamanPokemon Fan says:

    I Popped at 1:20

  30. mr chester says:


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