The American tradition of Free Speech is No Longer Viable

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Silicon Valley are #TheGoodCensor’s.

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49 Responses

  1. Arnold Thomsen says:

    It is funny because 90% of the comments on youtubes facebook page are from bots.

  2. MilesUmbrae says:

    @Sargon of Akkad : There actually is such a thing as "Fake Pages" on Facebook .. for example those that claim to be a real person asking to be your friend and it turns out they are posting links to EXTREMELY questionable URL's portrayed to be porn-videos, or pages claiming to be a Humanitarian NPR asking for donations to help group X…

  3. Jacob Midcap says:

    Freethought is not anarchy like at all. I don't understand why anytime someone suggests that the two parties suck, you must be an anarchist

  4. Xarien Art - Drawing tutorials and Speedpaints says:

    why do people even use facebook still in 2018?

  5. Inebriatd says:

    Since internet use glorified speech as a superpower, the Liberals scrambled to dominate it as the Conservative government historically with our legislature & economy. To rule it with an iron fist. Meanwhile, no one have yet to learn that freedom of speech is terribly limited thanks the internet not because Liberals are attempting to condemn the right, but that it NEVER was anymore powerful than any branch of government. This is simply a mad dash for the power to be average.

  6. BritBit says:

    Who the hell is still using Facebook in 2018 except boomers?

  7. Straight Out of Camera says:

    Free speech is the law, not just a "tradition".

  8. Straight Out of Camera says:

    Silicon Valley = Stalin's orphans.

  9. Joshua minor says:

    Free speech isn’t a tradition, it’s a constitutional right

  10. Macestrongarm says:

    Facebook is a private business. They control what is on their platform. They do not guarantee free speech. America does. private businesses do not. Facebook has the ability and right to do this because it is their business, their platform.

  11. Gonzalo Fresu says:

    A little late to the party, but psa sitch explains the google leaked document quite well and shows that is not google pushing for censorship (this time) but the paper explaining the situation of censoring

  12. maxxon99 says:

    I actually read the Google report — well, it's more of a slideset really — and quite frankly I think it's pretty good.

    You may disagree with the specific examples, but on the whole the biggest part of it is a pretty accurate assessment of the current situation.

    And the final part has nine principles I honestly would love the see them actually implement, like: "Don't take sides", "Enforce strandards and policies clearly", "Positive guidelines" etc.

    Whatever you may think of Sarah Jong, I don't think she's wrong in saying companies only care about free speech if it doesn't cost them anything.

  13. Nu Duo says:

    Political correctness is kosher censorship.

  14. umrete says:

    the NPCs will be the end of us >_<

  15. Tommy Slow says:

    they're butt-hurt losers and they know it.

  16. Paul Keogh says:

    Free speech must be protected at all cost if a platform acts against free speech it should be driven out of business

  17. nikurisa says:

    Sargon, I appreciate your work, but you should never take Breitbart at face value. The report they're talking about doesn't advocate for censorship at all. PSA Sitch covers this quite well; Breitbart twisted the reports wording and cherry picked pictures to fit their article's narrative.

    Sitch's video on this:

  18. LIVE NO FEAR says:

    The attempted takeover of the left

  19. Mr J3nk0 says:

    So social media is now attacking journalists now? I thought only Saudis could silence journalists….

  20. Frazzled&White says:

    inb4 the republicans own the democrats in the mid-terms.

    thanks sillycon valley

  21. James Cairney says:

    With greater technological advancement comes even greater censorship and control, and what the fuck did anyone expected? Utopia? ffs!

  22. TheWastedViking says:

    Laughs in globalist

  23. Bryce Lee says:

    Have you checked out PSA Sitch's video on this subject? I'd highly recommend it, it may be that Brightbart was off on this one. I haven't actually read the memo myself.

  24. Some Madman says:

    If they say it's dangerous to break the mold, then I'm one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

    Fight the Power, lads.

  25. NPC #1975 says:

    These accounts make Facebook a lot of money.

  26. Tavern Burner says:

    4:27 While the report can be authoritarian at times it actually agrees with alot of what you said before. It points out that the way that companies are cracking down resorted in more negative pr than positive pr. Basically people tend to be okay with censorship as long as it happens to their political opposite but no t as much as they hate it when they are censored.
    It also points out that due to the vague as shit rules make it near impossible for anyone to determine if the ban was for political reason or if it was legitimate. The papers papers proposed solution is to 1: be clear with the user end agreements so that miss interpretation is impossible. 2: be unbiased in the application of these rules as any act of bias brings a net negative pr result.
    3:Provide a guideline on what your supposed to be doing instead of just stuff your not suppose todo. 4: be transparent.
    A logical solution in my opinion.

  27. Tusk in Radar says:

    For better info on the Good Censor, check PSA Sitch

  28. Nathan Ormond says:

    I kind of stopped watching your videos recently because someone said your videos are just right wing outrage masturbation or something to that effect but it's not you, it's that the political landscape underneath you has shifted so far to the left that your videos can simply appear that way, this was a really fair analysis of something shocking i wasn't aware of so thank you for making it.

  29. Kill3rCat says:

    Not all anarchists are anti-hierarchical; a lot are just anti-government.

  30. Baeloth says:

    I suggest reading the leaked Good Censor thingy, it doesn't advocate censorship it merely states what is going on and suggests what google can do to get back to their roots on pages 80-84.

  31. EdThatsIt says:

    Boston Dynamics has their robots dancing, Alex Jones is banned, connect the dots man.
    Freedom's fkd, we're fkd, everything's fkd.

  32. Al Pollick says:

    If it's not Cultural Marxist – it's Wrong & False – BAN IT….

    Big Tech Censoring Online & Antifa on the streets…

  33. Al Pollick says:

    This is Commie Election Meddling!

    Past Time for Treason Trials…

  34. Asdf fdwsa says:

    Supposedly "The Good Censor" isn't a Google thing, just something to look into.

  35. Youtube User says:

    Dude, Facebook will even edit posts and remove entire sentences without notifying you. I had this happen to me. They are literally publishing edited content under people's names. I didn't write what Facebook published under my name.

  36. Minty Meeo says:

    I knew shit was gonna get scary going into the midterms. I fear the future…

  37. Dei de says:

    As for this "The Good Censor" stuff, I recommend PSA Sitch's video on it to get a more accurate view of what it is – it's not as straight forward as Breitbart makes it seem; it's more or less Fake News.

  38. David Laughlin says:

    I got another 30-day block on Facebook yesterday, which makes what I believe is my 3rd such block this year (if not 4th). It was because I took this old woman's profile pic, put it in a meme generator, and added the words "RED-ASSED BABOON" at the bottom and used it in replies to her and posted it on my timeline. My reason for doing so was that she was showing more empathy for some baboons killed by a trophy hunter than for the hunter, his family, and local Africans who make their living around game preserves, and after calling her a "baboon that cares more about baboons than fellow human beings," she stated she'd rather be compared to a baboon "if being human means being an idiot like [me]." After that, I obliged with the meme, which was subsequently flagged as "hate speech" and "harassment and bullying" (old white cunt in South Africa, too, so it's not like I pulled a Roseanne Barr on the shit, yet still got a block over it). Too bad I won't be able to shitpost again until after the midterms, because there's one moron in particular on my friends list that's devoutly Democrat and dumb as a brick (the last post of his he tagged me in had him referring to me as a "right wing chump supporter" and implying I'm simultaneously a homophobe and misogynist), whom I've been relentlessly debunking and exposing his stupidity. I even started a running series about FB interactions I've had with him on his posts that I've screencapped and was posting to my timeline, which I dubbed "The Mangina Dialogues" (it was actually a "friend" of his that I made the aforementioned meme of, too, so turds of a feather float together, I suppose).

  39. Benjamin says:

    Please watch the PSA Sitch video about the Breitbart article, you may have been duped by a biased right leaning site.

  40. Daniel Clark-hughes says:

    Listen closely and you'll hear these social media companies gagging on MSM and government cock.

  41. Ty Somers says:

    We must retake the Holy Land

  42. Capn Pipsqueak says:

    "Libertarians, something has to be done."

    How about cutting the regulatory burdens against competitors, and removing the subsidies and tax-breaks for big media companies? Like we've been advocating for years.

  43. John Mallah says:


  44. THATMOFODIRT says:

    President Trump should start a social media platform for freedom

  45. THATMOFODIRT says:

    Facebook is dead.

  46. Mishka says:

    Buh-buh-buh MUH PRIVATE COMPANY!!1!

  47. Jonathan Brown says:

    Are the main villains from Deus Ex played by Zuckerberg and Twitter guy?

  48. X x says:

    Fack Fuce Book

  49. Connor Blandford says:

    It might be worth reviewing PSA Snitch's review of the Breitbart articles. The articles are outright lying out what this "Good Censor" report said, who wrote it, or what its objectives were.

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