Tha Playah & Furyan – Still Standing

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They ain’t getting knocked down that easily. Countless years of hardcore experience made Tha Playah & Furyan vicious producers that are continuously bringing the heat to this illustrious scene. With their first team-up ever, ‘Still Standing’ is exactly what you expect from a musical fusion of these two master minds: complete auditory annihilation. Let’s see who remains on the frontlines after this one gets blasted!

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11 Responses

  1. Rutger Vigelius says:

    Are you deaf?!

  2. Ramon Burgmeijer says:

    This is sick ✊✊

  3. Theo van Oorden says:

    That first kick is horrible

  4. crunk4124 says:

    Knowing what Tha Playah is capable of… I was expecting something more powerful.
    Not a bad track at all… but it has been a while since we have heard quality masterpiece like '' On The Edge '' or powerful collab like '' Riders of Ritaliation '' (with Nosferatu).
    I'd be curious to see THA PLAYAH remixing powerful masterpieces. How about a '' Nosferatu – Sanctity of Space (Tha Playah Remix) '' ? or a '' Walking The Line (Tha Playah 2019 Refix) '' ?
    My 2 cents.

  5. Mr Tony says:

    Tha Playah Part: ~ 1:40

  6. xman04228 says:


  7. 11VLADLEN11 says:

    Неплохо для 2 января.

  8. Marius Tiberian says:


  9. Nr1Schluckasx3 says:


  10. Djkill says:

    Savage, my brain keep shaking

  11. NightHouseMusic says:

    Good Job <3

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