TES V Skyrim: Where dead people go to (Weird, Scary Bug/Easter Egg)

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Decided to teleport to Farengar using console to use his Arcane Enchanter. This is what I found..

(Ps. Sorry for the bad quality! My M15x can’t record on good settings without lag)

[EDIT] I have recently found out the characters in this room are here because they have died some way or another during your journey through Skyrim. This is extremely useful for PC gamers as missing npcs could potentially end up here. Farengar, Saadia and Malborn are alive as I resurrected them after their deaths, which resulted in them being here but still being alive. The two coffins are just to poke fun at what the room is used for.

[EDIT 2] For people trying to get npcs out of this room, insert player.placeatme (ref id). If it doesn’t work, try teleporting TO the npc first, click on him such that his ref id is on your screen, teleport back to skyrim and then use player.placeatme. Make sure his ref id is selected and shown on your screen though!

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27 Responses

  1. LIzzard 11011 says:

    Wow i killed alot of people so that room must be full as fuck lol

  2. Dead Wolves Howl says:

    The only thing scary is the frame rate

  3. Liztomania says:

    how do you get Lydia out of there?

  4. Iam Here says:

    Is this sovngarde lol

  5. Madcowe says:

    Why did you kill Farengar? xD

  6. noobjuce says:

    i got this today and the funny part is my wife and the whiterun smith (both of them) are dead down there and i did not kill them nor did a dragon or vampire so i guess they will be dead forever now i guess rip (if you know how to fix/help me i whould really love it)

  7. Carrion 666 says:

    how did you ever fine this place ?! is it on the consoles as well? what about oblivion, did it have something like this?

  8. Gerald Laturnas says:

    that is the void!! Sithis is in there!!

  9. Vladimir Calic says:

    i m tring to do that but when i tipe player.moveto and id , than appears that black screen when you are entering in some building ,and there stops … i cant enter there

  10. Fulgore Elite says:

    Holy shit this place froze me for 30 seconds when i got there…i was trying to find lydia and used a command to warp to her and got there…that place gives the chill..seeing the people u killed hahahah..luckily in had Kamui and teleported lydia and me out of there..

  11. Dark Bowser says:

    All of whiterun is in that place

  12. Fuck me in the ass and prank me silly says:

    From what I've read its most likely a storage of unused data that the player with console commands can gain access to, kinda weird

  13. Jade River says:

    Ryan dont suggest to people to use placeatme for name npc's it will only make clone / copies, and Wont be be actual o.o just saying..

  14. Väiski Vemmelsääri says:

    Is there a reason why some of the people are still walking there? for me it's only malborn, but like in this video, also Sadia and Farengear are there. And what is the requirement for NPC to end up in here with a body? Some NPC (like Deeja) leave no body but console will take you there even though her body is not there. And is it safe to "rescue" dead people from there? Most of the citizen of Dragon bridge died in a dragon attack and I didnt even know that before I visited this room.

  15. scrombled.memes says:

    I ressurrected them and tried to get them out of here but then i decided to brutally murder them and throw their bodies into oblivion because why not

  16. Dachfenster-_- says:

    my room must be totally filled, i killed so many people, you cant even emagine 🙂

  17. Spike Eye says:

    I found Grelka from Riften here, alive and well.

  18. xPancakes4lyf says:

    is there creepy pasta for this? would like….

  19. GreenBanana says:

    I'm pretty sure I never killed Malborn, but he was in this room for me as well. In fact, I've seen Malborn in other people's death rooms as well. Is there a way to teleport into this room without targeting a dead NPC?

  20. WikiThis says:

    Brb going to kill every killable NPC and go here. 

  21. Mango Smoothie says:

    I remember spawning into this room…

  22. Alone Limbu says:

    Went there, ~ for console command, type"Killall" .. Like a Reaper!

  23. 月の正義 says:

    lol, is not a bug or a easter egg, the look of the place may be a internal joke, but it part of the system http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Dead_Body_Cleanup_Cell

  24. Jaxon Curtis says:

    what is the code to get there

  25. XDDX OPKX says:

    farangar is a fucking neceromancer

  26. pacers2015 says:

    Good lord, Talos doesn't mess around with the people who forsake him. Lol.

  27. maxXxbeck says:

    I was playing Skyrim yesterday and spawn me to a killed NPC and then i came into this fuckin room. I was like.. WT HELL is going on?

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