TES V Skyrim Soundtrack – Awake

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TES V Skyrim Soundtrack – Awake

CD 1 Track 2

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44 Responses

  1. Nothing at its finest says:

    Hey you
    You're finally awake
    We were trying to cross the boarder right
    We got stopped by an imperial ambush

  2. квадратный петух фром майнкрафт сер says:

    How legends should begin

  3. LikeWildFire says:


  4. Mr War says:

    At the end, when my body is all broken and dying, I hope my vision fades into darkness. And a light reopens my eyes so that I can meet home, Skyrim…

  5. ONYX GOLD says:

    This picture will forever be my wallpaper

  6. Sykes says:

    Hey! You! Finally awake. Got jumped by that imperial ambush right as you tried to cross the border.

  7. •Haxxy• says:

    S T A R T ED : U N B O U N D

  8. TheDovydas says:

    "I'm not a rebel! You can't do this!"

  9. Nuka Jack says:

    The Elder Scrolls VI opening theme

  10. Roberto Fornaro says:


  11. softwords_havepower says:

    The new player nostalgia is coming back and HITTING HAARDDD

  12. Veyn Balór says:

    Shut up back there

  13. Agast says:

    Hey you, you’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush same as us and that thief over there.

  14. Aramis says:

    I got goosebumps

  15. ZeldaJack44 says:

    "You picked a bad time to come home, Kinsman…."

  16. Ash Cat says:

    Most nostalgic music ever

  17. Freddy says:

    El juego al que mas horas eche <3

  18. Hytekr1 Mobile says:

    So nostalgic

  19. D The Chemist says:

    I like to isten to this while im shoveling snow outside and its sunny…..it fits the mood haha

  20. Lunar Eclipse says:

    All the amazing adventures Skyrim has to offer are flashing through my brain right now!

  21. squeegee kid says:

    Nostalgia hits hard.

  22. gavno story pasta says:

    Ностальгия 😉

  23. Completo says:


  24. Hievenhade says:

    This is my favourite track out of the soundtrack. When I think about the Skyrim soundtrack, either this or the Dragonborn theme comes in my head. And because I prefer the calm and atmospheric tracks over the action ones (they're still cool and good), Awake is my favourite.

  25. clever dude says:

    One of my favorite skyrim soundtrack and the begining of a change in my life

  26. Durak says:

    My family fails to see the appeal of Skyrim. To which I say; "fuck off I'm not forcing you to watch me play skyrim"

  27. dovahkin 110990 says:

    Talos Guide You

  28. Dylan Woodward says:

    When we first started, we were gifted with this theme as we began our journey.

  29. Jazmin Leiva says:

    Skyrim theme music for studying does wonders.

  30. Pássaro Azul says:

    "Damn Stormcloaks, Empire was nice and lazy until you came here"

  31. someone you know says:

    i remember my sis started playing this game just a few days ago and the intro was so buggy the dragon stopped in the middle of the air

  32. Jyharri Arowdur says:


  33. DragonQueen 100 says:

    Listening to this soundtrack while looking at the snow in the woods makes me feel like I'm living in Skyrim

  34. Warlord says:

    Games are made for escaping real life problems.

  35. Yiğit Efe Yüntem says:

    "I don't know where we're going. But Sovngarde awaits."

  36. Jessie the book nerd says:

    The things I'd do to experience this game for the first time again…

  37. Jadon Coker says:

    Damn you Stormcloaks.

  38. Mag7Ma says:

    "Wh-why are they stopping?"
    "Why else?"
    "It's the end of the line."

  39. Provençal le Gaulois says:

    Ralof is a nice dude. Fuck Hadvar.

  40. Alper Çömen says:

    H E Y Y O U ! ! ! Y O U A R E F I N A L L Y A W A K E ! ! !

  41. John Davis says:

    Wake up

  42. S B says:

    Strongest chills yet. This game, world more like, means so much to me.

  43. Sync Trap says:

    Is Amazing

  44. Lilianah Martinez says:

    "A Nord's last thoughts, should be of home."

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