Terraria Xbox – Wall Of Flesh [73]

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Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Terraria. In this series I will learn how to play the game while I have fun in my wonderful world. I will go mining, build things and eventually try to defeat all of the bosses.

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35 Responses

  1. Best meme is Doge says:

    Finally beat that wall up

  2. Matt TheRedstoneReaper says:

    And a floor
    Cuz lava

  3. Matt TheRedstoneReaper says:

    Noooo stampy you should have lightning boots

  4. Sans the skeleton says:

    5:57 no……. it’s not the moon lord is, the wall of flesh is that in normal mode but not the whole game

  5. Jayden Sowerby says:

    Its a flying fish and umbrella slime I know

  6. The Hakai tuber says:


  7. CerealStew803090 says:


  8. Sew Yu Onn says:


  9. Shadowrunner6659 Yt says:

    2019 anyone

  10. Skylar Knudson says:

    Wall of flesh is easy

  11. Tania Kriz says:

    Meow meow I’m a cow

  12. NewLegacy says:


  13. Tommy Mangroo says:

    Stampy make a bridge so it’s easier to monomer

  14. adam stolte says:

    Talk about a distraction.

  15. leonarda carrasquillo says:

    I play terreria on xbox 360

  16. Lucas Cromer says:

    You are so bad

  17. terrariadude 3118 says:

    You can cancel buffs by selecting the one you want off nightlight it then press the "a" button

  18. butyful boi 07 says:

    Well this Is why you Need A Bridge And not Use Gravity Potion's Also I Have A Normal World But Have That Eye Of Cutulhu Shield Because obviously I Went On a Different Expert World And Got The Treasure Bag

  19. GD PotatoBoy says:

    Boi build a bridge

  20. ya boi timmy ha ha lel says:

    The wall of flesh leaves when I die and never comes back

  21. Elijah burdett says:

    I got a terriblebraid on my first day of terraria

  22. Renee Jaudon says:

    Build a platform

  23. Evan Howse says:

    Tip1:Have Hellstone armor before you fight the wall of flesh.Tip2:Have full health and mana before you fight the wall of flesh.:Tip3:Have somebody help you defeat the wall of flesh.

  24. Emerald Hero says:

    Do 1.3

  25. vlog dog says:

    Is it when goldfish walk around the world

  26. xKrmmerx says:

    I just need to beat duke fishron

  27. Simple Nerfer2742 says:

    Sorry to ruin your christmas Stamps, but the hardest boss is the moon lord. ☺

  28. Brandon Sorenson says:

    Go for the eye with the open mouth and kill that

  29. Benjamin Hancock says:

    good job

  30. Shawn Gord says:

    This guys laugh..

  31. Osiris Johnson says:

    Welcome to hell

  32. Gamer360 360 says:

    I failed and my whole world is a crimsom

  33. PizzaCat 123 says:

    Did he really think 22 shots would kill it….

  34. Bogdan Miron says:

    I have 92 defense

  35. Drinn HappyGuy says:

    And I Didn’t die hahahahahaha

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