T-Pain – Roll In Peace (Remix) ft. Travis Scott

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T-Pain – Roll In Peace (Remix) ft. Travis Scott

Oblivion on ITunes: https://goo.gl/DASgHY

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23 Responses

  1. Hobo Bobo says:

    Boop boop

  2. Colorado Medical says:


  3. DJ 517 says:

    You can’t kill me nigga I swear I done died before !!!

  4. Thomas Britton says:

    T pain is my go to when some goofy sayin auto tune is trash

  5. bogdan jan says:

    i almost started crying when travis came in

  6. Autumn Burton says:


  7. Andrew Acuna says:

    holy shit this is tuff

  8. kuro says:

    god these vocals doesnt even fit to the beat. sry but thats fckn shit

  9. John Kwukweklekewe says:

    Remix of a remix

  10. Tamao says:

    Thank god for reccomendations

  11. Daniel Ospina Diaz says:

    autotune = mierda

  12. X is best says:


  13. thaieur Japfan says:

    prefer the "Ufo361 – STAY HIGH" version…

  14. Animator Boy says:

    Rip prince X

  15. Yumé says:

    Yah! Boop Boop!

  16. The church of Corey Davis says:

    T-Pain is an all time great

  17. Rappers says:

    It’s crazy how I’m just now seeing this

  18. Matthew Olague says:

    Is this legit ?

  19. Malachis Lit Af says:

    So youtube pushing this out now? Why

    This fire

  20. Drake Robinson says:


  21. Gavin Hartley says:

    850 Pensacola

  22. Zorc says:

    should of left travis off.

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