Summit1G Trolls GIRL GAMERS on Sea of Thieves | Hilarious | Twitch Clip

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Watch Summit1G hilariously troll a group of girl gamers with a voice changer on stream, and then kills them all and sinks their ship on Sea of Thieves!

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20 Responses

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  2. jay nitro says:

    what a load of shit

  3. conArtistAUS says:

    hit's bong

  4. Mndsbro says:

    How hard is it to upload in the proper resolution.

  5. wesmatron says:

    The title is inflammatory, suggesting he is going after female gamers and makes it look like he is a cunt.
    When it comes to trolling, Summit is an equal-opportunity distributor

  6. Forsaken Seraph says:

    You need another voice changer bro, try screaming bee. You sound worse than a chipmunk..

  7. Hi im ryu says:

    Where can i find a voice changer?

  8. I Forgive says:

    Careful you might get called sexist

  9. Joshua Jtm says:


  10. Hollogyny says:

    Summit1g is the only real pirate legends

  11. FiRe CluTchN says:

    Get your own content Scumbag!

  12. mhotl says:

    Summit is one of the goofiest looking mother fuckers I have ever seen. Dude looks like a character from that ARK game.

  13. Lt.BigBear says:

    "Mom im stronger than you remember"

  14. Roaming Thereal says:

    7:30 What. A. Fucking. Legend.

  15. Rapportus5 says:


  16. Niel Ivarez says:

    "That's all she wrote. Thanks for the content!"

  17. GuitarSolos says:


  18. AMJ Clapz says:

    Legend has it: Shes still telling justin to her headphones on

  19. AMJ Clapz says:

    Hey, that's sexist

  20. Cmcm says:

    Anyone actually look up that soundcl;oud

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