Straight vs. Straight: 3 BRUTAL poker coolers!

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Straight vs. Straight: 3 BRUTAL poker coolers!
Hitting a straight, especially in a dry board, is a perfectly disguised monster hand and can win you a lot of chips! What happens, though, when your opponent also hits a straight – in fact, a straight BETTER than yours? Watch three such hands, three sick poker coolers, in our today’s poker video. The third hand is one of the sickest hands ever televised!
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27 Responses

  1. PokerXpress. Net says:

    Whatever you do, DON'T MISS the 3rd hand of the compilation!

  2. Bob England says:

    Nope, you cant have the 2nd nuts, you either have the nuts or you dont.

  3. ShortFreakyDude says:

    Not only was the last commentator annoying but the gum chewing alone made me want to mute the damn video

  4. Wiz Wisdom says:

    Last hand: Spastics in motion…

  5. Brian S says:

    The commentary is pretty….. bad

  6. bombud1 says:

    The segment around 7:00… that lady needs to be quiet. Geez

  7. Russell Chan says:

    Last guy should have folded, surely if 3 people go all in, one would have 9,10


    Neither lady commentor nor players are knowing what is Pocker Play!!This video is a show of some stupid guy playing pocker in exeption of David O…The others are realy out of this world..Realy funny!! These guys having nothing in hand ,have called thousands of dollars…İncredible!!

  9. Ottoman Empire says:

    I have played twice in my life in poker in a casino. First time: i sit on the table with cash game. i played with 200 euro's, first cards deal to me was A-K clubs, i got all in and called by A-A, my first foking hand at the table , i lost that hand and before i could sit, i stood up and left, because out of money.

    the second time i played with 150 euro. i called a 3 bet with 6-6 pre flop and hit my 6 on the flop with rainbow. Eventually we go all in, i have triplle 6's and opponent 2 pair A-7…river card comes.. A and i loose against a bigger fullhouse ( A's over 7 vs mine 6 over ases. )

    i will never ever play in the casino anymore

  10. Norberto DiazSantos says:

    I want to punch the commentators, soooooo bad, specially that annoying female

  11. Steven C says:

    Stop chewing gum C***

  12. DiamondMasters says:

    The female announcer for the last hand is totally annoying!

  13. Sam Cooley says:

    Whoever gave the commentator spot to the woman in the last hand needs to be fired

  14. golfmaniac007 says:

    stupid players on that 9 high straight. putting more chips into the pot than they had invested on the flop, hoping to chop.

  15. MikeResurrected says:

    The last hand is just unbelievably insane!

  16. Roulette Hit says:

    Das System casino-roulette-tricks. com hat mir geholfen, viele Male zu gewinnen

  17. waiwang cheng says:


  18. Skillz says:

    What are those commentators on the third hand ? Like WOW.
    9:34 : "Did he move all-in over the top". Doesn't she understand he got everybody covered ? Great poker commentator.

  19. Skillz says:

    Dealer skills…

  20. OldieBones says:

    Last hand is insane.

  21. Greg Heffernan says:

    Brutal for sure … nice pickup by David O!

  22. SnowToad says:

    David o better give that dealer a hand job after that.

  23. Citizen Dildo says:

    Third hand was sickness personified.

  24. 브라보카지노 says:

    @t 카지노게임 연구카페에 초대합니다

  25. Greg Sloan says:

    Someone once told me to never call off your stack if you think you're chopping.

  26. bangun sucipto says:

    wow all 9

  27. SnowToad says:

    I just had AQo vs AQo all in pre in a tournament he turns a flush and improves to a royal flush on the river lol.

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