Stop using GamerGate to defend against bad STAR WARS movies

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Rian Johnson’s STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI has decimated the Star Wars fandom. The division over the movie (and the future of the franchise, as led by Kathleen Kennedy, and the higher ups at Lucasfilm) has pushed the left leaning media to once again bring up GamerGate as a boogieman. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw of the Daily Dot attempts (and fails) to claim that the backlash against THE LAST JEDI is nothing more than a harassment campaign, and she tried using GamerGate as the strawman scare tactic.


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31 Responses

  1. betarage says:

    Gamergate ate my home work.

  2. Matches Malone says:

    This hypothetical fuck just made a video on his other channel talking shit about SJW Star Wars haters.

  3. vakhelset says:

    In reference to 'The Last Jedi' and Vice Admiral Holdo's character and her 'sacrifice'….that entire story arc should have been Leia's. Leia's should have sacrificed herself in a Blaze of Glory. That would have been brought about tears. It's hard to miss a character you have known for 20 mins.

  4. Barry Mayson says:

    Bigots are everywhere man under my bed in the cupboard in garden they'll gonner get you!! I am not paranoid thou.

  5. darwincity says:

    Wait… so Milo Yiannopolous effectively giving GamerGate AN ACTUAL VOICE within the media spectrum WAS A PROBLEM!? Why am I not really convinced about that argument?

  6. J0hNF_UK says:

    I got some tool telling me that the whole SJW thing was part of our culture, in order to try and defend the false narratives being pushed in both Star Wars and The Last Of Us. What a joke. Brainwashed and complicit in thinking that movies and games have to include every conceivable minority in them, in order to be deemed, 'culturally appropriate.' Those who actually watch and play couldn't give 2 hoots regarding the sexuality or gender role dynamics of the characters. They want a good film or a good game, period. Not some half-arsed collection of mediocre tropes that are 1 dimensional, but just so happen to be Lesbian or some ethnic minority, purely for the sake of it, with a half-arsed story line that highlights them as victims and/or strong independent characters who magically overcome the, 'oppression', due wholly to what they are, rather than who they are.

  7. SuperMutant2099 says:

    It is butt hurt Expanded Universe. Last Jedi and Solo were not bad movies. These movies could be greatest star wars movies that find something to hate or not go see it. They did same thing with Force Awakens "Just a repeat of A New Hope" They attacked in ways rogue one. These movies will never good enough for them. They want to destroy because its not their star wars.

  8. mad_cat says:

    I've met Chuck, he's an even bigger douche in real life.

  9. picklepum_the_crow says:

    I am 100% up for more ethics in game journalism and still despite the fact that I agree with the message of this video, I start to buy less and less videos like this.
    Sorry, but it is hard to believe at 100% "Gamergate was only about ethics in game journalism". It is hard to believe because the movement was messy, that anybody could pretend to side along gamegater (which is a very progressive idea BTW). and you know that your movement is screw when some far right (or far left) dudes start to talk on your side, in order to profit of the anger to push an agenda, which might be different from yours……. (does it remind you something ? like Star Wars TLJ.. and the force is female, US game journalism…).
    Yeah, so, I guess I will continue to keep distance with this mess.

  10. believerornot says:

    "THe new gamergate" Oh you mean like because the left are lying and corrupt and the fans are just pointing that out?

  11. William Phillips says:

    Lol im not the one bringing it up so here i am talking about it… you are bringing it up stupid

  12. William Phillips says:

    Only bad star wars movies is the ones george lucas directed and wrote himself only

  13. PublicLee Speaking says:

    I hadn't thought of that conflict between metoo and gamergate. I'm normally kinda meh about your videos, but that was really insightful!

  14. navylaks2 says:

    You have to understand that LucasFilm is in full damage control they need to salvage this sinking ship.

  15. TheSlammurai says:

    Gee, it's almost like invoking Gamergate at every opportunity makes it not go away. GG, Libs, GG.

  16. Sam Coates says:

    How is Rey still not a Mary Sue in your mind, Matt?

  17. Stirgid Lanathiel says:

    The whole 'Male Tears' thing goes back to the second wave of feminism. It is not synonymous for sperm.

  18. Tall Order says:

    The mainstream media has always been fake news, and us older gamers always knew it. Even back in the 90s when they catered to religion saying things like "video games are demonic and violent think of the children". Gamers and Geeks in general were always on the receiving end of this shit. Now it's "video games are sexist and violent and think of the children". Same agenda, different wing. It's all about catering to stupid people.

  19. The Docklighter says:

    1. Co-opt the narrative, institution, and/or franchise for your own purposes/agenda;
    2. Should co-opting lead to potential control, subvert established icons & iconography to dis-engage prior loyalties & old regimes;
    3. Should subversion fail to create a new thriving regime to propagate your agenda, enact scorched earth practices to prevent reversion & restoration of controlled property to & under previous regime.

    Social justice narratives require an oppressor to rationalize/justify dismissing all opposition criticism, in order to create a transition to SJW approved ideology. Destroying a previous regime's artistic, social, & entertainment iconography permits the establishment of a new cultural hegemony that facilitates the transmission of new approved SJ ideologies. If resistance occurs, the destruction or subversion of prior cultural icons prevents ease of restoration to, or identification with, its previously loyal audience.

  20. TheCockeyez says:

    Eh, they are just mad that people can tell they are shit at their job.

    That's why they want communism so badly, it's so they can get away with mediocry.

  21. Derek Drake says:

    This is why people keep buying Skyrim.
    No PC nonsense.

  22. 295Phoenix says:

    GamerGate: It's over, Kathleen! I have the high ground!
    Kathleen Kennedy: You underestimate my power!

  23. Princess Rescuer says:

    Why blame them for criticizing a… MOVIE? I thought they had gamer in the name.

  24. bahemutking12 says:

    Everyone jus wants to boycott this shit and move on with life but the left keeps pouring fuel on the fire!

  25. shadowspider9 says:

    Serious question here. Didn't the proGamerGate side lose?
    I mean no offense but I only fallowed GG lightly, and from what I remember as far as the fall of it went no journalists involved suffered. In fact many used it to gain more awareness and fame by playing the victim card.
    Not to mention they seem to to have gotten what they wanted considering this year's E3.

  26. SiegeTF says:

    They can blame themselves for failing to cater to the straight white males, or they can blame the straight white males for not liking their crap.
    Only one of these choices will ensure they continue to work, and it's not the one that involves personal responsibility.

  27. Thought Criminal says:

    Want to kill your franchise? Alienate your fanbase…. these idiots want to be able to insult the fans and still feel they are entitled to the fans hard earned money! Companies should really pay attention and potentially fire their staff which is costing them millions in revenue! Gaming and comics are about ESCAPISM! We just want to escape the bullshit of real life, we don't want to have your bullshit ideology pushed while in our avenues of ESCAPISM! You entitled little fucks! Also yes, customers are the only one that can be justified one their entitlement!

  28. Odd Apprentice says:

    Let me guess. It's GAMERGATE!!

  29. Xans Priness says:

    Stop Making these Star Wars Videos Already, i'm sick of your whinyness about the last jedi.

  30. Tom McDaniel says:

    A dude was cheated on FIVE times should have been PISSED

  31. Reid P says:

    I'd say he's cracking under the pressure, but what pressure?

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