Star Wars Arcade Game television Debut – 1983

Views:57190|Rating:4.93|View Time:1:32Minutes|Likes:276|Dislikes:4 – In “honor” of Star Wars Day I dug this snippet out of The Vault. It comes from the pilot episode of a 1983 show called “The Video Game Challenge” and shows off the then-brand-new Star Wars arcade game from Atari.

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  1. Charlie Brown678 says:

    the arcade i go to has this machine its great

  2. N / A says:

    And then it forced its way into the Atari 5200.

  3. Mr. N says:

    I was never even apart of the star wars generation and when I got a first taste of this classic on rogue squadron 3 for the gamecube I got hooked really fast. I might just force myself to get the original arcade game on MAME

  4. GochEm 30 says:

    I played this game on GameCube.

  5. Justin Fencsak says:

    Happy 35th

  6. Dan Livni says:

    There were so many amazing arcade games made between 79 and 83. That was the HayDay for Arcade games.
    Space Invaders was the one great game i remember made in 78

  7. DanielSong39 says:

    The music chip is very similar to the NES.

  8. Nasse says:

    Wow.. This was so much simpler than todays games… >These days you have to first fight your way through a Star Destroyer… Get that atromech droied and then if you are lucky at a chance at the exhaust port (Battlefront)….. Man… Id rather play this if thats the action to blow up the Death Star and be the hero!!! <3

    No seriously though. I remember back in the early 90's when i was kid at our local amusement park in Finland… They had the original arcade Star Wars cabinette. Its last i ever saw one of them.

  9. Jack McMorrow says:

    Man imagine video games being advertised like this today

  10. Massey's Movie Madness says:

    I wanna play! When is it released?!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ian Hubley says:

    I loved this game

  12. Garry Gemmell says:

    Beautiful but the sit in is the one i want for my flat!

  13. Not Nike says:

    Look at the size of that thing!

  14. Stephen McDowall says:

    played this at the arcade every day… 10 pence a game …never got by the 3rd level…no matter how many times i played it…would love to live those days out again… kids today dont know they are alive…. i was 15 when this came out… hapoy days…

  15. james merritt says:

    just got one of these today in a garage sale awesome machine

  16. Rob Maxwell says:

    the sit down version had a unique smell, I loved that game and would give my left nut to own it now!

  17. MK Dallas says:

    REmeber it well.  I also liked Red Baron, too

  18. hellonpluto says:

    best arcade game ever

  19. Matthew Ball says:

    That Was Da Bomb Back In Da Day!!!! – M2.H.B. 2015!

  20. vgmc7650 says:

    I remember Starcade but not the show you mention.  A channel in the Cleveland-Akron area had "Video Arcade", a 1/2-hour strip.

  21. DanielSong39 says:

    A heavily hyped game… that somehow lived up to the expectations!  A brilliant game!

  22. TheXtro101 says:

    That arcade game gives me memories to the 1980's when I was a kid.I may of last played it 25 years ago when I was still a teenager in HS.

  23. Rocket Frog says:

    Totally radical man.

  24. ScalesOfAnubis says:

    I got to try this game today at an exhibition, it was awesome! I would love to get my hands on one.

  25. cbuffs1990 says:

    I spent so many quarters on this game

  26. Koldeman says:

    Every Saturday my mom would take me to the mall with $1 in quarters.  She'd shop and I'd play this, Temple of Doom, Return of the Jedi, and Pac-Man.  I could make that $1 last for an hour.  If I had a bad run and my $ ran out, I'd watch the bigger kids play Dragon's Lair.  Great memories.

  27. paulspydar says:

    the climb in and sit down Star Wars cabs were awesome! I would love to own one,,

  28. southport97 says:

    "A brilliant display of light and sound" I get that same feeling every time I get pulled over by the cops.

  29. HIP HOP says:

    i have this game in a xbox emulator.

  30. ozzman8 says:

    It does exist… I know a lot of people who have them.. Including me.

  31. ozzman8 says:

    You can come to my house and play it…

  32. Fade2Dark says:

    "this game will be with you. always." 30 years later…. game no longer exists.

  33. Sarah C. says:

    always, huh? does that mean i can go to the arcade and play it right now?

  34. Craig Hicks says:

    The greatest arcade game of all time.

  35. lethrneck4 says:

    last good star wars games made were the rogue squadron series on N64 and gamecube

  36. DarthWray1138 says:

    I love it! I wish I could take it home. I used to play it when I was a kid.

  37. Andrew Little says:

    I put some quarters in that one!

  38. MTN Productions says:

    I remember this game from my childhood. It was the first "Star Wars" game ever made. The game was later ported on the Atari VCS (aka 2600) and it was also made by Parker Brothers. Now that the "Star Wars" games are finished, Disney killed LucasArts for good.

  39. David Brutus says:

    lucas is a greedy jew!

  40. TheMentalRelapse says:

    "Wow there is no way games will ever look better than that!"
    – Me, 1983

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