Stan Lee Tribute in World of Warcraft – Stormwind Patch 8.1.5

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Blizzard has added a Stan Lee tribute to WoW on the Patch 8.1.5 PTR.

Stan Lee is the co-creator of popular Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man, Hulk and Thor. He passed away in November and Blizzard has added a tribute to him in WoW in Patch 8.1.5.

A new NPC named Stanley has been found on the PTR in Stormwind Keep

Stanley NPC:

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27 Responses

  1. Albert Georgy says:

    RIP, my hero!

  2. Art By Eva B says:

    I'm not crying, YOU ARE CRYING! (ok maybe I'm crying just a little bit) Beautiful tribute video. I must go find him now.

  3. Francisco Armengold Zeledon Mairena says:

    it wet my eyes …. 🙁 this is beautiful

  4. knuclear200x says:

    "I don't care if this isn't a Marvel movie! I LOVE CAMEOS!"

  5. Dustin Fette says:

    What if Hayven does have an NPC but we haven't found it yet? Wasn't he making videos about exploring hard to get to places? Maybe it's hidden.

  6. Kong Doo says:

    its just a random dude….

  7. drinkyourtea says:

    This is just a PR move by Blizzard because they know they are failing it would be nice if they honored with with at least a statue or something at least because WoW is dead.

  8. SoulHuN7eR says:

    So will they ever add those cosmetic glasses in game? I've been asking the same freaking question since the goblin sunglasses came around! 😮

  9. Kain Dragon says:

    Excellent job

  10. Robbie G says:

    Thank you Blizzard for doing this. 🙂

  11. Scratorious Highlights says:

    They could of been more creative about this like him and Wow interpretations of the many heroes he has created fighting a Big Dreanei with a Gaunlet that’s glowing and him being called Thanos (but in a different naming of if) and the heroes like Doctor Strange being a Void Elf, Hulk being an Orc, Iron man being a Human inside something mechanical and Maybe a Zandalari Troll dressed like Black Panther or instead a Vulpera and Tree person one being called Socket and The other being Froot or something Tree related.

  12. Mcg0rk says:

    atleast Blizzard is doing something right

  13. BlaBlaTalkin says:

    The music made it more sad great tribute Blizzard

  14. Wacko Doodle says:

    They should have him say 1 line, even if it's in text:

    "Excellsior fellow Hero!"

  15. Frank Horrigan says:

    Damn that only Alliance side can see it

  16. Piotr Kuzer says:

    Can someone tell me why? Whats the reason? He didn't even played the game. There is no connection… Only to be relevant…

  17. Grummle says:

    How is wow running so smooth in those videos?

  18. PAPUS says:

    What is that transmog? :O

  19. Kayrela says:

    r.i.p stan lee

  20. 周天聖 says:

    What is this song come from?

  21. CaptainMarvell92 Returns says:

    I thought Warcraft fans hated superheroes.

  22. Tony P says:

    I'm not crying you're crying!

  23. TRIPLE_DI says:


  24. Blue Hunter says:

    Anyone else weirded out by the fact he obviously has a female undead body?

  25. Anniethewarlock1980 says:

    Best Stan Lee cameo ever…great job Blizzard.

  26. Jenn K says:

    He's not there 🙁

  27. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen says:

    I am sure he played every day and night lol

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