Splendidly Feeble-Minded Gaming Quotes – Welcome GamerGate Edition! [Episode 4]

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In this video, to celebrate the recent influx of GamerGate-affiliated subscribers, I debunk a person who must be one of the most hateful racists in disguise I have ever had the displeasure of watching: the guy/lady/urklekin behind PBS Game/Show. By debunking his pitiful arguments and social justice warrior non-narrative, I do not only hope to appease the gods of GamerGate but of course wish to provide my dearest top hatters with entertainment just as they are used to from former SCPQ and SFMGQ episodes. Do enjoy! TRIGGER WARNING: No blackjack and hookers.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkSsojaiPgs

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30 Responses

  1. The English Gentleman says:

    Is this this soy boy's pathetic attempt at trying to finally get laid?

  2. foxman105 says:

    First of all, link and Zelda are not even a humans! They're of the Hylian race. Gamer my ass. What a fucking joke.

  3. Anthony G says:

    Scammin Jammin isn't just a contrarian, he's a cuntrarian and he just says shit that he knows isn't true just so everyone thinks he's sooooooo woke. Like guys did you know that Super Mario was actually created to empower real Italian plumbers because they suffered at the hands of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Italian plumbers were actually the first species of human on the earth at the time and the dinosaurs oppressed them, and used their dino privilege to keep the Italian plumbers down.

  4. rockys201 says:

    Racists are usually totally unaware of how bigoted they actually are. This is SJWs in a nutshell, it doesn't even occur to them that they might be hateful towards white people when they blame us for everything in society. SJWs are the problem, they are dirtbags

  5. Happy Bird says:

    17:28: zomg funniest riff segment on this channel I've yet heard. Epic, THaC!1

  6. Ace Highball says:

    I'm offended by the lack caucasian representation in NBA games

  7. yellow6100 says:


  8. Chris Spence says:

    And when everyone's racist… no one will be…

  9. Sisyphusrodah Rockshout says:

    Not cool calling him a space hamster! I mean space hamsters are awesome especially the giant miniature ones(they go for the eyes, how cool is that!).

  10. Gregory Hager says:

    Hell isn't a fairy tale Tops. Imagine being married to this guy?

  11. Viewtiful Z says:

    "This black person is not the main character, and all black people must be the main character"

    Did I get that right?

  12. Aberran Fox says:

    3 characteristics they forgot that Ganondorf's society was female dominated and he struck out to fight against the oppression.

  13. pheonixshaman says:

    Every time I see assholes like Jammin' and Anita say this shit, I get an overwhelming urge to design a game were all the characters are white, cis, heterosexual dudebros. The game would constantly make meta jokes asking why there are no "people of color," trans folk, gay and lesbians, or women in the game, to which someone would respond that if there were, they would either have to be flawless Mary Sues and Gary Stus, in which case people would rightly say the game sucks, or that if they were human, and had to have growth, then they would be too "problematic" for ppl like Jammin.

  14. Crazy Nerd says:

    Save the npcs! NPCs lives matter!

  15. triumphant39 says:

    Even if 80% of characters in video games were white, 70-80% of people in USA are white, and even higher percentages of white/caucasian people in European countries, so it would if anything make sense in relation to the target audience. That's besides as you have pointed out, that study and claimed statistic isn't even accurate or reliable, it just points out that he is unrealistic and dishonest at best. For all we know though, someone else wrote his script, probably a woman.. lol.

  16. mechaart says:

    I have the last of Us for PS3 since 4 years ago. Basically the story was decent but it resembled Biohazard but instead of a T or G or C or Abyss Virus it was fungal spores. Plot was bland, just like any generic gotta survive and get to the end mish mash you find in lots of movies now at days. Best of all (sarcastically) it felt more like I was watching a movie than playing a game.

    So I guess the pony peasants enjoy playing movies instead of games… Don't get me started on the Order 1886… that shit game could be passed in half a day with speed running. Felt more like a tech demo… with 30 fps at 900p with a letterbox boarder for that "Cinematic" bullshit the company tried to push.

    I think I'll stay with PC gaming, Just need to finish getting my GPU, CPU and Ram and a aftermarket cooler fan. 4k at 60fps and STeam here I come.

  17. onemadhungrynomad says:

    jamin annoys me so much with his lenseless hipster glasses. he claims its because the lenses cause glare, but the frames are so shiny that they have glare too…

  18. Caffinator says:

    OK, I know this is an old video, but I just have this to say; Basically any game that has the ability to portray a Caucasian protagonist player character in a position of power over any non-caucasian NPC is racist because it glorifies white power over minorities. Because we know as a true realee-feelee fact that no white person ever has more influence on a situation than a non-white person unless the white person is a racist. Is that about right?

  19. tenchimod says:

    The interplay between the wine glass and greenscreen is fascinating. The PBS guy has done this a few times before, and I find his presentation style abhorrent. He sounds like he's trying to be a combination of Sarkeesian, McIntosh, and Ramsey. It's in the pretentious, know-it-all PC tone trying to save us from our own evils.

    He also misses the Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2 for having a black protagonist (oh, excuse me, PoC). But no, Lee and Clementine don't count for some fucking reason.

    Fuck, I despise these people. Also, fuck him and his hipster lens-less glasses.

    Nothing you can do will pacify or please these socially-regressive idealogues. They will always find some "problematic" issue and then hang you for it.

  20. Mi Ke says:

    Black Zombies in black Afrika is racist …… Head->Table -> Table -> Table. Ouch It hurts soooo much …

    They are black, the same reason the chars in Witcher 3 are WHITE. It's the region and continent, that usually define the race of the people that live there!

    FACTS, IMMERSION and STORY are more important than forcing other races into games, they don't belong into. Like in every movie and show nowadays, they were forced in by such braindead bigots.

    How serious that is, even in gaming shows Dragon age: Inquisition, there EA succumbed to such hypocrits, putting other races, that don't belong into the world of Thedas into the game.

    I notice that, because I usally hate this as "emphasize of racism". It's like forcibly pointing with a finger, that some people are different from others, only by showing one or two "quota" races in movies or games, in enviroments, they originally don't belong.

    It's stupidity on a most subtle level. And a pure racist thing to do, if there ever was one.

  21. White Noise says:

    My PC case is Black, and I own it. I must be racist ?!

  22. Agent Double0Hogg says:

    I mean if your a PC player in most RPG games you can make your characters black!!! I make black guys white guys and same with females and Japanese characters lol

  23. nycholaus says:

    oh no, your bar is burning down!

  24. THQ Russia says:

    So in Call of Duty and Medal of Honor how often do you actually get close enough when fighting to differentiate between skin colors?

  25. Nardz says:

    hmm yes. After watching 3 episodes, I can say this show was quite needed. Thank you.

  26. lee smith says:

    The black zombies in resident evil 5 are actually racist for trying to kill one of the only white guys in the game, I don't see them attacking each other.

  27. Lync Volt says:

    It's been 9 months..and SJWs still are regressive and using "Social Justice" to justify their own prejudice. Will it end? seriously they're going to break something acting like children.

  28. Pieshka Coltic says:

    that pbs guy sounds so soft and weak that a slight breeze will send him 400 miles away, or having actual lenses in his 3d movie frames would make him fall over. I don't miss the trend of people wearing lenseless 3d frames to look nerdie

  29. glenrkat says:

    Ummm…most of the old Japanese rpg's are populated by main characters that are that nebulous racial group that is unique to Japanese anime and video games. They're not "white" usually they're Japanese, they just give them different hair color and eye color. I'd imagine Link isn't considered "white" by his Japanese players.

  30. glenrkat says:

    Anybody notice that the PBS host doesn't have lenses in his glasses?

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