Soulja Boy LOSES To Nintendo! Total Blow Out!

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Who could of foreseen this happening? Nintendo flexes on Soulja Boy and of course he has to totally back down after losing untold millions

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44 Responses

  1. TheQuartering says:

    Each LIKE On This Video Will Be Your Way Of Pressing F For Soulja Boy. Let's Send Him Some Love 🙂
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  2. loczster says:

    Soulja who??

  3. Bobby Z says:

    he should relaunch his career as broke-ass boi

  4. haro wilson says:

    Nigga always pretend he is rich

  5. A A says:

    U can only fo a bankruptcy every 5 years haha so be careful Soulja boy

  6. A A says:

    Bankruptcy lol

  7. Jay Holland says:

    Yeah,, you're a douche

  8. CX MOD CX says:

    Damm dude we get you're racist smh I ain't even black and that's just bad what a shit show

  9. Alfredo Silent says:


  10. re FLIPd says:

    When an idiot gets lucky? The luck runs out.

  11. Kenneth Boyd says:

    Get yo hating ass on. U seem like somebody who prey on other people down fall. Fuck u white boy get yo change up and get your own system bitch. Going to the site u knew they took that shit down. Clout chasing ass. Get off that man dick….

  12. RaidyTJC says:

    congratulations you played yourself

  13. Veteran Lifestyles says:

    This is precisely what happens when you do not pay attention in school or understand that there is such things as copyright trademark and other legal things that should have kept your dumbass from selling bootlegged Nintendo games

  14. Pay2win Pedocache says:

    Ni99a stole my bike…

  15. Harold B. A'lls says:

    Not trying to be rude or mean, but you get out of bed in the morning and then start filimg? You just don't look like you have yourself together, idk maybe comb your hair or trim the beard?

  16. No No says:

    Can’t even say “retarded” on YouTube anymore hahahahahah

  17. RedZeppelin1968 says:

    Fuck wit Reggie, you get the horns

  18. Tony Knight says:

    Soulja is n idiot. Don’t see how people like him even make it in the business.

  19. Stock Footage says:

    Nintendo still alive ?

  20. SuperSaiyan Blúe Gogeta says:

    3:45 "Until Forced into Submission by Reggie.."
    Hmmm. . .

    Yea, Sounds bout right.

  21. Landscape Guy says:

    You suck at life

  22. den2002ph says:

    Dammit i laugh at that dad joke

  23. Mpegforever says:

    Is this "man" giving money back to Nintendo ?

  24. OniEni 97 says:

    Dont you mean… Toldja Boy?

  25. Grimxonic says:

    Wtf is wrong with the intro of this vid

  26. Talos DOGGOD says:

    Why the fuck would you start a video like that..

  27. luffydaking98 says:

    As a black man let just add this FFFFFFFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKK SOUJA BOY LOL

  28. Str8KillingEm PS4 says:

    He should have gone to pc gaming lol

  29. ged mcgaffin says:

    Our boy is busy working on his new console . The X Pretend Swish BS foothold console. Get your preorder in now.

  30. V360 Nation says:

    I'd rather be part of the gaming community than the wash up has been community ')

  31. Naje Papers says:

    U sound mad an a real hater

  32. Armand79th says:

    That bitch still needs to go to jail, for distribution of copyright content.

  33. bruce hansen says:

    Haaha he deserved it

  34. MIRO532k says:

    You're a fucking idiot if you are entertaining the idea that Soulja boy sold 5mil units

  35. Dig Duke says:


  36. Crazy Steve says:

    Getting some racist undertones here

  37. XVIII ItsOnly_Seeker says:

    You look like Seth Rogen

  38. ghostkilla931 says:

    If he wanted to stand out. Make a game console with a nvidia graphics card built in and sell it for $500-$600. I woulda bought that.

  39. Final Chapter says:

    Yeah seeing how souja boy consoles will be the only console that will run hl3

  40. Pokemon Master says:

    Soulja Boy is a little gay f*** boy anyway

  41. Jesse Bolling says:

    What’s he doing jumping in the middle of a console war anyways?

  42. Taurus .357 says:

    Legends my ass, his music was trash.

  43. Man I'll Probably regret this says:

    I dont know who's worse, him or you. Fuckin shill

  44. Sayd Monirul Islam says:

    So we had the last laugh……

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